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Vignettes from Parsi History & Future Prospects

“Vignettes from Parsi History & Prospect – and the What IF? … Factor!”

As it’s a collection of articles from Parsi annals; It should be wildly circulated to family & friends as a FYI set of articles of Parsis’ Historical Happenings & Fuzzy Future. 


For the Diaspora ‘Y-Gen’ Zhamdins, who should have known, but were . . . . .

Too busy! (weren’t bothered?) To ask about their heritage.

Edul Kanga. GTA-CA.

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An up-close view of Parsis at Harvard exhibit

Sooni Taraporevala’s photographs make clear how much like everyone else Parsis are

A man stands with his back to the camera, looking look at the sea. It’s the photograph that begins Sooni Taraporevala’s “Parsis, The Zoroastrians of India,” which runs at Harvard’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts through Dec. 20.

The title of the photograph is “The man in the sola hat.” It might just as well be “Elbows on parade.” There are the man’s own, held in close to his body. And there’s another, rather more intriguing one, bare and belonging to someone just outside the frame. Jutting into the picture, it’s like an arrow directing the viewer back to the man in the hat.


What makes the photograph quite wonderful is the effortless balance it strikes between the odd and commonplace. The man’s head tilts (which means his hat tilts, too). He holds his umbrella at a tilt. His torso tilts. That jutting elbow tilts, and so do the wings of two birds distantly discernible in the sky. However slightly, numerous elements of the photograph are askew.

What’s commonplace is that the man might be standing anywhere with a breakwater, buildings, and shore. As it happens, the location is Bombay, or Mumbai, as it’s now called. (Taraporevala uses the former name.) But there’s a universal aspect to this tidy-looking fellow taking in the sights.

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Parsis Photo Exhibition and Little Zizou screening at Harvard





October 25—December 20, 2012

Sert Gallery

Sooni Taraporevala in conversation with Homi Bhabha
Thursday, October 25, 6 pm
Lecture Hall
Reception in the Sert Gallery to follow

Screening: LITTLE ZIZOU, with director Sooni Taraporevala in person Q&A to follow
Saturday, October 27, 2 pm, Harvard Film Archive free and open to the public

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 Tel: 617.495.3251