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    Dear Sam
    At my age of 15 years, I unknowingly used the Law of Disadvantage and got admission in a snooty College with Second Division marks in Matric. in Lahore, [Undivided India] in 1943..Read on, if interested:
    I wanted to be an Engineer, so I applied for admission into the classy Government College in Lahore in 1943. The system of interviews there was before a panel of 6 or 7 persons, chaired by the Principal, Mr. G. D. Sondhy- a veritable enthusiast for sports. [After partition, he was the Chairman of the First Asian Games in Delhi]
    The interviews were held on two consecutive days and naturally, as I had 2nd Division marks, my interview was scheduled for the second day. By about 4.00 pm of the first day, they announced that all seats for Science have been filled and candidates would be interviewed hereafter for only Arts subjects. This was no doubt very disturbing to me. Later in the evening, some friends, whom I met at the Lawrence Gardens, gave me the names of several boys who had 1st Division marks, but were rejected and they said that it would be futile to go for the interview on the next day. I told this to my Daddy and the family too was worried. Daddy said that I should go as I would get a rare experience of how job interviews are conducted. He also suggested that I should tell them that I am the only Parsi candidate applying and therefore I should be taken. Since I was not expecting any positive result, I was not at all self-conscious at the Interview. Unconsciously I argued boldly that since I am the only Parsi applicant, you have to take the whole of me and you cant cut me into two parts to get the right percentage from me. The Prncipal told me that he would put me on the waiting list, I thanked him and left. To my surprise, out of 150 persons selected, my number was 130.
    One year later, my brother in law Nariman Shroff, who was the official Architect to the Government had to visit the College for some extension work. He told the principal that I was in the second year now and had joined the College in 1943. The Principal immediately told him that I had so boldly told the entire panel that you cant cut me into two parts to get the right % out of me “we thought that his father being an officer of Central Bank will sue the Government if we did not take him.”

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