Vispi Karkaria gets a gold medal from the College of Engineering (Pune)

Please join us in congratulating Vispi Karkaria for getting the gold medal from the College of Engineering (Pune) for coming first in the entire college and in the Mechanical department.  Vispi also got a cash award.

This is a remarkable achievement.

Congratulations Vispi and wish you many more successes in your career ahead!


  • Congratulations n many more achievements. All the best well done god bless

  • Wish you all the best Vispi,you have a bright future ahead,make the best use of it.

  • Kavita Mehernosh Pithawala

    Congratulations and All The Best for the future.

  • Congratulations Vispi, you make our Parsi community proud. May you achieve great heights & all your dreams are fulfilled.

  • Congratulations dearest Vispi, indeed a scintillating achievement There are many more pedestals you will ascend in glory. We are very proud and privileged to know you. Stay blessed always

  • Congratulations Vispi. May God bless you and may you achieve greater heights of success in life!!

    Regards Lily Patel.

  • Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement.
    Hope you keep up the good work.
    Do let me know if we can be of assistance , perhaps we can help.
    Gustad J Irani, Stanley, HK

  • Mr.Godwin Devappa.

    Congratulation Vispi ,May God give you more knowledge & wisdom to pursue more degrees & awards

  • Congratulations Vispi.Wish you success in future endeavors.

  • Congratulations n All the best for future

  • My Heartiest Congratulations to you Vispi. Pervez Avari Uncle.

  • Heartiest Congratulations Vispi

  • Bahadur Contractor

    Congratulations dear vispy god bless you with good health wealth & prosperity.

  • Congratulations Vispi. Please continue Higher Studies preferably at IITs and select Academics or Industry as per your Interest. Both are important for your career. BLESSINGS FROM ALMIGHTY Dadar Ahuramazda.

  • Congratulations Vispi ! Keep it up.

  • Congratulations Vispi, may you achieve more laurels in future life.

  • You don’t know me, but I would like to say how happy I am to have heard of your success. You have made us all so proud. May you go from success to success and may all things wonderful come your way throughout your life.
    Hearty congratulations to you and your family who are instrumental in having helped and encouraged you along the way.
    God bless you all.
    Myrna Dalal

  • Vispi ,I am an exstudent of Petit Parsi technical high school in Pune. in the 1950’s there was a dastoor named Karkaria in the school .Do you know him? Is he still around

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