ZYNA FEZANA Zoroastrian Exchange Program

ZYNA Zoroastrian Youth of North America
ZYNA & FEZANA are excited to announce the first of it’s kind Zoroastrian Exchange Program for youth aged 14-18 years of age.


The ZYNA FEZANA Zoroastrian Exchange program will offer Zoroastrian youth between the age of 14-19 years, an opportunity for a stay with a host family in another city/country.

Each participant gets an opportunity of spending 1 – 2 weeks in a different city/country than the one they live in. Zoroastrian host families in various cities will be paired with potential youth participants. The selected participants will play an active role in being a part of the daily activities and events with their Zoroastrian host families and if the opportunity arises also with local Zoroastrian associations.


Through this project, the Zoroastrian Youth would get an opportunity to live with a Zoroastrian family in a different city/country, learn about new traditions, customs, culture, language, food, etc. and truly become global citizens.

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This is a pilot project and we reserve the right to tweak the program as necessary, in its initial stage.

If you are an eligible youth and would like to participate, reply to this email with all the information we have requested on the link above.

If you would like to be a host family, please reply back to this email with all the information requested at the link above.

If you have queries and would like clarifications, reply back or write  zyna@fezana.org

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