Mothers’ Day

Mother’s Day!

No ruins or ancient monuments of love

Needs to be dug

Her simple humble testimony is

Her sweet kisses as well

Her selfless undying love

Like a sparkling clear

Crystal diamond

Exquisite shades of jade

Her love & devotion

For her loved ones

Will never ever fade

Gliding like a graceful swan

On silvery waters

Peaceful & serene

As a dove

To her, her family

Is all that matters

She ain’t a toy

Or a piece of rag

To be used & thrown away

But her precious priceless love

Should be cherished & preserved

Forever & for aye! @2015


THE Power Of Prayers

“Morning has broken

It’s a new day”

Prayers when recited

Keep ugliness at bay

Food is for the body

Prayers is for the soul

One withou the other

Can’t keep a person whole

“No fire or coal

So hotly glow

As the secret love

Of which no one knows”

When the Prayers begin to flow

I am remembered to trudge

The Path of straight & narrow

When I pray

My heart begins to sing

As they are like the

“Wind beneath my wings”

“Lean on me”

That’s what Prayers

Seem to say:

We’ll take all

Tears sadness & blues

Out of your way

Whatever I have done & said

I do my best

‘Cause I know the

Power of Prayers

Takes care of the rest.