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Myself, Dr. Manash Pratim Goswami, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communication, Central University of Tamil Nadu, is working on a personal project to document and write a comprehensive biographical sketch on the Life and Works of Ardeshir Irani, the father of Indian talkie. I have been extensively looking for literature on his family tree, early life, professional successes and contribution to Indian and Iranian films, etc. I shall be highly thankful if you/your organization can give me some leads on the followings

  1. Authentic literature on the details of Ardeshir Irani’s family background, the contact email/phone numbers of his relatives,
  2. Suggest/provide any research work/ book/ research thesis on Ardeshir Irani
  3. Any record of Irani’s life and works in any public domain/personal collection

Your support will be a big help to my research and in the documentation of the Life and Works of Ardeshir Irani.

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(Dr. Manash P Goswami)

Mobile: 9999915977/9589914477


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डॉ. मानस प्रतिम गोस्वामी|Dr. Manash Pratim Goswami

सह-प्राध्यापक | Associate Professor

मीडिया एवं संचार विभाग |Department of Media and Communication

तमिलनाडु केन्द्रीय विश्‍वविद्यालय |Central University of Tamil Nadu

नीलक्कुड़ी परिसर|Neelakudi Campus

तिरुवारूर | Thiruvarur-610 005 (तमिलनाडु|Tamil Nadu)

चलवार्ता| Mobile: +91 9999915977/9589914477


  • Try the ministry of information and broadcasting. They have a separate department for Films. Mr.Irani being the father of Indian Talkie, getting information about him should be fairly easy. Also, you could try the film and television institute in Pune. If I was you, I would identify prominent film historians and reach out to them. Good luck! I hope you find some good lead here as well.

  • Hope pointers that might be of help.
    Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema.” Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Paul Willemen, Taylor & Francis, (1991)

    • Kaikhushroo S Irani

      He was the owner of justice studio near ness baug nanachowk n the said road is named after him

  • Sharlene Ferzandi

    Hi I’m Ardeshir Irani’s great granddaughter and my mother his granddaughter is still alive. If you want any information please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Thank you
    Sharlene Ferzandi
    Zarina Irani

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