Jehangir Mehta vying for spot on Oprah’s TV channel

Zoroastrian chef Jehangir Mehta vying for spot on Oprah’s TV channel

Our very own Jehangir Mehta needs your votes.

As you may know, Oprah Winfrey is starting her own TV channel and recently announced a competition that will enable one person to host his or her “OWN Show”.  To do that, contestants have to upload their videos and garner as many votes as possible from the public. Five contestants with the highest votes will be called for the next phase of the audition.

Jehangir has uploaded his video and needs your support. Please view the video and vote for Jehangir. Multiple votes are allowed. Voting ends on July 3rd.

Please vote as often as possible and spread the word!

http://myown. audition/ index.html? request=video_ details&response_id= 7281&promo_id=1

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  • I will be Voting for You & You will Win I will also chat with Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil ( who was interviewed on Oprah & who will be meeting her soon when she comes here

    wish you Greatest Vicotory Dadar Ahuramazda ni Madad Hojo Ji

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