Gatha Series – Vohu-khshathra Gatha

Dear Friends,

The last 5 days in the Zarathushti calendar are named in honor of the five Gathas. On these days, Zarathushtis faithfully recite the Gathas as their duty.

This year, Shahenshahi Gatha days are from Aug. 11 – 15, 2023.

The fourth Gatha, Vohu-khshathra is on Aug 14.

This post gives a synopsis of the Gatha – its central theme, summary of contents and significant stanzas. This will make praying the Gatha more meaningful.

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Silloo Mehta


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One comment

  • First, the positive. Ahura Mazda’s grace leads to humility, righteousness and Khshathra (51.4). Such people spread blessings and prosperity in the world (51.5).

    Emperor Cyrus the great was trained by his father in wisdom (Vohu- Mano) and righteousness. He was also the anointed one of the Lord (Bible Isiah 45.1), had divine authority (Khshathra), and was thus blessed with Vohu-Khshathra. History is full of evidence that he spread spiritual prosperity and blessings of Ahura Mazda, by allowing freed captives to practice their own religion. He even spread material prosperity and happiness to people.

    Now for the warning. There is a recurring theme in all the Gathas of the consequences of deceit /falsehood. that Vohu-Khshathra Gatha really spells out in terms of punishment and failure to progress spiritually(51.8,9)

    We have already seen the difference between knowledge and wisdom (Vohu-Mano). Knowledge can span the whole spectrum from the sublime to deceit and falsehood, develops divisions and hatred, with total absence of humility. Wisdom (Vohu-Mano) is putting the righteous qualities in practice. The oft repeated cliche of Vohu-Mano is totally misrepresented with the propagation and hubris of misleading Western education. That kind of knowledge is NOT VOHU-MANO. It is what is alluded to AKO MAN or falsehood, the practice of which leads to dire consequences(51.13)

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