Renovations at Udvada

Dear all,

 I have updated my website ‘udvadarenovations’ at

Please visit and place your comments there. May I earnestly urge you, this is our Vatican, the Iranshah stands at the summit of our Zoroastrian…nes, we can’t stand idle and do nothing about the “cheap” awful work done there. It reflects very badly on our community.

 I wish this message came to you from a distinguished member of the community, but it does not make this matter different. Please see this issue on the merits of the case. I earnestly urge that each of us correspond with letter expressing our distress to the 1.)Trustees of N.M. Wadia Charities (123 MG Road, Fort, Mumbai ) and 2.)the Udvada Anjuman (Udvada Gaam, Dist Bulsar, Gujrat)


Geve Narielwalla

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