Unlike Forbes’ top colleges ranking, which only measures U.S. schools, Times Higher Education casts its net around the globe. The list emphasizes scholarship, research funding and reputation and does not consider things like entry requirements, graduation rates, professor ratings or alumni salaries.

Here are the top 50 schools on Times Higher Education’s World University Ranking 2019.

1. Oxford

2. Cambridge

3. Stanford

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5. California Institute of Technology

6. Harvard University

7. Princeton University

8. Yale

9. Imperial College London

10. University of Chicago

11. ETH Zurich – Switzerland

12. John Hopkins University

13. University of Pennsylvania

14. UCLA

15. University of California, Berkeley

16. Columbia University

17. university of California , Los Angeles

18. Duke University

19. Cornell University

20. University of Michigan

21. University of Toronto

22. Tsinghua University – China

23. National University of Singapore

24. Carnegie Mellon University

25. Northwestern University

26. London School of Economics and Political Science

27. New York University

28. University of Washington

29. University of Edinburgh

30. University of California, San Diego

31. Peking University – China

32. LMU Munich

33. University of Melbourne – Australia

34. Georgia Institute of Technology

35. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne – Switzerland

36. University of Honk Kong – Hong Kong

37. University of British Columbia – Canada

38. King’s College London – UK

39. University of Texas at Austin

40. Karolinssks Institute – Sweden

41. Paris Sciences et Lettres – Paris

42. The University of Tokyo – Japan

43. University of Wisconsin-Madison

44. McGill University

45. Technical University of Munich – Germany

46. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Hong Kong

47. Heidelberg University – Germany

48. KU Leuven – Belgium

49. Australian National University

50. University of Illinois



To learn more about each of the above 50 Universities, please click here on the link

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  • Just sharing some insights

    Important list of top universities with a typical Western bias., published by several publications like US News and World report , USA Today Time magazine , Newsweek , Forbes etc.

    I know many of our youth are looking for that avenue .

    But, the list fails to list top institutes India , China, Japan and South Korea . To keep things in perspective there are about 17,000 universities all over the world so, even if you ARE in the top 300 you are basically above 98 % percentile. I think many of our IIT’s are featured between 200-500, a very high ranking.

    IIT’s have a great reputation even in the U.S ,.and the competition for entry to IIT is tough.. Last I heard was around 4 %(if I am correct) which is about the acceptance rate of Harvard, Stanford and Yale .I don’t have much data on Cambridge and Oxford.

    To give you an idea .I can only give you some details about UCLA as it is my Alma Mater and I also volunteer to rate/scrutinize their scholarship applications .

    33 % of the students studying there are East Asians( Indians included) , 26 % white and 16 % Latino The shift to top U.S universities has gravitated to the Asian demographics fifteen years ago (mainly China, India, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam, ,in that order ).

    There is a marked shift in these Universities to de-emphasize solely on Academic merits as Asians far outscore Americans on entrance/academic tests and GPA.

    Scholarship/entrance merit is now a matrix of Academic performance (50 %) .Leadership qualities (10 %), community involvement and service (10 % ). Personal essay (20%) . Miscellaneous 10 % ((sports involvement, sports awards , academic honors-student of the year ,. school debating team,, representing school in extra curricular activities, student body involvement etc.).

    Many of these classifications I know may not be even considered in India. I think India is still a one way street of scoring like 80% and over for admission to university or colleges of high repute. The personal essay usually describes your pathway to University entrance and why that gateway should be open to you. How you are a deserving candidate to be considered for entrance. What sets you apart from mainstream applicants. A lot more emphasis of late has been given to personal essay and if you have academically succeeded against heavy odds, you chances are very good.

    In many cases if a personal essay talks about family and personal challenges , it can be given importance over academic performance .The challenge here is to determine if the essay is genuine or fabricated,

    It is also a way of emphasizing on a more rounded person with leadership qualities involving social engagement.

    Annual college costs at top Universities can be anywhere from $40 to 50 K just for tuition..
    It is upwards of 250 K just for a 4 year medical degree. if you have to “donate” (kick back) Rs. 25-50 lacs to a medical college in India it is still a bargain.


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