Why India’s Parsis are so OBSESSED with classic cars & bikes

The Parsi community in India is renowned not only for their love of automobiles but also for their commitment to sustainability – restoring their old classics rather than buying new models. Parsi-owned cars and motorcycles hold a special place in the second-hand market, commanding higher prices due to their reputed exceptional maintenance. To delve deeper into the Parsis’ automotive fascination, REV embarked on a journey through Mumbai, Pune, and Udvada. Along the way, we encountered an array of iconic vehicles like Homai Vyarawalla’s ‘Dalda 13’ Fiat Millecento, Anosh and Fram Dhondy’s Fiat 1100 Elegant with 900,000km on the clock, Kooverji & Faridoon Gamadia’s 1948 Invicta Black Prince, Marespand Dadachanji’s cherished Morris 8, the Vintage Zorastrian Bikers of Bombay and their impressive fleet of vintage motorcycles and Adil Jal Darukhanawala’s incredible scale model collection, that showcased the community’s dedication to classic cars and motorbikes.

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