Why Juddins Are Not Permitted to Enter Our Consecrated Fire Temples

Why Juddins Are Not Permitted to Enter Our Consecrated Fire Temples:

by:  Pervin J. Mistry

It is often asked, if Christians allow non-Christians to enter their churches and Muslims allow non-Muslims to enter their mosques, why cannot Parsi-Irani Zarathushtis permit juddins to enter our consecrated Fire Temples such as Agiaries and Atash-Behrams?

First of all, this assertion itself is wrong! For example, the Muslims do not allow any non-Muslims to enter Mecca or their sacred mosques where they conduct their communal prayers/rituals. Even the different sects, such as the Sunnis do not allow the Shi’is to enter their mosques and vice-versa! The Christians as well do not permit the tourists to go beyond a certain demarcation cordoned off from the rest of the St. Peter’s at Vatican and at the other orthodox Churches! The Jews also do not permit any Gentiles (non-Jews) or any Reformist Jews to enter their synagogues. The Hindus do not permit any intermarried Hindus or any non-Hindus to enter their consecrated Temples, the prime example being the Jagannath Temple at Puri! Therefore, we are not the only religious community who has rules of admission for entry into our consecrated Fire Temples!

Even a Parsi-Irani Zarathushti is barred from entry into our own Fire Temples due to certain requisite rules of purity, for both men as well as women! So why do some community members not understand that every religion has certain revealed set of rules which are meant for the followers to follow and obey, and if any detractor does not wish to subscribe to these mandated rules, why cannot such a rebel convert to any other religion of his/her own choice or set up a new cult instead of dragging the community down the path of disobedience? Let us try and sort out the reasons why certain spiritual laws are required to safeguard the continuity of spiritual disciplines which are indispensable for the survival of a specific religious community.

In our religion we talk about “pavi”, “kash”, “pavikat”, etc. In English, we refer to these as “spiritual force-field”. A “spiritual force-field” is an energy field around an object.  “Pav” means to “make pure” and therefore, a “pavi” is an unseen spiritual perimeter wherein nothing impure can enter due to the constant upkeep of certain rituals performed within. If the “pavi” is not maintained the strength weakens. “Kash” means the same. It indicates a circle or a boundary. Specifically, in connection to the issue being discussed, it means to draw a talismanic circle while performing certain rituals wherein the electro-magnetic forces do their work within the marked area!

How is this talismanic circle generated? It is so formed through an elaborate process of “consecration” by making the marked area sacred or “holy”! The Mobed Sahebs undergo a strict ritual of “barshnoom” (ritual ablution) of nine days. Then they start reciting the sacred Yasna and Vendidad rituals after drawing a boundary around the ritual area. Every Agiary and Atash-Behrams has furrows cut into the stone floors. These were consecrated when an Agiary or an Atash-Behram makaan was constructed. Additionally, more special consecration processes/rituals were performed separately for the Atash Padshah Saheb who is enthroned usually within the 9 marked “kash” or “pavi” beginning from the stone hindora on which the Padshah is enthroned!

If, when the Mobed Sahebs recite the rituals after observing all the mandated rules of purity, in reality, a strong spiritual force-field is created within the area. Can we see this force-field? No, not with our physical eyes because we can see only the visible portion of the light spectrum! Our eyes are not able to see the entire spectrum which includes the ultra-violet and infra-red light. But today, when people talk of “atoms’ and the “God Particle”, do they really see an atom or the “God Particle”? No – they only look for evidence that these exist! These are also beyond the scope of physical science and yet, following physicists’ theories, scientists believe in “parallel” Universes which are unseen and which is the origin of everything physical! Scientists believe that behind every atom, there is something spiritual that propels it and sustains it, which some call Super Intelligence! Whose Super Intelligence it is or from where this Intelligence comes, has yet to be discovered by science! Still, some of our community members will believe in and talk of the atoms and the God Particle as if they know these exist in reality but when the same principle applies to our rituals and religion, they wish to have physical proof!

It is preposterous not to have faith in the teachings of our Paigambar Saheb who is a Yazad, a Divine Being, an Immortal Spiritual Being, who is acquainted with both the seen as well as the unseen Universes! HE has given us the Great Mazdayasni Zarathushti Din which is super-scientific; it is the Science of all Sciences! Besides the many spiritual disciplines to attain to Frashogard, HE has also taught us the laws of “consecration”! To create an electro-magnetic circuit – within our Agiaries and Atash-behrams and to keep these spiritual “force-fields” recharged at all times, HE has taught us to use the natural energies working all around us and within us through Nature! Our Laws are all based on the Immutable Laws of Asha, meaning “Nature”!

Nature is full of different energies. Just as Light, as an energy, is a part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, the energy of Sound working in Nature also has its decibels. Energy, being Spirit or non-physical, can never be destroyed but it can be transformed into other different energies. An Oscilloscope represents sound as light patterns because these are both energies.

In our rituals we use both these energies of Light (Fire) and Sound (Manthravani/staot). Plus we also use water which is a good conductor of electro-magnetic energy; human magnetism of the ritually purified priests, ceremonial metallic implements which are also good conductors of electricity, and the earth itself on which the ritual is performed plus the stone hindora on which the afarganiyu is placed, are conductors of the electro-magnetic forces as well. As a result, a constant force-field is activated within our Agiaries and Atash-Behrams.

Being created with the use of our unique manthravani, atash which too is derived from previous different Zarathushti establishments, we maintain our consecrated area according to the magnetism created specifically to suit the spiritual needs of a Soul who is born of both Zarathushti parents who are from the same Parsi-Irani lineage preserved over thousands of years! The genes, the specific traits, are ingrained within our DNA. We respond to the specific manthavani, to the wavelength of the specific Light (Fire) and to all the rituals which our previous generations have followed and we follow the continuity! Juddins have their own different ways of worship, their own prayers, and their own spiritual strengths. Nature itself is diverse and so is humanity! If a juddin enters our consecrated places, there is disturbance of the energy which we cannot see but then it does not mean such spiritual reaction does not take place. Because Religion is spiritual, it has to be taken on faith and obeyed with complete dedication. If we do not see the spiritual side of nature, it does not mean such spiritual influences do not exist. It would not be very “scientific” or “educated” to deny the unseen forces of the Divine Universe we live in!

Please, please, out of ignorance do NOT destroy our “kash” by letting juddins infiltrate the sacred area where they should not. Intermarried couples must also realize that once they are married and cohabit with a juddin, they lose their original Parsi-Irani Zarathushti “khoreh” and their entry also harms the sacred “kash” inside our consecrated places of worship! This is not nonsense, in fact in today’s nuclear age, such things as “force-fields”, even the kids know of! But our Parsi brethren who wish to alter spiritual disciplines according to “likes” and “what they want” show a pathetic absence of wisdom and knowledge of the rules of Nature!


  • A brilliant analytical rebuttal to all those liberals who want to bastardize
    our faith our beliefs our heritage our ethnicity our purity and make our community a United Nation of parjats!

    Well done Pervin…you should have addressed the World Zoroastrian

  • Pervin,

    I give you full marks on your article and your message to all Parsi Zarathushtis. I am led to believe that you’ve lived in Toronto, and therefore, you must have an idea as to the extent of nonsense happening here through the so-called leadership of Mobeds such as Jal Panthaky, Kobad Zarolia, Nauzar Kotwal, and Jehan Bagli to name a few, who have taken upon themselves to do things diagonally opposite to what our religion expects. Inter-marriage, performing Navjotes of children of inter-married couples, reciting prayers amongst juddins and having that crowd recite our prayers, changing the way our ritual ceremonial prayers are performed, performing ceremonies with a female mobedyar and now attempting to build a full-fledged Agiary here in Toronto where everybody would be welcome to attend, are some of the shocking examples. This clearly displays their arrogance, or should I say ignorance, as if to suggest that they are the wise masters who not only know everything about our age old religion, but are competent in knowing the how and why to reform our religion.

    The gullible, or should I say pretentious crowd of Parsis at large appear to blindly follow the Mobeds’ leads, to the extent that they donate a bucket full of their hard earned money for totally meaningless projects. Most of these projects are paradoxically opposite to their existing religious beliefs and practices.

    You said it so rightly – ‘Because religion is spiritual, it has be taken on faith and obeyed with complete dedication’ – I sincerely hope that these Parsis who are blinded by Angreh Maynyu wake up in time before it’s too late for them.

    Ervad Jal Dastur
    Mississauga, Canada

    • to JAL DASTUR, and PERVIN, since Mrs. pervin has detailed other religions for not allowing the DESCRETION of the CONSECRATED HOLY PLACES, will somebody say it is not true. Please don’t point out tin-fatia (parsi slang) setups. A hindu high preist had thrown away food when sonia Gandhi entd. or touched the food at a temple.

  • All explained Pervin.
    Thank you

  • Rustom Minocher Cursetji

    The explanation by Pervin on why “Juddins” should not be allowed into our fire temples is a classic example of misdirected zeal to preserve and safe gaurd our religion. The articualation is excellent but the message is totally totally false. No intelligent youth of our community today is ready to accept the fanatical views expressed with such rare confidence – a confidence that can be born only out of total ignorance !

    All, repeat All of us Irani Parsi Zoroastrians are proud of our religion and the rich cultural heritage of our community. The need of the day is to instill this pride in our customs culture and tradition in our youth to ensure that our community survives till infinity and continues to contribute to Society in India and indeed anywhere in the world.

    Please Please Please refrain from professing views that are in total opposition to the true tenets of Humata-Hukata-Havarshta – and that too ironicaly in the name of Zoroastrianism !

    Rustom M Cursetji

    • Well then why don’t you give us your (Baroda) version of …….’the true tenets of Humata-Hukata-Havarshta – befitting Zoroastrianism.

      Please do enlighten us.

  • Article by PERVIN MISTRY is definitely thought provoking ,& that too in such detail ,as we as ordinary Parsees do not have such deep knowledge of our religion.Really surprised at mr RUSTOM Cursetji ,remark of words like fanatical,totally false,total ignorance etc.The views expressed are as per the tan ants of our religion ,given from generation to generations ,& our youth are not so dumb ,not to know anything about it. I feel it is in fact it is people like MR CURSETJI RUSTOM who are confusing our new generation to adher to the principals of our religion.MY other argument is ,suppose a handsome PARSEE male marries an black AFRICAN, or a CHINESE , & that child goes exactly on her mother,what happens to that child ,who will be ridiculed for no fault of that child ,as he is a black or a Chinese.Will PARSEES of our community accept him as a PARSEE???Have we ever thought of that PARSEE. Child?instead of harping on liberal& whatnot……..

  • Very well explained Pervin.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Every word in Ms. Pervin J. Mistry’s article is true & correct to the core. Thanks Pervin for such an enlightening write up. Parsees, out of ignorance & being sentimentally driven advocate what is contrary to the teachings & principles of our Zarathushti Religion. Please note, sentiment has no place in Our, or for that matter, any religion.
    The Community would very much like to know the views of Dastur Khurshed Kekobad Dastoor, as also, of Dastur Firoze Kotwal on these matters/aspects; because, they both are surrounded in controversies — and the Community will be obliged to get their CLEAR VIEWS.

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