‘Zoroastrian Studies’ an educational program for the youth


Calling all arm-chair warriors- To stand up!

Hi folks,

This is a pivotal moment for us as a community. With one in every 3
Parsis marrying outside the fold, raging debates on every issue from
dokhmenashin to mixed marriages, and soul-dead iconoclasts tinkering
with our traditions, the future of the next generation of Parsi/irani
Zarthostis looks bleak. Most of these mindless debates are a product
of our flagrant ignorance.

There is an urgent need to create a mass cultural awareness program,
and educate the next generation of Parsis about our beautiful
religion, our glorious history & culture. A need to bring our brethren
closer to their roots.

It is with this vision, that Khojeste Mistree and ‘Zoroastrian
Studies’ have started an educational program for the youth. All you
have to do is devote ONE HOUR in a week, and attend this seminar. This
is NOT going to be a boring lecture for an audience in the 70+ age
group. It is a highly interactive seminar specially designed for a
young crowd.

At the end of this program, we hope to gather enough volunteers to
start a much wider educational campaign, targeted for pre-navjote
kids/pre-teens, across all baughs and colonies. We are fortunate to
have an army of world renowned scholars in the traditionalist camp,
who are ready to share their knowledge for FREE. All we have to do is
take the first step.

The first meet is on 20th November (Thursday) at 7:30 pm. Venue:
Shaanazeen bldg., Khareghat colony, Hughes Road. Subsequent meets will
be held over the weekends, after a general consensus on timing is
taken, so as to suit everyone’s time-table.

To count yourself in, or for any further info, shoot us a mail at
madon.zubin@ gmail.com  or  heminbharucha@ gmail.com 


Courtesy : Deen Parast – Porus / Neville S Gandhi

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