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Brief report on MWR

Who raised the consciousness of all humanity to One Divine?…….. Zarathushtra.
Who was the first Great Poet of epics even before the Mahabharata?…….Zarathushtra.
Who was the one who revealed the attributes of the Almighty?………….Zarathushtra.
Can we ask why His name, His deeds, His wisdom is not recognised amongst the Greatest.
This was my feeble attempt to take up the project of representing “The Religion of
Zarathushtra” in the Museum of World Religions.


Observe the writing on the main board, The Religion of Zarathushtra is not mentioned.

It broke my heart. I was persistent in my attempts. It finally paid of.
The Religion of Zarathushtra is now represented in the Museum of World Religions.

The Dharma Master Hsin (heart) Tao (the way), originated the idea of the museum of world religions. A way to show the beauty of all religions. The museum is not just a collection of artefacts, it employs modern technology to reveal the truth in every religion. It is a living breathing entity, that can stir the visitors heart. His dream is to create a world Global body of Tolerance, Love and Peace.

MWR Decennial Celebrations, were celebrated on Nov. 9th, 2011, with affection, pomp, style and genuine Taiwanese hospitality. May I mention here that the Taiwanese people are one of the most affectionate people in the whole world.
The Master’s message was “…. nothing is impossible for a true heart.” His life proves it. He laid stress on the plans for the next ten years. He invited experts from all over the world to share their ideas and make his dream of having numerous museum of religions in major centres of the world. There is one group whose plans are already on the way for making one in Birmingham, UK. I believe the Zoroastrians are involved. There are hopes for museums mushrooming in India, Middle East, China etc.

The MWR authorities were kind enough to inaugurate the display of our Zarathushtrian stand in this event. Over a 100, 000 people local & foreign visit every year. It will give our religion a much needed exposure.

An international symposium on: How to create a Museum of World Religions was held. Many experts gave their views. The hope is that the symposium will be the starting point of strengthening collaborations of similar ventures between various countries and cultures.

As with all births, there were birth pangs in starting a venture like this. Sometimes it looked like an impossible task. One lady came to the rescue. Her name is Alison Liu. She is the Asst. Curator of the museum. She took up the task. The global Zarathushtrian community owes her a lot for her devoted effort to our cause.

Finally the day arrived. The Religion of Zarathushtra is now represented in the Museum of World Religions.

Many, many Zarathushtrians helped from all over the world, one way or another. This is truly a Zrathushtrians United effort.

…… Perviz Dubash



  • We are proud that our Zarathushti religion was officially represented at the 2011 Museum of World Religions Decentennial Celebrations.

    Our gratitude goes to Perviz & Nergish Dubash (Australia) and Dr. Alayar Dabestani (USA) for representation.

    Many other Zarathushtis/associations helped
    from across the globe in one way or the other
    to strengthten the fiber of our representation at this event.

    This was truly a United Zarathushti endeavor for which we are grateful.

    Once again we thank all those who supported this event.

    With love, light and gratitude from

    Meher Amalsad
    Westminster, California, USA

  • It is hardly surprising that little is known about Spitama Zaeathushtra and his teachings, and the illustrious Parsi Zoroastrian community.
    It grieves me immensely, when on the TV in UK, almost all religions are mentioned except the Zoroastrian. Why? the answer is simple, not many representatives of this great religion are ever presenting themselves in international ceremonies, with the result that the recognition of Zarathushtra’s philosophy gets little exposure.
    The fault is clearly ours.
    Please my fellow Zoroastrians, let us not lag behind and fade away in the museums of this world. I have every hope, that more is heard about the great phylosophy of Asho Spitaman Zarathushtra, in the coming future.
    Bless you all,

  • Pervez uncle,

    We are so proud of the work you have done and all the time and finances you have put into it.In this fast changing world we should never forget our roots and you have done something great.Someday when I can I will go and visit this in Taiwan.All the best to you and all the people who have made this possible.

    Cyrus Khambatta
    Auckland,New Zealand

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