Zarathushtis Without Borders – Opportunities to serve in India

Zarathushtis Without Borders
Opportunities to serve in India

At the third and final session of the Fifth Coming Together Roundtable held in conjuction with the Ninth World Zoroastrian Congress held in December 2009 in Dubai, UAE, an impassioned plea was made by Jehangir Bharucha of Seattle, USA to promote worldwide exchange programs for Zarathushti youth. Jehangir shared how such an exchange program had proved to be a life transforming experience in his own life.
 Roshni Kasad, currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of California in Berkeley served for a year teaching school children in village Patan, Gujarat with “Indicorps — Service for the Soul” and highly recommends opportunities available to serve made possible through this network headquartered in Ahmedabad, India.

To engage, details are provided below. 
Deadline for applications for fellowships this summer, is 1st March 2010 .
In keeping with its long term vision of encouraging youth to become world citizens, FEZANA provides partial financial support to youth in North America who volunteer their time in serving abroad. Interested individuals looking for such support can contact Shara Godiwalla,  with a summary of their planned project, a letter from the hosting agency confirming acceptance for the service period and are expected to submit a written report to the Federation at the completion of their tour of duty.

The forwarded newsletter “Community for Change” gives an idea of what the opportunities to serve are all about.

Behram Pastakia
Metropolitan Washington DC
18 January 2010

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