Dear Members of our respected Zoroastrian Community.

The Managing Trustees of Mancherji Edulji Joshi Memorial Trust Wishes all our dear Zoroastrain Brethren A Very Happy Jamshedi Nawroze,  in health and happiness with your dear ones.  And may DAADAAR keep Covid-19 at safe distance from you and your dear ones.

Dear Brethren, The year 2022 was comparatively a much better year for our Food Scheme Members compared to 2020/21.  In 2022, the trust was able to reach out to 100% members registered with the trust, with daily tiffin services, breakfast, brunch and monthly ration services throughout the year, taking advantage of the relaxations given by the Government from time to time.

We were forced to suspend our services or give partial services for many in 2020/21, as per the Lockdown orders. As no tiffin services were permitted to operate.  Credit goes to the Trust Members, Trust Officials, The Caterers and the Delivery team, who were able to provide services to the poor and infirm without a single day’s break throughout 2022.

We are now once again approaching all Zoroastrian Brethren for donation towards the ‘FOOOD SCHEME’ which we run for old and infirm Members of our Community.

There are many old and infirm members in our community, neglected by the Society, some of them by their own children and family, and who are fighting for their survival. Who need your attention.  Most of them are frail, weak and bed ridden and do not have even strength to go to the roadside food stall to eat and depend on their neighbours to bring some food for their survival.

The Food Scheme is run by Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Trust, to feed such old and poor infirm of our community, which not only supervises the cooking of the food, but also deliver the same to the community members through Dabbawallas.

We are fortunate enough to get good donations past many years, which has helped us run the above Facility for deserving Zoroastrians.

Today the Trust provides 65/70 Old and Infirm with daily tiffin services, to provide two times meal, Doongarwadi Staff with Breakfast, and 28 families are provided with monthly Food Grain Ration, mid-day meals to poor Parsi students.

The Trust also provides meals to Parsi Infirmary, Navsari and Bai Dosiben Kotwal Parsi Boys Orphanage, Navsari on Jamshedi Nawroze.   The Trust also provides special meals on Parsi New Year to Dasturs and Helpers at Rustom Framana Agyari, Dadar on Jamshedi Nawroze.

The annual expenses of running the Food Scheme for above deserving members of the community comes to Rs 37.50 Lakhs.

As on 31st December 2022, the cost of feeding all the members of the Food Scheme for one day comes to Rs 10,500.

Your generous contribution will help us in reaching out to our poor brethren.

Our Trust is a Public Registered Trust, registered with the Charity Commissioner, under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

The Trust Accounts are duly audited and filed with the Charity Commissioner and every donor, small or big, is issued a receipt.  We also provide 80G Tax Exemption certificate so that Donors can avail of IT reduction towards the donated amount, while filing their tax returns.

On behalf of the Trust, I appeal for your generous support to our Food Scheme.  Your donations can be made by Cheque in favour of “Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Trust”. 

For further enquiries, you are also welcome to contact us on and

Donation can be sent to:

Mrs Mithoo Jesia.                                   Mrs Tina Patel.                                         Mr Homi N Daruwalla.

Jesia Building,                                        623, Marker Mansion.                              2/689 Sethna Building.

797 Jam E Jamshed Rd.                         Lady Jehangir Rd.                                   Dinshaw Master Road.

Parsi Colony, Dadar (E).                         Dadar.  Mumbai 400014.                          Parsi Colony.  Dadar (E).

Mumbai 400014.                                       Ph No. 022 2415 1354.                             Mumbai 400014.

Ph No 022 2414 9571.                                                                                                 Ph No 022 24112330.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mob No.  91 98200 94243.


Request all to Kindly give widest possible publicity to this appeal, by forwarding the same to your family members and friends, to get maximum support to this noble cause.

 We have now added a new scheme into our Food Scheme.

We have started a facility now, where in, Donors desiring to donate food on a particular day, may be a happy occasion in the family, Birthday, Navjote, or a Lagan, or a remembrance day, can do so by paying Rs 10,500 per day.  We will distribute the Food to the Food Scheme Members, on a particular day from your donation and communicate the members accordingly through flyers in each tiffin.

Hoping to receive favourable response from you to our appeal.

Wishing you all once again Very Happy Jamshedi Nawroze.

Thanking you and With Kind Regards.

Homi N Daruwalla.

Senior Fellow,

Indian Green Building Council. (IGBC).

Consulting Engineer. LEED AP-USGBC.

Mob No + 91 98200 94243

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