‘Zarthosht no Diso’ – May 23, 2023

May 23, 2023, Roj Khorshed Mah Dae, was observed by Parsis as ‘Zarthosht no Diso‘. Diso comes from Old Gujarati ‘disi’, meaning ‘day’ and is commonly used to signify the Roj of death of a person. Thus, Zarthosht no Diso marks the day that Asho Zarathushtra passed away from earth.

But how did Zarathushtra die? Many of us have heard the story: Zarathushtra was 77 years old and praying in a Fire Temple, when he was stabbed by an evil sorcerer named Turbaratur. As the Prophet fell, He hurled the Tasbih (rosary, prayer beads) which was in His hands on the murderer. As the Tasbih fell on Turbaratur, he too perished.

However, this quaint little story is not to be taken literally. It has a deeper significance and symbolism.

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May the Asho Farohar of Vakshure Vakshuran Asho Spitaman Zarathushtra shower His blessings on our troubled community on this day of great spiritual remembrance!Silloo Mehta


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