Yazzad Rabadi’s Short Film Face-Off

Lets Vote for Yazzad Rabadi on CBC’s Short Film Face-Off!  Toronto-based filmmaker Yaz Rabadi’s latest short film, The Beard, competed on CBC’s Short Film Face Off on August 17, 2013.  The film earned the highest scores from the show’s judges, and was the studio audience’s choice to go to the finals.  Now The Beard needs your help in the finals!
On August 31, 2013 (8 PM, EST), the viewing audience will have 24 hours to vote for the film of their choice, between The Beard and two other films.
Canadian viewing audiences can vote online at www.cbc.ca/shortfilmfaceoff.
International audiences can vote by phone at 1-877-876-3636.
Results will be announced the following week, with the winning director being awarded extensive funding for their next film project.
The Beard is a powerful, gritty and emotional piece of filmmaking that tells the story of an elderly Sikh who has been victimized,
and how he struggles to deal with his given circumstances in the aftermath of the violent attack.
Supported by the National Film Board of Canada, The Beard has received several nominations and awards.
Canadian audiences can view the episodes at www.cbc.ca/shortfilmfaceoff
(click on ‘Films/Schedules’).
International audiences can view The Beard at www.vimeo.com/23141658.
Additional information on the film and future screenings can be found at www.rabidpictures.com.

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