Supreme Court Approves Revised Protocol Agreed By Centre & Parsi Body For Funeral Rites Of COVID Victims

Good news for the community. The petition filed by Surat Parsi Panchayat was taken up by the Hon’ble Supreme Court today. Mr Fali Nariman and Mr Zerick Dastur appeared on behalf of the Petitioners. Mr Tushar Mehta Solicitor General appeared on behalf of the Union of India.  It was submitted before the Court that the parties had agreed upon on a standard operating procedure for disposal of parsi covid 19 victims by way of the Dokhmeneshini system. Accordingly the Hon’ble Court was pleased to pass an order allowing Dokhmeneshini system for Parsi Covid victims in terms of the agreed protocol which confirms to the tenets of the Zoroastrian faith and also addresses safety concerns of the Government. The Gujarat High Court Order has accordingly been set aside and the proceedings to be governed in terms of the agreed protocol.

The news is indeed a positive development for the community where the trustees of the Surat Panchayat, respected High Priest Dasturji Kotwal and the legal team comprising Mr Fali Nariman and Zerick Dastur along with Karanjawalla & Co (the same legal team which represented the community in the Mumbai metro matter) put in efforts together to bring about a successful outcome. They were supported by prayers and good wishes from numerous community members who were concerned and who desired to ensure that Parsi Zoroastrians who succumb to covid get a disposal with dignity and in accordance with their religious traditions.

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  • Thumpsup to the Surat Parsi Panchayat Board, Chairman & Trustees. Parsees of Surat have proved their maturity, integrity & Parsipanu by electing RIGHT PARSEES TO THE RIGHT POSTS.
    Congratulations & AHURA-MAZDA’s blessings to ALL those who worked for this.
    Roossi Talati.

  • Nariman M Bodhanwala

    Firstly it’s a great effort and success by Surat Parsee Punchayat Board of Trustees. They have faith in Ahura Mazda that they will succeed in the court of Law. Great effort on behalf of our community. Nariman M B

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