How to observe Muktad at home in these difficult times

Muktad can be observed in the house in a very simple way –

first select a small corner in the house, which has to be kept relatively clean. If necessary it can be covered by a curtain.

Place a small table there. On the table, keep a small clean metallic glass, karasya or vase with clean water and one or two flowers in it, preferably roses.

Clean the glass, karasya or vase daily and change the water daily.

You can even wash the flower(s) and re-use them if they are fresh.

Ensure to have a continuously burning diva on the table, if possible.

Members of the house can do their Kasti and daily prayers here.

Each member of the house, young or old, should devote some time, at least a few minutes, in prayers there.

Prayers to follow when praying for the Muktad from home:

One can select from among the several prayers, either or multiple of which can be done in that corner, from the simplest to the elaborate, after doing the Kasti, like:

Praying 12 Ashem Vohu (especially for children).

Praying ‘Muktad no namaskar’ (from the Khordeh Avesta).

Praying ‘Satum no Kardo’ (after farajyat prayers).

Praying Framraot Ha (first 5 days) or Gathas (later 5 days).

Praying ‘Farvardin Yasht’ (after farajyat prayers).

Pray 570 Yatha ahu vairyo + 210 Ashem vohu + 120 Yenghe hatam daily (especially for elders in the house if they have time.)

This will create a very fragrant and pleasant atmosphere in the house which is necessary for welcoming the souls and Fravashis and conducive for them to be guests in the house. Whenever the souls and Fravashis are pleasantly remembered and prayed to during these days, they return back, showering blessings which bring success and prosperity to the house, and blessing its inhabitants with health, strength, happiness, protection and abundance.

Shared by Erv. Ramiyar Karanjia


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