The Parsi chef who wants to introduce Delhi to real Parsi food shorn of cliches!

I am proud to present Kainaz Contractor, Delhi based chef, in this episode of #FoodocracyForHer.
In this chat you will get to hear about how Kainaz studied advertising in Mumbai and then moved into the hotel industry as she wanted to work in food. She did not find what she wanted and became a part of the editorial team of the then newly launched BBC Good Food Magazine. Her next move took her to Delhi where she opened Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu. “The aim was to expose Delhi to day to day Parsi food, shorn of cliches and caricatures,” says Kainaz. She and her partner, Rahul Dua, a sommelier by training ,have run the kitchens and acted as consultants for brands such as Blue Tokai and Cafe Dori. A year back they launched Bhawan Delhi. “The aim is to introduce Delhi to the variety of street food and chaat that you get across India, including non-veg ones,” says Kainaz.
#FoodocracyForHer is a chat show on #FinelyChoppedTV featuring interviews by Kalyan Karmakar of women entrepreneurs in the food and beverage business.
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