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Looking for heirs of Edulji Mogra

My paternal grandmother, Gulbai Nuusserwanji Mody ( nee Mogra ) had a brother, Edulji Mogra, who went to Shanghai in the late 1800s or early 1900s. They were from the village Tavdi 3 miles from Navsari. Edulji married a Chinese lady and had two sons, one of whose name was Minoo ( am not too sure of the name). I remember my father saying he met Minoo in Hongkong in the 1960s. Would love to connect with them or their descendents if any. Thank you, and best wishes….

Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal


I am Meenakshi, born in Mumbai but living in Delhi since 1960.
I am looking for NEVILLE BHARUCHA  and his son GEV BHARUCHA. They were residing in Bandra, Hill View Garden. They were a few of the kindest people I ever met. I lost a touch long time back. In this critical time my heart is waking up every morning worried for them.

NEVILLE DOSABHAI BHARUCHA was the only son and GEV NEVILLE BHARUCHA is also the only son. NEVILLE uncle got married to a Gujarati lady – second marriage. GEV was his son from his first Parsi Wife. NEVILLE uncle was a flight Purser and the second wife was an Air Hostess.

If you find NEVILLE uncle, please tell him that I missed them all in my life. Sorry, I could not contact because I was struggling in my life. I want them to know that I cared for all of the family. I just pray to GOD ALMIGHTY for their safety. They were real angels on earth.


Looking for information on parsi women singing traditions

Dedicated to safeguarding ancient music traditions especially sacred and folk female voice traditions, and as I am a Persian deep voice singing lover, I am looking for Hindustani zoroastrian songs or parsi families / communities still holding strong women singing traditions.
If you know about anything in this regard, please share.
Gauri Sene

Information required on Ardeshir Irani

Dear sir/madam


Myself, Dr. Manash Pratim Goswami, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communication, Central University of Tamil Nadu, is working on a personal project to document and write a comprehensive biographical sketch on the Life and Works of Ardeshir Irani, the father of Indian talkie. I have been extensively looking for literature on his family tree, early life, professional successes and contribution to Indian and Iranian films, etc. I shall be highly thankful if you/your organization can give me some leads on the followings

  1. Authentic literature on the details of Ardeshir Irani’s family background, the contact email/phone numbers of his relatives,
  2. Suggest/provide any research work/ book/ research thesis on Ardeshir Irani
  3. Any record of Irani’s life and works in any public domain/personal collection

Your support will be a big help to my research and in the documentation of the Life and Works of Ardeshir Irani.

Thanks & regard

(Dr. Manash P Goswami)

Mobile: 9999915977/9589914477


Warm Regards,

डॉ. मानस प्रतिम गोस्वामी|Dr. Manash Pratim Goswami

सह-प्राध्यापक | Associate Professor

मीडिया एवं संचार विभाग |Department of Media and Communication

तमिलनाडु केन्द्रीय विश्‍वविद्यालय |Central University of Tamil Nadu

नीलक्कुड़ी परिसर|Neelakudi Campus

तिरुवारूर | Thiruvarur-610 005 (तमिलनाडु|Tamil Nadu)

चलवार्ता| Mobile: +91 9999915977/9589914477

Looking for information on Hilla Rustomji Faridoonji (1872–1956)

The All India Womens Conference is a 93 year old all women  organisation founded in 1927 by Mrs Margaret Cousins.It is popularly known as AIWC.It has about 500 branches all over the country from Kanyakumari to Kashmir ,with its Head Office in Delhi.AIWC is a Non Governmental Organization which works mainly for the upliftment of women  & children belonging to the lower strata of society.

Our Head Office  located in Sarojin House , 6 Bhagwandas Road , New Delhi has a full fledged Library called the MCM Library. Here we have a record of the past Presidents as well as the Minutes of all the Conferences held as also the work done till date. But information regarding some past Presidents is not upto date & as such we are trying to collect as much information as possible so that the future generations will learn about  our rich legacy & also about these esteemed women who have worked selflessly while they were at the helm of affairs all through out.
So it is in this regard that I would like to have some information about Mrs Hilla Rustomjee Faridoonji who was the 9th President of AIWC  in 1934. Very little is known about her & hence this is to request you to kindly help us in learning about her childhood ,education, family & home. It would be great if I could connect to her kith & kin who will give me this valuable information.
I hereby assure you that this information will be only for the AIWC Records & will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever.
Hilla Rustomji Faridoonji (1872–1956) was an Indian educationist and political activist. She was secretary of the Women’s Education Fund Association.
At the All India Women’s Conference meeting in Madras in 1931-2, Faridoonji proposed the removal of caste distinctions and the abolition of separate schools for different religious sects. In 1935, she served as President of the AIWC, and continued as a patron on the Standing Committee of the Conference. She was a close associate of Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and became a close friend of Mahatma Gandhi.
She was one of the first administrators of Lady Irwin College when it opened in 1932. She was its convenor and treasurer and continued to work for the college until her death. In 1954 she opened the college’s postgraduate accommodation in her role as President of the All India Women’s Education Fund Association. The main hall of residence is now known as the Hilla Faridoonji Hall in her memory.
Mrs Rekha A Sali,
Member In Charge Constitution,
New Delhi.

Looking for heirs of Gabbas

This is Berzin Master from Solapur.
Out here the SMC & other builders are trying to find out the legal heirs of Late Soonabai Ardeshar Gabba And Late Nusserwanji Gabba
Their family used to reside at Solapur & currently are holding title rights of prime property admeasuring nearly 6 to 7 acres at Jule Solapur.
This is worth quite a bit.
Request you all through this group & other groups if the heirs of the Gabba family be traced.
Request you to contact me on 9819760793.
Wishing you all a beautiful day ! 🌈💐
Berzin Master

Looking for Piloo Narielwala

I am writing to seek your help in locating the family of P A Narielvala.  He was known as Piloo Narielvala.  His wife’s name was Feroza.  I think they had a daughter called Roshan, who may have married and moved to Pakistan.
I am researching Mr. Narielvala’s life for background information on a person known as Princess Niloufer.  I understand that Mr Narielvala treated the Princess almost as a daughter.   His name comes up again and again in her papers.  I wanted to know if Mr. Narielvala has left behind any photo albums, letters, diaries ets.  Mr.  Narielvala was once the head of the Nehru Memorial Library.  During his lifetime, Mr. Narielvala was also known to be a direct friend of Jawaharlal Nehru.
Please let me know how I can have this search posted on your website.  I am also interested in locating the family of Hilla Rustomji, for the same reason.
With regards,
Arvind Acharya
New Rochelle, NY 10804

Looking for Maureen & Myra Mody

This request is for a special friend who would like to meet her sister’s daughters Maureen and Myra Mody.  They must be around 60 years. They were born in Nagpur and then their father  moved to Mumbai,  I think Cusrow Baug

Their father’s name was Phiroze Mody. He was working for Coca Cola.  He must be about 84 or so.
This is my email —
Thanks for your help.

Looking for heirs of Muncherji Cawasji Fozdar

I am trying to trace the family ancestry of Muncherji Cawasji Fozdar, who was a Parsi trader in South Africa and died there in 1906. He was born 1865.

His father’s name is thought to be Cawasji. I wondered if it is possible that he was one of Cawasji Dinshaw’s children?

I have not been able to find very much information, and wondered if you would be able to help me please?

Thank you,
Michelle Goodwill 🙂

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