Free Counselling For Entrepreneurs


By Aspi N. Katgara, CEO & Managing Director, The Zoroastrian Co-op. Bank Ltd.

The Zoroastrian Bank would like to encourage and promote business opportunities for young Parsi entrepreneurs. We have decided to give free consultation to anyone interested in setting up a business. Our team will be available at the Bank’s Corporate Office at 5th floor Nirlon House, Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400030 on every Wednesday from 4 p.m. onwards without any appointment.

The assistance will not be limited to bank finance (which in any case will be considered) but we shall also network with several others to help the prospective persons in ensuring business viability and future growth. I have been assured of the support by Prof. Faredoon Kapadia of the Parsi Resource Group, Mr. Yazdi Tantra, Technical Director of WZCC, Mr. Phiroze Patel of Bombay Parsi Punchayet and Zoroastrain Venture Capital Fund and my other associates  in this activity. Mr. H.N.Sinor, Chairman of Zoroastrian Bank and a prominent banker who is well connected with many business houses has also encouraged me in this undertaking. By this communication we invite all such budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of this offer.

It is our experience that persons of young generation have many interesting ideas which are workable but  the parents and family members shoot them down because of fixed mind set. The older generation is not able to think out of box. Their idea of business is limited to Tourist taxis, catering and when nothing works, the last remedy “get a Bank job”. On the other hand, where young persons have been given free hand and encouragement, they have ventured in new areas and made a success of their careers. Dealing in computer peripherals, Television industry related services, fitness centers are some of the examples of non-traditional ventures.

For those who wish to come for free consultation all we want from you is a creative idea in your head and a fire in your belly. Unless you feel strongly about your venture proposition, and a courage of conviction, it will not work. Those who are staying in colonies and baugs, please do not look to your neighbor’s business and style of living and get attracted. You will know where the shoe pinches when you will wear it. Nothing is easy in life but the joy of success is all yours when you prove to be a winner. Positive thinking, hard work, honesty are some of the ingredients which are never to be ignored. Every job is the best teacher. Sincere efforts are always rewarded.

Many communities have created a network to assist business enterprises within their community. Recently there was ‘Burhani Expo’ in Mumbai. This was organized by the Bohri community. Few years back it started as small exhibition by community members. Now they advertise on radio, there were hoardings all over Mumbai and they got support from general public at large. This is the power of networking. Our community is fortunate to have good resources in terms of business enterprises. Several community based organizations have done good work in this direction. WZCC- World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce is one such body. We are trying to contribute in a small way by assisting our community members through free consultations and guidance on finance, marketing, funds management, legal requirements and where possible, can provide live contacts for the success of your business. We hope to get an immediate and positive response from the community. We trust in team work and power of networking and will do our best for those interested.

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