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Is there a thing called Race ?

Is there a thing called Race?

In the after life

There is no Religion

Or for that matter Race

As one arrives at the

Pearly Gates

One is at the Mercy

Of Ahura Mazda’s Grace

There ain’t no air conditioning

Or seating arrangements

Or either ring side seats

But the Path of Asha

Can be attained by

Good Thoughts Good Words

As well Good Deeds

One can’t pay by cash or credit card

Be it Visa,Master Card or American Express

But by following the Path of Conscientiousness


Farida Bam

Please Do Not Our Religion Zoroastrianism Die!!!

Ahura Mazda gave us

A beautiful religion

Why are we hell bent

On the Path of destruction

With a heavy heart

A lump in my throat

With tears in my eyes

All I ask:

Please do not let my religion (Zoroastrianism) die!!

Asho Zarathushtra sacrificed

His precious Life

For the sake of humanity

Undauntingly tirelessly

Spreading the Divine Message

Of Universality

With no proper clothing

Or a pair of descent shoes

Does that mean anything to “you”

Give up the Ego & Pride

Lead the community

To greater heights

Put on your Thinking Caps

(not the White One)

Please do what is Right

Do not let years pass us by





Magnificent Seven

Ye Magnificent Seven

In your robes so pure

Spreading the Holy Word

I am not so sure

Having been well versed

In our Scriptures

Especially the Avesta

Preached by our

Asho Zarathushtra

It seems to me

Ye are ripping

The Community apart

By doing more harm

SInce “Thou art so scholarly

Please kindly explain the meaning

Of Yenghe Hatam

Ye are leaders not enforcers

Cannot force anything down

People’s throat

You think we will swallow

Or follow like a lamb that

To Mary school did follow

Instread of Unity

You are ripping the

Community apart


Right & left

Why may I ask

You take pleasure

In playing with our Religion

Russian Roulette

You are leaders

Preachers merely

Preaching the

Holy Word

Simple shepherds

Preaching The Holy Word

Preached by Asho Zarathushtra

He preached humbleness

Simplicity Love Respect

Tolerance & Equality

Instead of Racism

Discrimination & BIgotry



I am not as pure

As driven snow

Like Mary’s little

Weak lamb to school

That followed

I have my weaknesses

Faults & weakness

As well as strength

It’s My Destiny,My Fate

May my Soul be set free or bake

That’s the consequence I

Am willing to cake

I will not stand by

The Pristine Message

Twisted Turned inside out

Knowingly willully spreading lies

The only way to seek Justice

Is to go public

And let the

Zoroastrian Community Decide


Parsi Thy Name is Charity

Parsi’s are known for their Charity

We all do it with Pride

Our forefathers did too Charity

Without practising Racism

Discrimination & Bigotry

They build financial empires

Employing peopl from

All walks of life

Without questioning

Their religion caste creed

They kept their religious beliefs

To themselves

‘Cause they had no ego or pride

They just wanted to serve humanity

Lift people out of their misery

As well bring prosperity to

All of human kind



Hundreds of years ago

We too came as refugees

Were given humanitarian treatment

Neither abused or treated like fleas

We arrived at the shore of Sanjan

With mere clothes on our backs

We were given asylum

Without papers,IDS

Or any questions or tagged

“Parsi Thy Name is Charity”

It must ring a bell?

Though there are other

Disturbing stories

I would like to tell

We have prospered

Over the years

So also our Ego & Pride

Being a Zoroastrian

Means nothing

A mere pebble in the sand

There is no accountibility

From Scholars or priests

They can teach what they

And get away with it

We like Fools seem to follow

Every darn word we seem to swallow

Knowing it is morally wrong

As the continue to divide the community

Creating misery sadness & sorrow

Who cares for the needy poor the unfortunate

It’s up to the BPP (so called Care takers)

Making sure there is enough on their plate

At the same time they seem to say

Let Ahura Mazda take care of them

When they arrive at the Pearly Gates.


Mothers’ Day

Mother’s Day!

No ruins or ancient monuments of love

Needs to be dug

Her simple humble testimony is

Her sweet kisses as well

Her selfless undying love

Like a sparkling clear

Crystal diamond

Exquisite shades of jade

Her love & devotion

For her loved ones

Will never ever fade

Gliding like a graceful swan

On silvery waters

Peaceful & serene

As a dove

To her, her family

Is all that matters

She ain’t a toy

Or a piece of rag

To be used & thrown away

But her precious priceless love

Should be cherished & preserved

Forever & for aye! @2015

THE Power Of Prayers

“Morning has broken

It’s a new day”

Prayers when recited

Keep ugliness at bay

Food is for the body

Prayers is for the soul

One withou the other

Can’t keep a person whole

“No fire or coal

So hotly glow

As the secret love

Of which no one knows”

When the Prayers begin to flow

I am remembered to trudge

The Path of straight & narrow

When I pray

My heart begins to sing

As they are like the

“Wind beneath my wings”

“Lean on me”

That’s what Prayers

Seem to say:

We’ll take all

Tears sadness & blues

Out of your way

Whatever I have done & said

I do my best

‘Cause I know the

Power of Prayers

Takes care of the rest.

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