Sale Of Anjuman Land In Palghar

Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman of Bombay was set up in the year 1941.

Objects of the Trust :

i. to deal with all matters social and educational for the welfare of the Iranian Zoroastrians;
ii. to start promote and assist educational institutions whether academic, technical, commercial or otherwise for the benefit of the Iranian Zoroastrians;
iii. to assist the poor and helpless Iranian Zoroastrians including widows and orphans and devise ways and means for such assistance and improving their status…”

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Courtesy : Bahram Shahmardaan


  • The land should be sold under Bank Guarantees (Nationalised Banks or reputed private banks) from the Viva Group. The same money can be used to buy land in suburbs and build a colony for Irani Zoroastrians particularly for young marriageable couples. Under no circumstances should it be sold at dirt cheap rates to industrialist for using as a guise for building colleges as the number of students in our community is very small. If the noted industrial group want to purchase it, ask them to pay market rate as they are boasting they are a USD 100 billion plus group and can definitely pay. This group inspite of being a Parsi group has never considered the interest of Zoroastrians. The Trust should be beware of this Industrial group and the Government as none of them can be trusted.

  • We all Parsees & Iranians have to stop these once & for all.

  • shapur boman irani

    Our learned Trustee know that Mumbai region growing fast development and now local train will start from Churchgate to Dahanu, so Palghar will be developed fast and at that time the cost of trust land will be ten time more than at present rate.The land given for the well-fare and progress of our Zorastrian Community so we should think for future generation. The present trustees are not capable works for the trust deeds they should resign from the post immediately.

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