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Looking for Gev Bharucha

I want information of Gev B Bharucha he is in his late 50s brother of Katty Bharucha n Nelly Bharucha. Nelly is my friend married in 1978 after that no contact. Nelly n l were to gether in J B Vachha high School in Dadar Parsi Colony they use to live behind JB Vachha Parsi Colony their father had expired long back n mother use to give tuitions to small kids now Gev Bharucha has shifted from Parsi Colony Dadar to Ghatkopar some yrs back their neighbors do not know Gev’s were abouts so pls pls help me in finding Gev Bharucha’s mbl no or address as Nelly is married l do not know her present surname so through Gev l will know her wereabouts thanks a lot

Gev Bharucha has done is schooling from Dadar Parsi Youth Assembly High School in short DPYS

One the right side is my best friend Nelly Bharucha

Mayuri Ranjan Patel – +91-96627 47169

Looking for Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalianiwala & Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla

I am trying to trace my Kalyaniwalla family roots. Thank you to those who kindly responded to my previous post (Looking for Mr Kalyaniwalla of Mumbai/London*) regarding my great grandfather.

I have received information on two leads, which I have detailed below. If you have any information about these people or their families please contact me (Kalyan Kingi) at WhatsApp +61402262959 or email

Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalyaniwala


  • His father, Naoroji Kalyaniwala, was an eminent doctor in Rajkot.
  • His brother’s name was Framroze.
  • He may have married an English woman, named Rose.
  • The family surname may have originally been Nallaseth but changed to Kalyaniwala in about 17th Century, due to an influential lady marrying Dr Cowasji’s great great grandfather.


  • Studied medicine in England


  • Surgeon in Rajkot

Thank you Behramshaw (Bobby) Jal Kalianwala for information on Dr Cawas Naoroji Kalyaniwalla.

Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla


  • He married Manijeh Kothavala (Ahmedabad) and they had 10 children.
  • The eldest child was Freny, who studied in the UK and became a nurse.
  • He had three sons: Nawzer was in the air Force; Jamshed was in the British army; and Darius.


  • Dadar


  • He studied medicine in London.


  • He had a farm in Argentina which reared prize winning bulls for Kaizer Wilhelm the Second.
  • He was known to have made his wealth from the stock market.
  • The family suffered greatly due to the stock market crash of 1929 and he passed away not long after that.

Thank you Aban Davar for information on Sohrabji Kalyaniwalla.

*See my previous post at:

Looking for Mr Kalyaniwalla of Mumbai/London

I am trying to trace my Kalyaniwalla family roots. The only information I have is that my great grandmother met my great grandfather, Mr Kalyaniwalla of Mumbai, while he was studying medicine in London some time prior 1920. Unfortunately I do not have my great grandfather’s first name. If this loose description of Mr Kalyaniwalla matches an ancestor of yours please contact me (Kalyan Kingi) at Refer to the photographs below depicting my grandmother for potential familial resemblance. 

Looking for Fram Balaporia

I am trying to reach Mr. Fram N. Balaporia.  I met him in 1960 in Mumbai, at that time Bombay city. 

He was a film Exhibitors at Lotus, Jayhind and many other theatres, in Bombay. He had a office at Tribhuvan Road, Bombay. I was a student at  K.C. college at that time and often went to his theatres on weekends and at new movies premier show. Mr. Balaporia was very successful and had a nice Impala car. However, he was always accessible and kind to me. He was most caring person. When I was not too well, he had write a nice letter and introduced me to his family friends Mrs. Irani who lived in Panchgani,  a hill station outside Bombay. Mrs. Irani was equally nice and had welcomed me to her beautiful home. She had a son who was handicapped and stayed home in their nice home. 
If you have any information about Mr. F.N. Balaporia family members, I would to like to contact them. I will appreciate, if you please send me at my following email address or text me.

For the last forty seven years, I have been residing with my wife of 51 years  in Los Angeles, California.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration. 
Vinod Dave 

Search for a Missing Zarthushti Irani Lady

Hi, I’m Bakhtaver Katila living in Sydney Australia. I’m looking for my friend Shahnaz Irani who was in school with me in Karachi, Pakistan. Shahnaz and myself completed our Secondary school education together in 1973 from the Mama Parsi Girls’ School in Karachi. My friend Shahnaz migrated to Iran around 1975 to join her brother and his wife. From memory the brother’s name is Mehraban or Mehraboon. Her brother is married to a Zarthushti Irani girl from Iran. My friend’s father worked for BOAC (now known as British Airways) for many years in Karachi. They resided in main Saddar area of Karachi and lived in an apartment building opposite a famous bakery called Pereira Bakery. After a few years her parents too left for Iran. I very much want to connect with Shahnaz. My email is and my mobile is +61 435 388 608. Anyone with any knowledge of Shahnaz’s current whereabouts please help so that I could contact her.

Thank you for your help

Looking for details about Kaikhosru Jamsett

I’ve been looking with great interest at your Parsi Directory online and wonder if you can help me further, as I am looking to trace my ancestors in Bombay and would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can offer.
My name is Elizabeth Brown (nee Jamsett) and I live in the UK.  My grandfather, Kaikhosru Jamsett, a Parsi, was born in Bombay around 1873 and he qualified as a Doctor in Bombay on or before 1902.
In 1908 he was in London studying at the London School of Tropical Medicine, which was founded in 1899 with the help of a donation from Parsi philanthropist Bomanjee Dinshaw Petit.
Kaikhosru Jamsett married Ada Wood in 1911 and lived and practiced in Canning Town, London until his death in 1929. Kaikhosru Jamsett’s father was Jamsetji Framji Polshuda (a frame maker & builder. Deceased by 1911).
The family believe that he knew Mahatma Gandhi and that his wife Ada, met with Gandhi when he stayed in Canning Town for 3 months in 1931.
I appreciate you are busy but would be most grateful if you could give advice on the best way to trace my ancestors in Bombay or indeed, recommend someone who may be able to help, as I am struggling to find further information from the UK.  I would of course be willing to pay for the service.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Elizabeth Brown

Looking for Kayos Amrolia

If anyone knows address or town of Kayos Parvez Amrolia. Born in Africa and brought up in Navsari. Please let me know on my cell number 09427707186 and oblige (Dadi. S. Contractor, Char pool Navsari). Last heard he was in Pune. He is missing since 25 years. Mother Dina is eager and awaiting to see him.

Dolly Contractor

Search for House FIRDAUS in Burma


Greetings. I am Hoshang Dastoor from Parsi Colony, Dadar, Mumbai. My grandfather Naoroji Madon built a house called “FIRDAUS” near Kokine Lake, near Rangoon, Burma. He and his family – wife Tehmina and daughter Dr. Sarah (my late grandmother and mother) – came to India as refugees in the wake of the Japanese invasion in 1942.

I am planning to visit Burma in February 2018 and one of my top priorities is to locate this house. The visit to Burma is a cherished and sentimental dream as I grew up listening to stories of life in Burma. There is no point visiting unless I can locate both Firdaus and also Kennedy House, the other house that Naoroji built.

I do not know the name of the street where Firdaus was built, only that it was built on a one-acre plot was near Kokine Lake, about 7 miles from Rangoon proper, and described as a mansion..

Here is an available brief description of the house as Naoroji designed and built it:

· There was a rose garden in the front of the house.
· Living, dining and guest rooms situated on the ground floor.
· Three bedrooms and toilets upstairs
· A corridor connecting the kitchen, pantry and storeroom to the rest of the building.
· Venetian stained glass panes illuminated the staircase.
· Rooms were large and constructed with high ceilings and ample windows so that the interior was bright and airy
· A forest of rubber tress flanked the rear of the plot and was visible from a bedroom.

Please help me to trace the whereabouts of this house (Firdaus). Anybody with relevant information may kindly contact me. Contact details are:

Hoshang G. Dastoor

Landline: 022-24142227, 022-24141701
Mobile phone: 9821807071
E-mail address:
Wife’s mobile phone: 9821449037

Thanks and regards,
Hoshang Dastoor

Looking for Parsi Cyclists and their Stories

I am currently based in London, pursuing a postgraduate degree in Critical Writing for Art and Design at Royal College of Art. For one of my research projects, I have chosen to write about With Cyclists Round the World. As you may know, this travelogue narrates the experiences of Adi Hakim, Jal Bapasola, and Rustom Bhumgara – three Parsis who travelled the globe on push bikes from 1923 to 1928. Your website provided some articles that proved helpful to my enquiry. Amongst them, one mentioned a Sports scholarship, named after the trio and awarded by the Parsi Panchayat of Vadodara. And another was Mr. Ervad Marzban Hathiram’s article for the Times of India (2002).

Here are the links for your reference:

I have been studying the said travel account at the British Library, where a copy of the first edition is available. Additionally, I have ploughed through the archives of The Times of India to get relevant material. In the newspaper, the journey received much attention but surprisingly the book finds little mention. So, I would be grateful if you could connect me with their families or any other knowledgeable source that can provide further information about these men and the publishing history of the book.

To me, their accomplishment deserves to be studied, celebrated, and brought to the attention of global audiences. And I hope you will extend a helping hand in my humble effort to do so.

Here is further information on the expedition and the book, including individuals and institutions that link to this topic in some way –
About the expedition
Cyclists: Adi Hakim, Jal Bapasola, Rustom Bhumgara*, Gustad Hathiram, Nariman Kapadia, Keki Pochkhanawala
The expedition was undertaken from 1923 to 1928
The cyclists were Bombay Pioneers (of the British Indian Army).
They were members of the Bombay Weightlifting Club, Bombay YMCA Cycling Touring Club, and the Cyclists Touring Club of London
Amongst others, Mr. G K Nariman, Sir Hormusji Adenwalla, Sir Hormusji Wadia greatly helped the enterprise
And lastly, upon their return, they were given grand receptions by Messrs, Little and Co., Bombay Students Brotherhood, Bombay Boy Scouts Association, and the Young Men’s Parsi Association to name a few
In these years, the Zoroastrian Physical Culture and Health League was an important organisation for sporting endeavours in general. And as of 2017, the Parsi Panchayat of Baroda has announced a Sports scholarship in their honour.
*Rustom became a political activist after returning and served two terms in prison.
About the book
With Cyclists Round the World was first published in 1931
Authored by: Adi Hakim, Gal Bapasola, Rustom Bhumgara
Printed by: Rustomji Dossabhoy Shroff, at J N Petit Parsi Orphanage, Captain Printing Works, Lalbaug, Bombay
Published by: Adi B Hakim, Shera House, Parsi Colony, Dadar
The book was republished in 2008 by Roli Books as With Cyclists Around the World
Copyrights for this are owned by Darayous Adi Hakim and Roda Darayous Hakim (Adi Hakim’s son and daughter-in-law)
Historian Esther David has contributed to this edition
I have intentionally outlined an extensive list because any kind of input on any of these sources will be helpful.
In particular, I am looking for biographical information about the cyclists and the book’s publishing history.
I can be contacted through email or phone –


I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.

Warm Regards,

Niyoshi Shah

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