A few years back the Bombay Parsi Punchayet embarked upon a development project for Building “C” of Bamji Sanatorium, Navsari. Despite  various hurdles and challenges the project has reached its legal completion in the tenure of the New Board of Trustees.  My Team and I have been able to complete the registration legalities of this project at Navsari on behalf of the Trustees. This project was special to my Yazdi and I am happy I could help in taking it forward.
Grateful and thanks to our  Advocates Benaz Bhamgara, Mangesh Chavan, our Navsari Advocate Tejas Kansara, Bldg Manager Adi Chavda.
Wishing similar success to the future projects of BPP.
Anahita Desai


  • Dara S. Acidwalla


  • Khushroo Vatcha-montreal

    hello fellow Zarthustees and the Bombay Punchayat: Kudos for the team spirit to server our Parsi/Iranian Zarthustis.
    the Pics are beautiful, but a write up of the persons in the pic would help. Also how many rooms- floors- etc and other facilities are offered.
    Who qualifies as an occupant, what is the voluntary/necessary cost to the occupant. How long can the occupant stay ( in years or till end of life).
    All the same, it is nice to see the joy and Glory to Ahura Mazda – and Prophet Zarathustra for us to be better humans with the tenant: GOOD THOUGHTS,

  • Hello BPP and all the members,

    It is wonderful to see such dedicated work in todays world. BEST WISHES to you’ll and may AHURA MAZDA give you’ll more strength to continue all this GOOD work.

    The Zoroastrian community as a whole appreciates and may you always receive help from AHURA MAZDA always.

  • Zaksis Contractor

    Well done 👍🏻

  • Firdos Naval Deboo

    God bless my Navsari.

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