The Parsi Directory – Now as an Android App has been around for over 10 years now, with more than 78,800 live registrations, making it the  Largest, Free, Worldwide Listing of Parsis, Iranis, Zoroastrians across the world. 

  1. Over the years, thousands of Zoroastrians have connected with family and friends using this medium
  2. Many non-Zoroastrians have found long lost Zoroastrian relatives and friends, by requesting information from this valuable resource
  3. innumerable Businesses have been discovered  and valuable trade and commerce has been generated online. You may find Tour Operators, Caterers, Accountants, Lawyers, Film Makers, etc. etc. incorporates Institutions like Agiaries, Associations, Baugs for Wedding and Navjotes, Dharamshalas, Sanatoriums, etc., across the world.

Both these extremely valuable resources are now available on your mobile phone as an Android App – just follow this link ( to download it from the Play Store. Once you have installed the app and registered yourself you will have the full power of connecting with any of the 78,000+ registered users based on name, location, profession or any combination of these. You will also have access to more than 750 Parsi Institutions from across the world.

Besides, you now also have the option to subscribe to Daily Roj, Salgarehs, Uthamna and Z-News from all over the world.

Make new connections, revive old ones – HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  • Yazdi has been doing great service to our community.
    This is wonderful.


    Good work!!!! Kudos to its compilers. It was the need of the hour.. Now we can reconnect…Many Thanx.

  • Dear Yazdi, Could You add in Zoroastrian Directory or in appropriate location that there is a Zoroastrian living and working in Kazakhstan for past 20 years.Name of my Company is “Kazakhstan Facilitators LLP” and can be contacted by E Mail to ‘’.  Would be glad to help any Zoroastrian or even Others, as Kazakh Laws are very stringent….and… all Legal, Commercial, Financial transactions are only OnLine and mostly in Russian & Kazakh languages.  Thanks. Regards and Best wishes,Adil Vadoliwala.            

  • Long lost “zorastrians ”
    Hello dear ones
    Let’s take it to the top
    And TOGETHER – we will b all a family

  • We live in an interconnected world of relationships and net-works. Your real
    net-worth emerges from your net-work ! This lovely net-work of ‘bavas’ & ‘vachas’ world-wide will indeed strengthen our linkage and I am sure, it will benefit the users. Great work. God bless.



  • Lovely
    Wish more Zoroastrianism can do the montessori ami course to help the child and to get jobs

  • Jango Hoshang Mehta

    Hi there
    I am trying to download on my apple iphone , is there a option to download on iPhone

  • I’m looking for Zoroastrians in Madison Wisconsin.

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