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Looking for Rustom Soonavala & Adi / Bomi J Shroff

I am looking for my colleagues who are parsis and have the following details which you might find for me.
1. Rustom Soonawala  is the son of Mr. Soonawala who was  working in ACC limited in  1960.he was posted in Gwalior.
rustom studied with me in Carmel Convent school, Gwalior
He is probably located in Pune.
2. Adi J Shroff/ Bomi j Shroff
    They were also in Gwalior studying in Carmel convent School from 57-64 and their father was managing a liquor shop in Phool Bagh.Gwalior.
 Adi Godrej is working in Eureka forbes limited and needs his mobile no. Bomi was chief IT professional in ACC Limited and was working at Churchgate.
I am just wanting to get in touch with my school buddies.
I would love to have information if you could find and send to me their connection.
Anil G. Bhansali
S-553, Greater Kailash Part – II
New Delhi – 110048
Hand Phone: 9810030497

Information abour Dr Shapurji Dadabhai Bhabha

My name is Sa Varghese originally from India and now live in UK.
I came to know about a prominent Indian Dr Shapurji Dadabhai Bhabhaji, who was a famous Bacteriologist lived in Brockley near Lewisham and Deptford which is near to my place of living.
We the Indian community in Brockley would like to know more about him and his contributions to our society. I learned that he was a very active member of the Zoroastrian community in London during his life in London. It is learned that he passed away in the year 1941.
I would be grateful for any more information about him.


Saji Vargis <>

Looking for Darabshaw Hormusji Mistry

Yazdi Patel here from Belgaum, am looking out for my cousin Dara and he could be residing at Deboo House Khetwadi as per the Parsi directory.
I was wondering if somebody could be sent to that address or someway like a known person in that neighbourhood to be contacted and inform Dara that i am searching  him for a long time and would like to get in touch with him.
Thanks and regards

Looking for Ramyar Satarawala

Respected Community Members,


I am searching a friend of mine named  Mr Ramyar Satarawala, last  I have seen him in the year 1994.


He used to stay in Mahim ,just opposite to Mahim station. Building name “Rajamal “on 4th floor.


He got married to a Maharashtrian Girl.


He was alone in the family, this is the information I have .


I will be very grateful to you, if can arrange details for him.


I am residing in Dubai since 26 years..


So please help me in regard .


Rakesh T Kasliwal
SRG Trading LLC
Mob : 0559542152
Fax: 04-2281981



My name is Nidhi Singh Dharma, I am a writer, story teller and a research enthusiast. I am trying to gather some information on Illustrious nuclear scientist Dr. Homi J. Bhabha and his family for my new project. I would love to interact with some kin/relatives of the Bhabha family. Here’s what I have managed to find so far.

Dr. Homi J. Bhabha’s father was Jehangir Hormusji Bhabha, a renowned lawyer and mother’s name was Meheren (Meherbai).

He had a younger brother named Jamshed J. Bhabha (founder of NCPA, Mumbai) whose wife’s name was Betty Irene.

His paternal aunt Meherbai Tata, wife of Dorabji Tata.

Maternal grandmother’s name was Ruttonbai Framji Panday.

I am requesting this forum to please spread the word and help me get in touch with his descendants/relatives.  

Thank you.

My email address is

Looking for Furdoonjee D.J Paruck of Bombay

My name is Purushotham Reddy Koppula, based out of New York. I am a numismatist and a history enthusiast , currently trying to trace the family of Mr.Furdoonjee D.J Paruck of Bombay.
I am in the process of studying and writing a review article on the evolution of sasanian coinage of persia and in this regard, trying to find a copy of a book that was authored by Paruck ji. Please find attached, an image of the front cover and page of the original 1924 publication of his work (Apologies for the poor image quality). Published by the Times Press, Bombay, this is the first ever scholarly work on sassanian coins, from India. Paruck, Furdoonjee D. J., Sasanian Coins, Bombay 1924, 535 pages, 36 plates of photos and Pahlavi alphabet, 32 tables of line drawings, hardcover. This book was reprinted in 1976 by  Indological Book Corp, New Delhi.
He was a member of the Numismatic Society of India (NSI), BHU, Varnasi, of which I am also a life member and could not get any info on him.
From what I know, Furdoonjee D.J.Paruck was a resident of Bombay and lived in the Kala ghoda area of Bombay. His ancestral home/bungalow was called as “Gul Mansion”. I tried finding out more info, with the help of my friend in Mumbai, but unfortunately, he said there is nobody related to Paruck ji’s family living in that house. Does anybody in today’s Mumbai know any living heirs of Paruck ji? I am looking to find this book of his, which will serve as a reference for my article and would appreciate, if somebody could help me get in touch with his current family members or somebody who has this book and could help me.
Purushotham Reddy Koppula

Looking for a Parsi Gentleman


My name is Shirin Nawab and I am trying to find out about a relative that we dont know much about. Our grandfather was Parsee and my cousin and I found this picture in one of the family picture boxes when he passed. My cousin was obsessed with our family tree, but unfortunately she passed in a tragic accident last year and I try to finish her wish and task to find out more about our family history.  We have tried to find out who he is but we struggle to make out the identity. Maybe you know more about the uniform of this time and where we could find out more.

Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Shirin Nawab


Seeking information on Pestonji Padshah, a friend of Mahatma Gandhi

Dear all,
Please see the message below from Gopalkrishna Gandhi, author and former governor of West Bengal. He is seeking information on a Parsi figure from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Pestonji Padshah, who knew Mahatma Gandhi (Pestonji Padshah’s brother, Burjorji, worked with the Tatas). He asks if you could get in touch with him if you might have any information on Padshah and his family. Mr. Gandhi has already done extensive research and is in touch with the Tata Central Archives, so please contact him only if you might have specific information to share.
Best regards,
Dinyar Patel
Mohandas K. Gandhi met and got to know Pestonji Padshah when both of them were students in London. Gandhi studied law at the Inns of Court, 1888-1891. I do not know where Pestonji studied. Indian students in London at that time, as later and even earlier, regarded Dadabhai Naoroji as the solar centre of their universe. It is likely that Gandhi met Pestonji in the ‘Dadabhai circle’. He met up with Pestonji later, in Bombay, when he (Gandhi) was back from South Africa on a brief visit by when, as Gandhi says, Pestonji had become Prothonotary in the Bombay High Court. Pestonji advised Gandhi against prolonging his stay in South Africa saying that there was work to be done by him in India. Gandhi refers to the Padshah family again in his description (in his autobiography)  of a meeting with Sister Nivedita, in 1902. He says he encountered the distinguished Irishwoman in Pestonji’s home as she spoke to Pestonji’s mother. Gandhi acted as an impromptu interpreter for the senior lady, sharing with her the medium of Gujarati. It is not immediately clear from this description whether the meeting – and this residence of  the Padshahs –  was in Bombay or in Calcutta.
I am curious to find out more about Pestonji Padshah for a study I am engaged in of Gandhi’s autobiographical observations beyond his book The Story of my Experiments with Truth. Any clues about that gentleman will be most valuable to my study.
Gopalkrishna Gandhi


Looking for Godafrid – Godi

I am Vishwajit Dedgaonkar hailing from Pune. You may find my request a bit odd but I think you are the right person to help me.
Way back, in 1983-85 while I was a college student at Fergusson College, Pune, I had a friend called Godafrid ( I think that was her name) but I used to always call her by her nickname Godi. Godi was studying Arts in the same college viz. Fergusson College,  Pune during 1983-85 period. I know for certain that she was a Parsi girl. Its been many decades since I came across her after seeing her last during college days. Could you please help me locate her/connect with her?
It would be so nice of you if you can help me out.
With regards
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