• Nauzer Commissariat

    Thank you Silloo for this very enlightening article. Enjoy reading your periodic Magazines.
    Aban & Nauzer

  • Thank you Silloo Aunty and Malcom for the religious classes. We have learned a lot from you both about our prayers and Zorastrian religion.

  • We in Southern California are blessed to have Silloo who makes great sacrifices even at the cost of her own
    funds to bring us the joy , great awareness and knowledge of our religion with its complexities…Sllloo has been publishing the Mazdayesnie Connection and has circulated it free of cost to Zoroastrians all over the world for the last forty years. Each publication is filled with great details. More importantly it always answers the question why. Why we pray a certain Yasht. Why are rituals done in a specific sequence and what are their divine benefits in Nature and to all humankind. Late Vada Dasturji Meherji Rana visited us many times, holding week long religious camps. The Mazdayasnie Connection is a touchstone publication for all who care to know and read it. Thank you Silloo for your selfless devotion in spreading the divine and authentic message of our revered Prophet Vakshure Vakhsuran Asho Zarathustra to thousands of humdins for so many years and this important article on Atash.

  • Frennie Fitter

    Dear Silloo n Malcom, you are great asset to our community. We have learned lot in your religious class. Pl. keep it up.

  • Thank you Silloo Aunty and Malcolm for being pillars in our community and educating the us about our religion.

  • Rohinton Merchant

    Thank u Silloo and Malcolm.
    We look forward to our weekly religious classes here in laguna woods.
    They r very educative and motivating. We have learned and grown a lot from them.
    Thank u both for sharing your knowledge and wealth of information with us.
    Thank u for serving our zoroastrian community selflessly, for so many decades here in orange county.
    We r really grateful and appreciate your dedication and hard work.
    We would love for u to keep serving our community, young, and seniors alike for many more years to come.
    Thank u, thank u, thank u.
    Rohinton and shernaz merchant.

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