Today, on the auspicious occasion of Pak Iranshah’s Fasli birthday, it’s fascinating to recap the journey of our most Holy of Holy Fires.
Iranshah Atash Behram was first consecrated in 721 A.C. on the sacred soil of Sanjan in India.
Iranshah’s journey from Sanjan to Udvada is a saga of the courage, endurance and determination of our Parsi ancestors who braved hardship and tended the Sacred Fire, notes the ‘Jam-e-Jamshed’. Here’s a brief sketch of Iranshah’s history:
Sanjan – The fire remained here for 668 years
Bahrot Caves – 12 years (1393-1405 A.C.)
Vansda forests – 14 years (1405-1418 A.C.)
Navsari – 313 years (1419-1732 A.C.)
Surat – 3 years (1733-1736 A.C.)
Navsari – 5 years (1736 -1741 A.C.)
Valsad – 1 year (1741-1742 A.C.)
Udvada – 279 years (28-10-1742 till date)
Salgreh Mubarak!
– Jehangir Bisney


  • Gone are the days when a Zoroastrian would sacrifice his life, face insurmountable odds and difficulties for protecting his honor, family and tenets of his religion. Most Parsis and Zoroastrians nowadays pay homage to Babas, Durgas, Hajis, Imans, etc, many do not marry and beget children, many Zoroastrians have Non Zoroastrians spouses, large number of Zoroastrian marriages end in separation/divorces (with increasing numbers in Canada/USA), grown up Zoroastrian children in the West forsaking their aged parents in Iran and India, Zoroastrians swindling each other for monetary and financial gains and the list goes on. Latest census shows around 110,000 odd Zoroastrians living in India (65,000), Iran (12,000), North America (15,000) and other countries with most above the half century mark. With dwindling births, few marriages one wonders if any would be left in a couple of decades. The remaining ones in a decade or so will surely be treated royally as last of the dinosaurs of a vanished but proud race and museums will fight with each other to have one and put them on display. Unfortunately most are oblivious of the calamity that has fallen on our dear coreligionists.

  • Very True no one is bothered especially the younger generation who don’t visit Agiaries Or Atashbehrams and if they do than because of necessity like exams etc.
    Even when they go to Udwada too they just go inside look here & there pay obeisance to IRANSHA & than have beer & food.They just go to frolic over there.

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