Zoroastrian Daily Prayers

A set of 24 prayers, rendered by Ervad Peshotan Framarz Peer

Introduction by Mr. Justice Jal Rustomji Vimadalal, former judge, Mumbai High Court and ex-Trustee, Bombay Parsi Punchayet. Sound Recording by Sarosh Minoo Bhabha

  1. Introduction
  2. Ashem Vohu
  3. Yatha Ahu Vairyo
  4. Kemna Mazda
  5. Ahura Mazda Khodai
  6. Jasme Avanghe Mazda
  7. Sarosh Baj
  8. Din No Kalmo
  9. Doa (Dua) Tandarosti
  10. Hoshbam
  11. Havan Gah
  12. Ujiran (Uzeyrin) Gah
  13. Khorshed Niyaesh
  14. Meher Niyaesh
  15. Doa Vispa Humata
  16. Doa Nam Setayeshne
  17. Namaskar Chaar Dishaano
  18. Namaskar Cheragno
  19. Mah Bokhtar Niyaesh
  20. Ardavisur Niyaesh
  21. Atash ni Niyaesh
  22. Monajat (Persian)
  23. 101 Names of God (Dadaar Ahuramazda na 101 naam)


  • 12-Rapithvan Gah
    13-Ujiran (Uzeyrin) Gah

    The archives above are the same… (both are 09a-uzyeirin-gah.mp3)

    • Rapithvan Gah was somehow missed out – not received. I have removed it now. Thanks for pointing out.

  • if these prayers are on a cd I would like to purchase it
    pl guide location where available thanks

  • Thank you very much for the prayers send but unfortunately a few are not opening can you please resend to me this lovely mail

    Aspi Pooniwala

    On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 12:41 PM, Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis – ALL Under

    • Please try to connect at https://zoroastrians.net/2014/12/03/zoroastrian-daily-prayers/ on a fast connection. You will surely get them. Best Wishes

  • Set of Zorastrian daily prayers are very helpful to correct the pronunciation.But why Khorshed Niyas is recited in-complete in above set.
    Jal S Bodhanwala

  • Is there a mah bokhtar nirang which is a short version of the mah bokhtar nyaish ?

  • Is there a way I could download and hear the prayers even when no net connection is available. Since I travel a lot I do not have access to the net very often. Appreciate your help. Thanks

    • On the computer, you may right click on each and Save on the hard disk.

      • Right click can only save a link which is not of much help…..

        Are the prayers available on a CD ????

      • After Right Click – Select Save Target As, it will save the mp3 file…. Very soon, the Parsi Directory App will also have these prayers, which you can store on your mobile phone

  • I dont have access to the net alway as Im travelling. Is there a way I can download this and get it on my cell?
    Thsnk you for this set. Always wanted it.

    • From your computer, you may kindly right click and download it. Then you can copy it on your phone.

  • Can you please load the other 3 gahs

  • Hoshang Homi Malu

    Very .Very useful as I m a handicap person

  • 13.Khorshed Niyaesh is incomplete. Can I have a complete version.

  • If you want your daily prayers there is audio @www3.sympatico.ca/zoroastrian

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