A brief overview of our Dokhmas

(1). In India, there are 124 DOKHMAs.

(2). Overseas these are TWO; both in Karanchi, at Pakistan.

(3). The oldest, at Bharuch, is 713 years old (since 1309 A.D.).

(4). The next, at Ankleshwar is 505 years old (since 1517 A.D.).

(5). SEVEN DOKHMAs 350 years ago, in 1672 A.D., were built at Bombay, by Mr. Hirji Mody-Vatchha.

(6). Surat has a record number of 12 DOKHMAs, but their foundation period is not known.

Also, at Surat is the largest of all such Structures; with 476 Recesses, or Compartments. It is the only DOKHMA with an additional (Fourth) Circular, Concentric Ring for Still-born Infants.

(7). The last-ever consecrated DOKHMA is 82 years old, existsing since 1940 A.D., at Bangalore. It has 60 Recesses; 36 for Males and 24 for Females-&-Children.

(8) At Ahmedabad, of the 03 DOKHMAs, that which is extensively used since 1842 A.D., is now 180 years old.

On 25-06-2022, the middle DOKHMA at Ahmedabad has been, in accordance with the SoPs of the GoI, and under the directive from the Honourable Supreme Court of India, been reset to consign the Corpse of those of our Humdeens, succumbing to the COVID (Corona Virus Disease).


Courtesy : Naval Daruwala, Ahmedabad


  • Thank you very informative information I am sure many may be unaware.

  • rukshaddarayasmaster

    For Dokhma of Surat, there is a hand made photo of entire Dokhma in Adariyan of Seth Jamshed Zahiya( Father of Behdin Homa) urfe Wadia Dar E Meher, located at Nanpura, Surat. It is considered as the oldest Adariyan of Surat City as after the conscretion of Dokhma, an Agiyari or Adaran is needed for Pav Mahel kriya. The Atash of this Adariyan are approximately 380 years old.

  • Hushtasp Bhumgara

    IS there not a Dokma in Pune? As I know someone was coonsigned there upone death

  • Where were the seven dokhmas in Mumbai?

  • Dinyar Patrawala

    How old is Navsari Dokhma ?

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