Davier Parsi Dharamshala

Visit for a quick getaway with family and friends at just 3 hours drive from Mumbai…

Newly renovated with AC in rooms… spacious, airy, neat and clean…

All rooms with attached western toilets and bathrooms with modern fittings…

Set amongst serene surroundings in the Agiary compound… Near the sea shore…

Delicious and fresh Veg & Non-Veg food prepared and served by Manager Mr. Kersi Amrolia (Ex-Manager of JJ Dharamshala, Khandala)…

Non-AC Rooms:
Double Occupancy- Rs. 400/-.
Triple Occupancy- Rs. 600/-.

A/C Rooms:
Double Occupancy- Rs. 1000/-.
Triple Occupancy- Rs. 1400/-.

Breakfast – Rs. 80/- per person
Lunch / Dinner – Rs. 220/- person.

For Booking please contact Mr. Pervez Wadia on 09898255851

Pictures of the newly renovated Davier Dharamshala attached below..


  • It does not say where this Dharamshala is!!
    Is it Udvada is it in Khandala
    Googled Davier with no luck! And which Agiary’s compound

    Sam Marshall

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  • Hector Kothavala

    The mobile number mentioned is perpetually not available.

  • Adv. Mr. Anklesaria

    It is very useless going here the trusty Mr. Pervez Wadia is very rude and have no aticate to talk to the people who visit the place and the rooms r not in good conditions when I went there no proper bed, the gizer not working, there was no dim lights the room, and the last and final problem is the trusty Mr. Pravez Wadia gives very bad words as I have personally faced this problem as due some problems we couldn’t stay for not even one night and we had booked for 2 days the day when we reached one more parsi family was facing same problem and they left the property without staying after paying the money they couldn’t stay and Mr. Parvez Wadia took the advance money but when they asked for refund their money he behave in the same manner which I said he gave them also bad work and told them to get out or he will kick on their ass he said. So Sir please kindly look into this matter as he is very very rude with people.

    • We, on behalf of the Davier Dharamshala would hereby like to clarify that whatever is stated by one Mr. Sorab Anklesaria is false and defamatory in nature.

      Our newly renovated and refurbished Davier Parsi Dharamshala is known for comfort, cleanliness and good food. The rooms are spacious, the beds are good, the mattresses are new & clean, and the hot water geyser works absolutely fine. Various people have stayed here, with some repeatedly visiting on the weekends, have wholeheartedly liked, and appreciated the facilities and overall ambience of the Dharamshala.

      This gentleman called Mr. Sorab Anklesaria booked two rooms, over a mobile call, for a two night stay (30th Dec. to 1st Jan.) at the Davier Dharamshala. During the said conversation, he was informed that it is the peak season and also as per the rules and regulations of the Anjuman, he is required to remit the advance for the same. Mr. Anklesaria, requested that he will pay the amount for the two rooms for two night stay on the day of their arrival at the Dharamshala, which we readily accepted it. On his arrival with his friends and check-in on 30th December, he was informed by our Manager to pay the advance, which he said he would pay on the day of his checkout on 1st January, which was again accepted by us.

      On 31st December morning, absolutely for their own personal reasons (not because of any deficiency in service or facilities) they decided to cut short their stay by one day and decided to check-out. On being informed that since they have booked two rooms for two-night stay, they need to pay for the total duration, as because of his booking, the Dharamshala had to refuse other bookings for the same period. Mr Anklesraia flatly refused to pay and created a scene by yelling at the top of his voice, even to the extent of disturbing the other guests resting in the rooms. Mr. Anklesaria was also informed that the Davier Parsi Anjuman / Dharamshala is not a ‘venture for profit’ and whatever amount which the Davier Dharamshala gets through the stay and visit of the fellow Parsis, goes in the upkeep of the ‘Atash Padshah’ of the Agiary in the same compound.

      Sadly, Mr. Anklesaria commented that he does not believe in all these and checked-out by paying for just one night stay.

  • Mehelli c engineer

    Nice service by pervez n kersi n ruzbeh good food nine clean rooms all the best

  • Excellent stay….
    Awesome food catered by father and son KERSI AND RUZBEH
    Nice, comfy, and clean ac and non ac rooms.
    Love the small quaint agiary (which is now a dadgah)
    Will highly recommend this place…

  • How can one apply for job as manager at the dharmshala or sanatoriums..HELP.😊

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