Jashan to Welcome Positivity at ZAC Athashkadeh

It was the first time in recent times that all of the 5 High Priests/Vada Dasturs came together to give blessings and a message of love, peace, joy health, long life, and prosperity. They addressed the Global community after the Behram Yazad Jashan performed by Ervads Jal Birdy, Zerkxis & Zarrir Bhandara at the ZAC LA Atash Kadeh on Saturday, September 4th, 2021.

Courtesy: Parsi Times


  • Instead of having Jashan turn your thoughts towards the people in Afghanistan who suffering & dying Pray for them.
    Do not try to ignore the situation as I am not barking up a wrong tree!

    • Hi Farida
      Tell your bark to those who have purposely created this situation in Afghanistan
      You are welcome to go there and help those poor people instead of barking here on the site

    • The Behram Yazd jashan done to welcome good times in India, by selfless mobeds Zarir, Zerksis Bhandara and Jaal Birdy is indeed laudable,especially in times when our places of worship are closed. But the cherry on the cake were our 5 high priests who came together. 3 Vada dasturjis came live on zoom and 2 old High Priests dasturjis sent their message of peace positivity and best wishes.

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