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Looking for heirs of Gabbas

This is Berzin Master from Solapur.
Out here the SMC & other builders are trying to find out the legal heirs of Late Soonabai Ardeshar Gabba And Late Nusserwanji Gabba
Their family used to reside at Solapur & currently are holding title rights of prime property admeasuring nearly 6 to 7 acres at Jule Solapur.
This is worth quite a bit.
Request you all through this group & other groups if the heirs of the Gabba family be traced.
Request you to contact me on 9819760793.
Wishing you all a beautiful day ! 🌈💐
Berzin Master

Looking for Piloo Narielwala

I am writing to seek your help in locating the family of P A Narielvala.  He was known as Piloo Narielvala.  His wife’s name was Feroza.  I think they had a daughter called Roshan, who may have married and moved to Pakistan.
I am researching Mr. Narielvala’s life for background information on a person known as Princess Niloufer.  I understand that Mr Narielvala treated the Princess almost as a daughter.   His name comes up again and again in her papers.  I wanted to know if Mr. Narielvala has left behind any photo albums, letters, diaries ets.  Mr.  Narielvala was once the head of the Nehru Memorial Library.  During his lifetime, Mr. Narielvala was also known to be a direct friend of Jawaharlal Nehru.
Please let me know how I can have this search posted on your website.  I am also interested in locating the family of Hilla Rustomji, for the same reason.
With regards,
Arvind Acharya
New Rochelle, NY 10804

Looking for Maureen & Myra Mody

This request is for a special friend who would like to meet her sister’s daughters Maureen and Myra Mody.  They must be around 60 years. They were born in Nagpur and then their father  moved to Mumbai,  I think Cusrow Baug

Their father’s name was Phiroze Mody. He was working for Coca Cola.  He must be about 84 or so.
This is my email —
Thanks for your help.

Looking for heirs of Muncherji Cawasji Fozdar

I am trying to trace the family ancestry of Muncherji Cawasji Fozdar, who was a Parsi trader in South Africa and died there in 1906. He was born 1865.

His father’s name is thought to be Cawasji. I wondered if it is possible that he was one of Cawasji Dinshaw’s children?

I have not been able to find very much information, and wondered if you would be able to help me please?

Thank you,
Michelle Goodwill 🙂

Looking for B J H Katrak

I have a cousin, Bhikhubhai Patel, who lives in Ottawa and has been in Canada for more than 65 years. He is looking for his best friend. I would appreciate if you would read his letter and see if there is any way you can help us find this man. Bhikhubhai is in his early nineties and I would love to make his dream of meeting his friend come true. So, the following is his note to me:

Around 1950-1953, I worked at Tesla Radio, located at Tardeo, Mumbai. B.J.H. Katrak was my best friend and he used to come visit me and my family at Ville Parle almost every weekends. He loved my son Mahesh, who was probably a year old at that time.

To the best of my knowledge, Katrak was from a “Dastoor (Parsi priest) family” and lived at Bandra. Around 1953 , I left Mumbai and returned to Jai Hind Radio Navsari and Katrak joined a Phillips Electric Mumbai as an electronic engineer. Head of Phillips was Nariman Modi . Back in Navsari, Naginbhai and Chunibhai needed to get dealership of Phillips and every time I go to Mumbai for business purpose, I was asked to make all attempts to meet Mr Modi.

It is a long story, I managed to talk to Mr Modi after tremendous efforts by Katrak and the rest is history.

In 1956, I immigrated to Canada and lost touch with Katrak. If my memory serves me right, I went to meet him in Delhi where he had moved but the meeting was rather brief . Every since , I regret so much having lost contact.
I would appreciate if you take some time out to trace locate Mr B.J.H. Katrak
Bhikhubhai Patel

Anyone knowing the whereabouts may write directly to :

Looking for Khan Bahadur Dr. Sir Nasarwanji Hormusji Choksey

We would appreciate it if anyone could give us information regarding the family & descendants of our illustrious relative, Khan Bahadur Dr. Sir Nasarwanji Hormusji Choksy, M.D.(1861–1939)
He was born in Bombay, and joined Grant Medical College.
N. H. Choksy served as President of the Bombay College of Physicians and Surgeons and he was a member of the Bombay Medical Council.
He received many National as well as International awards from the British, Italian, German as well as the French Governments for his illustrious work in the field of medicine during the Plague epidemic.
In recognition of the same, he was knighted by the British administration in 1929.
Mahrukkh K Balsara <>

Request to trace Mr.Delzan Chhoi

This is Shilpa Shah, a textile researcher and writer. I am trying to contact the descendants of the Late Mr.Minocher Cawasji Chhoi, the last owner of the Chhoi Silk Mills, Parel. Would it be possible to find the contact details of Mr.Delzan & Mrs.Shahnaz Chhoi, residents of Rustom Baug,Byculla, Mumbai? I understand that Mr.Chhoi works for Tata Consulting Services.

I would appreciate your help. I am the co-author of the book “Peonies & Pagodas: Parsi Embroidery from the TAPI Collection”.

With my best wishes,
Shilpa Shah

Looking for Rustom Soonavala & Adi / Bomi J Shroff

I am looking for my colleagues who are parsis and have the following details which you might find for me.
1. Rustom Soonawala  is the son of Mr. Soonawala who was  working in ACC limited in  1960.he was posted in Gwalior.
rustom studied with me in Carmel Convent school, Gwalior
He is probably located in Pune.
2. Adi J Shroff/ Bomi j Shroff
    They were also in Gwalior studying in Carmel convent School from 57-64 and their father was managing a liquor shop in Phool Bagh.Gwalior.
 Adi Godrej is working in Eureka forbes limited and needs his mobile no. Bomi was chief IT professional in ACC Limited and was working at Churchgate.
I am just wanting to get in touch with my school buddies.
I would love to have information if you could find and send to me their connection.
Anil G. Bhansali
S-553, Greater Kailash Part – II
New Delhi – 110048
Hand Phone: 9810030497

Information abour Dr Shapurji Dadabhai Bhabha

My name is Sa Varghese originally from India and now live in UK.
I came to know about a prominent Indian Dr Shapurji Dadabhai Bhabhaji, who was a famous Bacteriologist lived in Brockley near Lewisham and Deptford which is near to my place of living.
We the Indian community in Brockley would like to know more about him and his contributions to our society. I learned that he was a very active member of the Zoroastrian community in London during his life in London. It is learned that he passed away in the year 1941.
I would be grateful for any more information about him.


Saji Vargis <>

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