Medical aid for financially challenged

The Vasai Taluka Parsee Panchayat Charitable Trust is now sponsoring medical aid

  1. Diabetes meds at 40% discount on MRP.
  2. Cancer and Dialysis medicines at 30% discount on MRP.
  3. AIDS meds are excluded and no discount can be given.


The above facility is mainly open to financially challenged senior citizens and others whose family income does not exceed Rs.12,000/- per month.

The candidate must register his/her name with the trust along with the following documents:

  1. Ration Card copy.
  2. Salary certificate/letter where employed.
  3. Details of all family members.
  4. Doctor’s prescription for medicines.
  5. List of medicines required per month (list must contain the following – medicine name, manufacturer’s name, MRP, quantity required per month)

No aid will be given unless all documentary proof is provided by the patient or his/her relative/guardian.



Thanks and Regards

Turzen Bhamgara

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