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  • Rustom Billimoria

    Dear Yazdi
    My son Anosh is completing his MS in ESG from the University of Exeter on 7.9.2023 in the UK
    However he is not getting any housing in the U K . Incase you help, can you please get in touch with me.
    My name is Rustom and I’m a college friend of Priyadarshan Pradhan who had introduced me to your sight or blog.
    Keep getting your posts on a regular basis.
    We are currently searching in Bristol Bath and Hounslow or Heathrow
    We are willing to pay monthly 700 to 800 pounds per month for a single room but with no pets and preferably a Parsi house if not anything will do provided a person and area is safe.
    Willing to sign a one year contract for the same

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