Gatha Series – Spentomad or Spentamainyu Gatha

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The last 5 days in the Zarathushti calendar are named in honor of the five Gathas. On these days, Zarathushtis faithfully recite the Gathas as their duty.

This year, Shahenshahi Gatha days are from Aug. 11 – 15, 2023.

The third Gatha, Spentomad or Spentamainyu, is on Aug 13.

This post gives a synopsis of the Gatha – its central theme, summary of contents and significant stanzas. This will make praying the Gatha more meaningful.

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Silloo Mehta


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  • Please I m in malaysia so far no any connection in this country about zoroastrian help me send me more updates via email or on my my whatapp+601131466337,

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  • Bertrand Russell, the great philosopher defined knowledge as acquisition of information, whereas wisdom as application that creates true value. Information(knowledge) can be erroneous and even deceitful coming from many human perspectives. To say that tomato is a fruit, is knowledge. But to exclude tomato from fruit salad is wisdom.

    The above clear yet very profound explanation of Spentomad Gatha is at the intersection of Truth and righteousness on one hand, with falsehood and deceit (druj) on the other; on spiritual growth and its evolution. It separates the chaff from the wheat and the theme is strikingly similar to the Bible Matthew 3.12. The Messiah (Saoshyants in our case) will “clear the world” while those who are unworthy(chaff) will “burn in unquenchable fire.” In our case returned to “drujo-deman.”

    It is first important to define ASHA and why it is so enigmatic to understand. It has many aspects. The main ones are: Truth, Law, Order, Beauty, Righteousness, Purity and Freedom with subsets of equality, justice, peace, and love. Implied in love is respect for all creation. Implied in righteousness and love is humility which precludes the baneful ego. Ego drives hatred and division. To wit, kindly refer to Jame dated 13th August (new Year edition). There are numerous articles. By Vada Dasturji Kotwal, page 69, Late Vada Dasturji Jamas Asa, page 60, Er. Panthaky page 60, Er Dr. Antia page 36, Gathas by Silloo Mehta page 63 to name some, about “introspection and need for the hour.”

    One of the key aspects to note is that Ahura Mazda’s teachings are mystical (Guzra Senghaongho-48.3, page 2. By extension it also means allegorical)), I. e. Have deeper meanings. Scholarly translations utterly lack this perspective Insite with superficial surface translations and a mish mash academic sequencing of the Gathas, from the sublime to the ridicule.

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