Should modern science deem it worthy and be able to understand the meaning of the spirit of Avesta, it would find out that Zoroaster knew all the laws and operations of Nature far better than all the Philosophers, Scientists and Astronomers of today. Galileo, Newton and Kepler would have had to learn from their Master Astronomer. Darwin would be put to shame if he understood the Theory of Evolution as taught by Zoroaster. Practically all his precepts of purity, all moral and religious exercises and healings were based upon the deepest and profoundest studies of Nature’s laws in all domains, physical, spiritual and intellectual.
— Dr. David Amman

‘Science,’ says Dr. Paul Carus, ‘is the methodical search for truth; and truth is a correct, exhaustive, concise statement of facts’. And Asho Zarathushtra accomplished just that. The whole burden of Yasna 44 is such ‘Methodical Search For Truth’ as clearly appears from the very refrain of its several stanzas: ‘This Do I Ask Thee, O Ahura, Tell Me The Fact About It’. And thus, he acquired firsthand knowledge concerning the glory of Creation, the eternal conflict between Right and Wrong, the secrets of Nature, the Paths of the Sun and the Stars, the waxing and waning of the Moon, the force of gravity, the yearnings of the soul, and so on.

He was indeed a super-scientist because his knowledge was all embracing and extended to almost all branches of science, even to spheres of knowledge which modern science has yet to traverse. He taught mankind what was till then NOT KNOWN = A (Not) + VID (to know) + TA. AVIDTA, AVISTA! Some examples follow.

(1) Zarathushtra even anticipated in those hoary times, the profound laws of the Science of Atoms and Alchemy as can be seen from the connotations of the 61st to 72nd Names of Ahura Mazda that we recite daily, wherein Ahura Mazda is invoked as the Transformer of:

Such Names of Divinity can be thought of and grasped only by one who is fully conversant with the hidden laws concerning the higher spheres of knowledge whereby the atoms constituting an existing element or object can be so re¬arranged as to form another element or object.

(2) How did the Creation come into being (Yasna. 28-11)? As a result of the pronouncement by Ahura Mazda of the Holy Word ‘AHUN’ which existed before all creation (Yasna 19). He through His Holy Word first decreed that Light shall stream forth through Heavenly Lights (Yasna. 31-7). Scientists now feel that ‘The Universe Begins To Look More Like A Great Thought Than Like A Great Machine’.

(3) The Universe is sustained by the continuing interaction of the Positive (Spenta) and Negative (Angra) Forces of Nature (Mainyus) (Yas. 30: 3-6, 45-2). In scientific parlance, it is called the Law of Polarity.

(4) Fire is hidden in all creation. It has 16 grades (types of energy). There is, therefore, nothing like ‘Dead Matter’. In fact, ‘Matter Is The Most Condensed Form Of Energy’ (Einstein).

(5) An allusion to the Law of Gravity and its working throughout the Cosmos is found in Yas. 44: 3.4 and in Fravardin Yasht.

(6) The source (Chithra) of the Earth (Gao) is the Moon, which is there¬fore referred to as ‘Gaochithra’. The rock samples brought by the American Astronauts from the Moon were found to be far older than the Earth rocks.

(7) The Earth is not stationary; it revolves like a screw, (Ranyo Skeretim Gam) (Yas. 44-6, 47-3, 50-2).

(8) Ninefold constitution of man, comprising of 3 mortal, 3 semi-mortal and 3 immortal parts (Yas. 31-11, 55-1).

(9) The Ecological basis of our unique mode of disposal of the dead as described in the Holy Vendidad, which is the most ancient text of the most modern Science of Ecology. Modern scientists have yet to learn some of the ecological laws propounded in that holy text.

(10) Laws of Transcendental Ecology to guard against psychic pollution and attack are the invaluable gifts of Zarathushtra to mankind:
(a) Human Aura (Khoreh): Great research is now being carried on in USSR and other Western countries on this unique Zarathushtrian teaching. Instru¬ments have been invented to see the aura as well as to photograph it. An examination of the aura and its colour arrangements enables scientists to predict approaching illnesses long before they manifest in the physical body.
(b) 16 Chakras: in our Etheric body (Vendidad).
(c) Science of Drawing Karsha: as a defence against evil vibrationary influences emanating from outside. A Karsha thus forms an invisible close circuit within which no base or evil influence can enter and from which in certain circumstances, no evil influence can reach out and harm others. Our Kashti, for example, if properly performed with requisite spiritual force (Zaothra Hadha Zaothrem Hadha Aiwiyaonghanem) brings into existence ‘3 Karshas’ around our Waist, and hence its name (Karsha-Thri, or 3 Karshas). (Cf. Gayartri. a 3-fold song.) Other examples are. ‘7 Karshas’ drawn around Wedding couples and ‘3 Karshas’ at ‘Sachkar’.

(11) Cymatics or the Science of Sound Vibrations is at the root of all Holy Maanthras. Sound produces forms, which can heal as well as destroy. See Ardibehest Yasht which declares that the best healer is he who can cure sickness ‘from within’ (Hacha Uruthwan) by means of Maanthras. This Zarathushtrian principle is the very basis of the modem ‘Psychosomatic Medicine’. See Vendidad 19, 4, 8-9, and the Pahlavi commentary thereon, which declares that when Lord Zarathushtra recited ‘Yatha Ahu Vairyo’, forms as big as houses came into being and destroyed the Evil Powers. See, again, Ashishvang Yasht, which records that ‘Ashem Vohu’ recital has the power of melting evil entities. In short, as modern science now declares, ‘Form is in some way a function of the frequency of vibrations’. Forms produced by sound can now be seen on films by means of ‘Tonoscope’. To bring about the desired effect the Maanthras have to be ‘woven’ (Yas. 28-3) according to the mystic Science of Sound Effects. For this reason, the Maanthras are aptly called ‘Garlands of Letters’.

(12) The important legal principle that ‘Strictest Justice Should Be Done To Both Parties Alike’ (Yas. 33-1).

(13) Formation of Avestan alphabet from ancient Hieroglyphs and Pictographs.

(14) The Sun is the prime source of all energy including the Vital Life Force and is the greatest purifying agent (Khurshid Niyaesh). The Moon influ¬ences growth of vegetables (Mah-Bakhtar Niyaesh).

(15) Farming (Yas. 34-14; 48-6; Vendidad, Mah Niyaesh). According to Mazdaznan teaching, it was Holy Zarathushtra who ‘Produced Wheat By Crossing Rice And Barley’.

(16) The Darwinian Theory of Evolution that man has descended from apes is not accepted by all scientists. In fact, Darwinism itself is struggling for its very existence! Our own ancient teaching is that ‘The Tailed Ape And The Bear Are The Descendants From Union Between Human Beings And Devils’ (Bundahesh 23-1).

(17) The teaching of Zarathushtra (as recorded in Bundaheshn 30-3) that at death parts of our body and spirit are entrusted to fire, Spendarmad, etc. and that the same will be used for a new body at Ristakhiz, i.e. rebirth, is indeed unique in world religious literature. This is supported by the occult teaching that at death the ultimate atoms constituting parts of our body are kept intact for future birth. Modern scientists are veering to the view that ‘we are our own ancestors’. It is very interesting to note here that this concept is exemplified in the life story of our revered Prophet himself wherein it is recorded that Zarathushtra’s ‘Gohar’ etc. entered the womb of his mother through the instrumentality of the juice extracted from ‘Haoma’ twigs mixed with cow’s milk drunk by his parents. In sum, such ultimate atoms, in some mysterious way, enter the mother’s womb along with the food eaten by the parents and constitute the nucleus of the embryo.

(18) The fire from heaven, one of the 16 fires used in consecration of Atash-Behrams, is called ‘Atash-e-Vazisht’, i.e. the swiftest fire. How could the speed of electricity have been measured unless the ancients had inventions like the telephone, radio and TV?

(19) While exploring a 2,000-year-old Parthian town in present-day Iraq. German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig discovered an earthenware vase con¬taining an iron rod set inside a copper cylinder. The arrangement reminded him of a dry-cell battery, a notion supported by the discovery of rods apparently corroded by acid (possibly vinegar or wine). Konig’s conclusion: the Parthians had generated electricity 1,600 years before 1800, the date of the first battery (manufactured by Alessandra Volta). See the Readers Digest publication: INTO THE UNKNOWN, p. 43. Further, among the rich engravings in Persepolis we can see figures of even modem articles such as tables, chairs, spectacles, etc.

(20) Fixed Plan of Creation, its 7-fold division and appointment of an Ameshaspend over each of them. 7 Jirams. 7 Rays.

(21) The totality of our actions during earth life appear before us as our ‘Kerdar’ during the inter-life period of 57 years (Yas- 31-14, Hadokht Nask and Pahlavi Books, and Patet Pashemani 12). Modem parapsychological investi-gations show that all our thoughts and emotions are recorded in our subconscious mind and can be recalled under hypnosis.

(22)  The fixation of the Geh periods on the astronomical basis of the diurnal arcs formed by the Sun with reference to the place of observation, measuring from Ushahin onwards 90, 0, 90, 135 and 180 degrees, all multiples of 45, an evil aspect. At the connecting points of these Gehs evil influences pre¬ponderate in the psychic atmosphere around us. For this reason, Asho Zarathushtra reminds the devotees to perform Kashti rituals at such times (See Yas, 44-5. See also Dinkard, which gives a similar direction. Vol. 2, p. 102.)

(23)  Zarathushtrian Religious Year schematized with reference to the two Equinoxes and the two Solstices. These four points form the four corners of the Dini Sal, which is made to start from the Spring Equinox. There is a clear stipulation for a Day of Correction or ‘Ruz-e-Vahizkik every 4 years. This was achieved centuries before Pope Gregory XIII was born.

Incidentally, it is not our religion, which has to conform to modern science; it is rather the ever-changing science, which has to toe its line to the ancient precepts, which are as valid today as when they were first propounded. Our humble salutation to the Prophet of Prophets, Asho Spitama Zarathushtra.

From: IN SEARCH OF DIVINE LIGHT- BEHRAMSHA Pithawala Pgs. 129 to 132


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    From this article on the findings it seems that there was an intent, but what were its basis.

    They must have conduct plenty of experiments on “Truth” and thus determined the axis of the goods & evils of life. However, what part emotions played in concluding the answers, is a questions that cannot be examined.

    Human mind has always been scientific in its functioning & existence. Either we are writing a book or a song or story or cooking we are always exploring from what possibly exists and has been observed. It is this instinct of humans that enable us to push the boundaries and that fact shouldn’t be doubted.

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