2000-year-old Parthian Anahita temple in Hamadan destroyed

LONDON, (CAIS) —  Remains of a Parthian dynastic edifice located on the hilltop of Mosalla tappeh (archaeological mound) was flattened to prepare the ground for the construction of a Mosalla[1]

The news of the destruction of Iranian heritage has angered the nation, particularly the cultural figures and heritage enthusiasts. 

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  • Sir Mehernosh Shroff

    I was Very very sad to read this as a Parsi I love Persia & would love that Iran be Proud of its old monuments and Heritage

    A Parthian Dynastic Edifice has no religion , no caste, no creed ..no Dogma . all it shows is the Glorious Past of Iran and if they would have maintained it the way it should , It would have Guaranteed the Glory of the Future

    May Ahuramazda , God Allah ..Yezdan Hu Preserve the Glorious Heritage ..May No Taliban destroy this

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