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By Nariman Bacha


Good Health is becoming a major challenge for all of us in today’s stressful, pollution & adulteration filled world. I recently came across a wonderful, unique and effective concept of Pureganic, who have developed 100% Organic, Natural & Herbal tasty Agro based superfoods, without any side effects, which I am happy to share as well as recommend.


Pureganic is socio-economic enterprise, having their own farms (into agriculture for more than a decade) are committed for upliftment and betterment of needy farmers at Gujrat & Maharashtra. Their objective is to conserve and spread traditional home remedy knowledge. Their range of products is a unique fusion of ancient traditional knowledge with modern technology. To them, the formula for good health is very simple – Detox + Immunity = Good Health.


The technocrats of Team Pureganic have researched several ancient books, combined it with traditional farmer knowledge of herbs and have developed tasty formulas, which are free from any harmful chemicals & preservatives. Highly beneficial for all ages right from 6 months to Senior citizens, these are not medicines but diet additions that promote good health. These yummy convenient to use superfoods D-toxifies, immunize, provide balanced nutrition, act as natural vitamin and mineral supplements, which are easily absorbed by the body.


The regular use help fight effects of pollution, junk food, allergies. stress, BP, diabetes, insomnia, cholesterol and other lifestyle diseases. The products are preventative and curative for Brain, memory, nerve network, Heart, lungs, hair, skin, joints & joint pain, women related problems, constipation, acidity, Liver and relief for Cancer survivors.


Roshni Amin from Bandra after using the products writes, “I am currently using Tulsi & Haldi Ark, Pure Cow Ghee & Honey from Pureganic and completely satisfied with them. I use Tusli & Haldi Ark most consistently in my vegetable juice, coconut water and a drop in Khichdi. I add a drop of Tulsi with half a spoon of Brahmi Honey for sore throat. From the very aroma and taste, one can figure that it is completely authentic and non-gimmicky. Products such as these are a big help to retain some measure of purity in our lives. Since, I am opposed to commercial farming of Honey, I am extremely happy to use the Brahmi Honey as well. Thank you for recommending these excellent health benefits products to me”.


Arks (Concentrates), Unusual varieties in Honey like Brahmi (Coolant & Brain Tonic), Tulsi (Allergy, Cough, Cold), Acacia (Joint Pain) are their speciality. I would certainly recommend Pure Desi Cow Ghee made from A2 milk, the traditional vedic way.


For detailed brochure with benefits of each, availability & free home delivery, please contact/whatsapp on 9820812244.



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