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Sanjan Sanatorium – Reopening Announcement




Tel: +91 (0260) 2575018; +91 97259 44407



We are pleased to inform Patrons that the Sanatorium will become operational from October 01, 2020 onwards.


The facility will be completely sanitized before it makes Guests welcome.


Keeping in mind the good health of Guests and Sanatorium Staff, use of our facilities will be made available on the following conditions to be adhered to by all Guests:



1. In view of the current global pandemic, Guests wishing to use the Sanatorium should visit only if they are not suffering from symptoms associated with the Novel Corona Virus – Covid – 19.


2. Guests confirm they have visited the Sanatorium of their own volition and absolve Trustees and Staff of The WZO Trust Funds from any financial or medical responsibility or liability.


3. Guests will have to wear protective masks and maintain social distancing in all the common areas of the Sanatorium.


4. Guests will subject themselves to oximeter and infra red thermometer temperature reading every morning that will be taken by the Manager. In the event that the oxygen reading of any guest is found to be below 90 and temperature above 100.4 F, they will be asked to immediately leave the Sanatorium. A record of the oximeter and temperature readings of Guests will be maintained during their stay at the Sanatorium.


5. Till further notice, the maximum number of Guests permitted in each room will be not more than 3 (three), and maximum number of total Guests in the sanatorium will not be more than 15 (fifteen).


These Conditions and Rules have been framed keeping in mind, maintaining the good health of Guests as well as our Staff and all are advised to diligently comply with the same.


Guests wishing to use the facility from October 01, 2020 onwards may contact the Manager of the Sanatorium on either of the telephone numbers mentioned above.



Yazdi K. Randelia;


The WZO Trust Funds

Food Sustainability, Creativity and Conservation in the time of COVID-19

Date: Saturday September 19th, 2020

Time: 12 Noon Eastern | 9 AM Pacific | 5 PM UK | 8:30 Iran | 9 PM Pakistan | 9:30 PM India

COVID has changed the way we eat, cook and live in many ways — good and bad. This discussion focuses on the impact of the pandemic on the food supply chain, and how it affected the availability of the basics, leading people to get more creative in the kitchen. Everything from making our own bread to using leftovers to create new unexpected meals, has allowed people to ramp up their cooking skills, rely on sustainability and be more conscious of food wastage. Historically resembling the ways of our ancestors.


Niloufer Mavalvala

Born and raised in Karachi, with London, Toronto and Dubai all part of her life Niloufer has travelled extensively. Passionate about culture through its cuisine she enjoys all cuisines of the world.

Self taught, her experience through the years has driven her to write a blog and publish two Parsi cookbooks – receiving 3 awards. She strongly believes that while we are identified by race, religion and colour, we share the tightest bonding through food.  Her umpteen zoom demos through this pandemic have picked up momentum worldwide making  #revivinganancientcuisine one recipe at a time her priority.

Naomi Mobed

Naomi Mobed is the Founder of Le Bon Magot®, an award-winning specialty producer of fine condiments, conserves, preserves and sauces inspired by the flavors of Africa, Middle East and South Asia. This venture is the culmination of her diverse heritage, extensive travels and her passion for all things culinary. Naomi’s love of cooking comes straight from her family’s kitchen – she learned how to cook from her Mother, Grandmother and Great Aunts. Prior to becoming a foodpreneur, Naomi was a banker, specializing in the emerging economies of Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Her clients were some of the largest financial and public institutions in these regions. Having completed graduate studies in International Relations at the London School of Economics & Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Political Science & International Relations from Mount Holyoke College, Naomi has previously worked in academia, multi-national corporations, United States Department of State and Research/Policy organizations. She has published articles in journals of international history, politics and business as well as contributing to a number of books. Born in Karachi and having grown up around the world, she is multilingual with varying degrees of familiarity with 7 languages (in addition to English).

Jehangir Mehta

Chef Jehangir Mehta is the chef/owner of the New York city restaurants Graffiti, Me and You, and Graffiti Earth. He has been a participant in Food Network’s Next Iron Chef Redemption 2012, the runner-up at the Next Iron Chef 2009, a participant on Iron Chef American and a guest on Martha Stewart living. Known for his signature eclectic style and food sustainability initiatives, he uses an array of unusual ingredients and spices to create an interesting juxtapose of temperatures, textures and tastes.


Vera Dinshaw Springett,

Co-Founder Parsis Exchange Recipes on Facebook

Vera Dinshaw Springett is Creative Director for UX (User Experience) at University of Phoenix, with almost 20 years of combined ad agency and in-house branding and digital experience. Originally from Pakistan, Vera came to the US to earn her bachelor’s in Advertising and master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications. She lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter, and is co-admin of Parsis Exchange Recipes (PER).

Arbez Shroff Patel

Co-Founder Parsis Exchange Recipes on Facebook

Arbez Shroff Patel is born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Came to the United States to earn a degree in Medical Technology. Worked at Smithkline Beecham medical reference laboratory specializing in Microbiology and Virology, ultimately in a Supervisory and then Managerial capacity. Living in Plano, Texas. Mother to two children who have flown the coop.

FEZANA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Food Sustainability, Creativity & Conservation During COVID-19: The FEZANA Talks #9

Time: Sep 19, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 999 6234 1616
Passcode: FEZANA
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+1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 999 6234 1616
Passcode: 916520
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17th building at Navsari called ‘Dasturji Meherji K. D. Meherjirana Memorial House’

WZO Trust Funds are happy to announce that their 17th building at Navsari called ‘Dasturji Meherji K. D. Meherjirana Memorial House’ has been completed, Jashan performed on July 26, 2020 and flats allotted to needy members of our community.

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The building has been constructed after demolishing the old building that was received by us as a bequest as per the Wills of Late Dasturji Meherji K. D. Meherjirana and Mrs. Mehru Meherji Meherjirana.

The generous Trustees of Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao funded the entire cost of construction.

Dinshaw Tamboly



Congratulations – Arzan SAM Wadia – President FEZANA – 2020








BaNaMeh Ahura Mazda With TunDorosti And MunDorosti To All

My Dear Global Zarathushti Leaders And Community Members:

With immense joy, I would like to invite you all to welcome and congratulate our newly elected FEZANA President, Arzan Sam Wadia with the soulful blessings of your heart and spirit. Arzan takes over as FEZANA’s 9th and youngest President to date.

With Vision 2020, Arzan has dedicated the last 10 plus years towards serving our North American and Global Zarathushti community with incredible gusto and enthusiasm.

Arzan served as our immediate FEZANA Vice President and was the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Global Zarathushti Professional Award. He has been extensively involved with the Zoroastrian Return To Roots Program since its inception and is its current Program Director.

Arzan has been a featured speaker at various North American and World Zoroastrian Congresses, and has served with utmost dedication on the Board of the Zoroastrian Association Of Greater New York for four terms.

Arzan is the founding editor of Parsi Khabar ( ) – The World’s Oldest And Largest internet news aggregator website about Parsis and Zoroastrians worldwide. This website disseminates news, opinion and analysis of culture, society, religion and trends within our Zarathushti community worldwide.

Arzan also served as the Program Chair for the 2019 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress in Los Angeles as well as on the core committee of the 2012 12th North American Zoroastrian Congress in New York.

In 2018,  Arzan was featured in the FEZANA Journal Special Issue on Empowering Next Generation as one of the 40 inspiring young Zoroastrians. He was also instrumental in empowering our Global Zoroastrian Youth as one of the 20 participants at the inaugural World Zoroastrian Youth Leadership Forum in 2018 at the ASHA Center in the United Kingdom.

Arzan has designed and maintained over 40 websites for design and commercial clients including the websites of FEZANA, NAMC, ZAGNY, ZAMWI, Zoroastrian Return To Roots and the 7WZYC2019.  He is also the webmaster of  The Iranshah Intitiative Project that is dedicated to showcase the bounty of our sacred Iranshah.

Arzan is an architect and urban designer based in New York City. Having worked in Graz, Austria and New York, he has been part of design teams for projects in Austria, Switzerland, Cambodia as well as USA . With a Masters in Urban Design and Architecture from the Pratt Institute, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Arzan currently practices as an architect and runs a technology business. He has earned numerous professional awards in his field of endeavor and has built a reputation of being a team player with other Global Zarathushti leaders.

May Ahura Mazda Guide our Arzan, as he now takes on this awesome responsibility; to lead FEZANA with your blessings of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.



With that sentiment…

Please join me in wishing him the very best with all our

Love and Light

Meher Amalsad

Westminster, California, USA




BPP Installs DIRECT HELP LINE For Community Members

Dear Community Members,
Given the difficult times the world is currently going through with the fatal danger that the dreaded COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) poses to the country in general, and our aging community in particular, the BPP is taking several steps to proactively, positively and effectively address the issues faced by our community members.
Our endeavours are aimed to help community members at multiple levels, to the best of our ability and our resources, despite the extraordinary challenges posed by a nation under lockdown.
The BPP has installed  Dedicated Help Lines for community members to reach out to us for help/assistance on any issues that they are facing due to the lockdown, or for emergencies.
We will try to resolve issues regarding lack of food supplies/groceries, etc. as well as cater to medical needs/emergencies by connecting the elderly or incapacitated with doctors and GPs nearby and provide ambulance services.
We will endeavour to help to whatever extent we possibly can under these trying and difficult circumstances.
Kindly contact us on the following two numbers: Ronny Patel :9867946384 and Jimmy Merchant : 9819027857 between (9.00 am to 9.00 pm).
The BPP is also in the process of setting up small groups of volunteers per settlement (Baug/Colony/Building) who will be accessible to help out resident community members as well as those living close by. Community members who would like to volunteer in effacing the challenges faced by our brethren are requested to connect with us on the same numbers.
We are also working on a Disaster Management Plan and request professionals, especially doctors, to come forward and help our community members, during these challenging times.
We also request all members of the community  to follow all government advisories in terms of health safety for all.
Since no publications are being printed (as physical copies), we request you to forward this message to as many people as you can, to ensure maximum circulation of this Dedicated Help Line, which will prove to be of great help to those in need.
We hope to serve ajnd resolve as many issues as possible for you!
Board of Trustees
Bombay Parsi Punchayet


We find ourselves in an unprecedented time in our country and the world with the global pandemic of the CoVid19 virus. 
WZO Trust Funds recognise that many of their beneficiaries who have availed of interest free financial support towards self-employment, farmers rehabilitation, rural housing, higher education support and so on would find it difficult to meet their repayment commitments.
WZO Trust Funds have therefore decided to give all their beneficiaries who have availed of interest free financial support, moratorium from making repayments during the months of April 2020, May 2020, June 2020, and shall review the situation prevailing end June.
Dinshaw Tamboly; 
WZO Trust Funds.

Invitation to the 18th North American Zarathushti Congress 2020

The Zoroastrian Association of Houston is proud to host the 18th North American Zarathushti Congress (NAZC) to be held in Houston, Texas from December 29th, 2020 thru January 1st, 2021.

It is our utmost pleasure and honor to personally invite you, your families, friends and all your community members to attend our Zarathushti Congress. The NAZC 2020 organizing committee is preparing a compelling multi track program catered to age groups, 5 years and up. Our primary focus is to get our community youth and young adults involved, eventually developing them into future leaders.

We will have:​
  • A primary track based on our Theme “Generation Z – Propelling Zarathushti Resurgence”, and a “Zarathushti way of Life” for our Youth​
  • Interactive and hands-on educational, cultural and professional sessions
  • Attain our goal to have at least 40% Young Adult attendees under 40 years​
  • A visit to our one of a kind Atash Kadeh for a Grand New Year Day Jashan and Boye ceremonies followed by a sumptuous lunch
  • Pre Congress celebrations including Youth & Young Adults and WZCC related events and Post Congress Cruise
Our first newsletter can be accessed HERE and is also appended below, in case you are unable to access so please spare a few minutes and have a look at some exciting information regarding the program and entertainment being prepared to give y’all an experience of a lifetime.
We humbly request you to please forward this to all your Community members and encourage them to visit our website here NAZC2020Houston to get on the mailing list for latest news and updates. Your assistance will be immensely appreciated.
We promise you a Texan style grand event and hospitality as always. Registrations will open soon so please stay tuned and watch this space..
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