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Maruti Suzuki – Autocar Young Driver 2009




I would like to share these links with you from the Autocar Young Driver 2009 contest. 

Click on the links below to go to the page:

http://www.wheelsun ViewNews. aspx?newsid= 2787
http://www.marutisu Zubin-Antalia- is-Maruti- Suzuki-Autocar. aspx

http://www.thehindu .com/holnus/ 001200903080382. htm



Courtesy : Zubin /  Pervin Antalia

Former India Captain Nari Contractor at Zartoshty Brothers Hall, Zoroastrian Centr

Former India Captain Nari Contractor at Zartoshty Brothers Hall, Zoroastrian Centre
Sunday 5 April at 1.00 pm over Lunch
We are delighted to announce that one of Indian cricket’s greatest personalities, former captain Nari Contractor will be with us at the Zoroastrian Centre on Sunday 5 April at 1.00 pm. Nari is on his way back to Mumbai from the West Indies.
The programme will include a felicitation of Nari Contractor by the ZTFE followed by a brief speech by the Guest of Honour. Nari will also take questions from the floor and talk of his encounters with ball and bat with the greats of the West Indies, Aussies, MCC and Pakistan.
It will be an event to savour and remember. We are also trying to get our friend and Nari’s colleague Faroukh Engineer as well as the famous commentator of those days, Dickie Rutnagur to be with us on this occasion.
A contributory lunch charge of £6 will be levied per head. Please respond to this email asap to facilitate catering.
We are grateful to Behram and Zarine Contractor for facilitating this event which we have been looking forward to for many years.
Paurushasp B Jila
Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe

Sports Night and Social Evenings



This is your final call to email me your names if you are coming for the Sports Night, this Saturday.

 We have arranged for a fabulous entertainment. Kindly check out the website by clicking on the link below.

Please remember to forward this email to all your friends and relatives.


The information about monthly sports nights in Toronto has been forwarded by Behram Pastakia.




Zoroastrian Sports Nights in Toronto

Zoroastrian Sports Nights in Toronto

Sports Night in September 2008
Mobed Kerman Katrak the organizer of the “Sports Nights” told WZNN that the program is a series of monthly gatherings aimed at bringing the Zoroastrian community, especially the youth, together and providing them with the opportunity to socialize and make new friends. It was started off over three years ago by the sports sub-committee of the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario. Since its beginning, the program has been successful in attracting Zoroastrians of all ages who come from all corners of the city and also from USA.

Sports Nights in October, November and December:

Nature Hike — Fall Colours

Invitation for Nature Hike on Sun 10/19 with Zoroastrians in New Jersey

Invitation from ZAPANJ Board of Trustees

What: Nature Hike — Fall Colours

Where: Warwick County Park – trail map attached, different excursions available, ranging for children to adults. There are easy family hikes just as much as there are hunting adventures with shooting authority.


Meet at the covered pavilion ( pavilion # 2 ) by the sand volleyball court.

When: Sunday 19th October 2008 @ 10: 30 am


Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

Tehran, Janbakhtegan Games Concluded, Photos

Courtesy: “O’Shihan Cultural Organization” O’Shihan Cultural Organization znamoderator

Mon Aug 4, 2008 10:51 pm (PDT)

Close to 600 Zoroastrians from different cities of Iran participated in
5-day Janbakhtegan Games in Tehran. It was organized and managed by Zoroastrian Students
Center (ZSC). In closing ceremony, guest speakers were; Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiari
(Zoroastrian MP in Iran), Allahyar Daneshmand (chair of Tehran
Zoroastrian Anjoman) and Dr. Mobed Ardeshir Khorshidian (chair of Tehran
Mobeds Anjoman).

O’Shihan is willing to select the best photogarpher of this games by
10th August 2007. If you are interested, please send your photo(s) by email to

Thanks to photographers and Zoroastrian sites in Iran (Amordad, Berasad and Hamazoor) who reported and displayed
the photos promptly .

See the slides of the selected photos from different sites with music

See the results (Persian):

Closing Ceremony Photos (Amordad):

Closing Ceremony Photos (Berasad):

Winners (with Photos) from\

Distinguished Players:\

See the selected photos:

Tehran, Janbakhtegan Games, Photo Competition

Courtesy: “O’Shihan Cultural Organization” O’Shihan Cultural Organization   znamoderator

Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:34 pm (PDT)

Send your digital photo(s) of Janbakhtegan Games happening in Tehran these days and win C$100.

1- Anybody can take part in this competition

2- The photo can be of any size

3- The photo can be in black/white or colour

4- A person can send more than one photo

5- All received photos would be published on O’Shihan Cultural
Organization’s web site.

6- With your photos, please provide your name and Telephone no. in Iran
to be contacted.

7- Just email your photos to
<> and in subject line of the email put

O’Shihan Cultural Organization

Tehran, ‘Janbakhtegan’ Games, Photos

Courtesy: “znamoderator”   znamoderator

Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:42 pm (PDT)

The Zoroastrian Student Center (ZSC) released the number of Participants of
the 28th round of Janbakhtegan Cup (Jaam-e Jaanbaakhtegaan)

With the ending of registration for the 28th Round of Janbakhtegan Cup
(Iran-Iraq War’s Zoroastrian Martyrs) , the ZSC has announced the numbers of participants to be about 600.

Each year Jam-e Janbakhtegan is organized by ZSC. This
year almost 600 participants have registered in different fields like;
Footabll, Basketball and Volleyball, Solo Sports (swimming, ping
pong, badminton, cycling, chest, and dart) and decathlon sports.
According to ZSC, there are 5 teams of Adolescents, 4 teams
of children and 4 teams of Adults.

In the volleyball matches, there are three (male) adult teams and 7
female teams and for basketball, there will be 6 adult teams.

In Ping Pong(table tennis) groups, there are 7 females, 19 male adults, 26 male
adolescents and in Chest game there are 31 adolescents and 7 adults.

The numbers of participants in Badminton for this year is the same
as last year. There are 12 male adults, 5 female adults, 24 male
adolescents and 9 female children.

Swimming teams cosists of :

9 childrens, 7 adolescents, 6 adults in Free Style team.

In cycling:

7 male, 12 female cyclists (speed cycling) and 3 male cyclist for
stamina cycling.

For Running, there are 15 Participants for the Stamina running.

Janbakhtegan Games is one of the most important events of the year for Zoroastrian community in Iran. It is organized each year on the first 15 days of Amordad organized each year at Markar Sport and Culture Center situated in Tehranpars.

This year Janbakhtegan Games started on 28th July and shall conclude on 1st August 2008.

Our dear fellow Zarathushtis who lost their lives defending our motherland during Iran-Iraq war are;
Rotsam Azarbad, Mehrdad Fararooni, Kaykhosrov Kaykhosravi, Esfandiar Darabian, Feraydoon Nejad Kay, Parviz Abadi, Jamshid Goshtasbi, Ardeshir Moradian, Jahanbakhsh Namiranian, Behrooz Bastani, Farhad Khadem, Kamran Ganji, Dayhim Shahriari, Daryoush Abadian, Mehrdad Abadian and Daryoush Shahzadi

Source: Amordad Blog

See the photos of opening ceremony:

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