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Did You Know ?

Capture is the largest online Parsi / Irani Family Tree worldwide.

Please add yourself and your family members to the tree. Visit it often, and tell other Zoroastrians, Parsis and Iranis about it.

A unique initiative to keep The Parsi Family together, worldwide. The vision is to connect each and every Zoroastrian through a single, online family tree. Besides the most powerful concept of a common family tree, the site also offers the following features and benefits :

  1. Each association / federation can put up their events online
  2. Individuals can put up their businesses / Professional prowess / Jobs requirement / availability online in the Classifieds Section. You may also post your business or profession on the Yellow Pages
  3. Matrimonial matches can be easily made
  4. All Parsi Publications which are freely available online can be put up on a common platform, encouraging a high level of readership. Currently FEZANA Bulletin and Parsi Times are uploaded, and many more will be added shortly.
  5. The entire site is multi-lingual – you can post comments in English as well as Gujarati, which makes it easy for our brethren in all areas.
  6. FREE SMS service for Uthamna all over India – Just give a missed call to 022-61816369 – currently we send more than 4,500 SMSs per day.
  7. FREE Android /iPhone App for Zoroastrian news across the world – More than 2,500 downloads already! Just look for Commutree at the Play Store. Once you have installed the app, select your Community as Parsi, from the settings

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Did You Know ? now has more than 83,500 live Entries. New listings are added to the directory daily.

Please add yourself and your family members to the directory. Glance at the listings of fellow Zoroastrians throughout the world. Find lost family and friends.Please Bookmark This Website, visit it often, and tell other Zoroastrians, Parsis and Iranis about it.

The idea behind is simple“keep a worldwide listing of Zoroastrians”.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Website helps trace ‘missing’ Parsis

The website, started by  Ader Gandi and Yazdi Tantra, reunite members of the Parsi community. “The idea struck me when I started getting requests from people asking about fellow Parsis they wanted to get in touch with.

Unlike social networking sites that have billions of profiles and hundreds of people with the same name, finding a Parsi friend or a cousin is much easier on the website, as it’s exclusively for the community,” said Gandi.

The portal that started in October 2005, initially received a lukewarm response. However, the traffic on the site picked up in the past six months and now sees at least 10 posts per day. “Almost 50 per cent of the cases are solved through some connection or the other. You may not remember what the person looks like or their full name, yet the website allows you to post other details that can help people locate them,” Tantra says.

Click Here for more

The Iranian Studies Directory

The Iranian Studies Directory ( is is an initiative developed by Iran Heritage Foundation which seeks to create a comprehensive reference and research facility for academics and scholars in the field.
The ISDirectory aims to help foster global, interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers and institutions both inside and outside of Iranian studies. Currently in the first phase of its development, it is already possessed of more than 450 individual profiles, making it the largest network of its kind developed, with individuals ranging from Doctoral Candidates and Lecturers to Readers and Professors Emerita.
More than fifty organisations have also registered, ranging from the Chester Beatty Library in Ireland and the Museum of Islamic Art at the Pergamon, Berlin, to the Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies and the National Museum of Iran.
Future phases planned will incorporate a range of integrated services to enhance its usability and utility to the researcher community.
You can register your expertise here:

Iranian Studies Directory, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP
Tel: +44 (20) 7493 4766

Did You Know ? is the largest, free, worldwide listing of Parsi Institutions. It has more than 700 entries now.

What you can find on this website!

  1. Agiaries, 
  2. Aramgah, 
  3. Atash Behrams, 
  4. Anjumans, Associations, 
  5. Clubs / Gymkhanas, 
  6. Colleges, Infirmaries, 
  7. Cultural Societies, 
  8. Daremeher, 
  9. Dharamshalas / Sanatoria, 
  10. Dokhma, Foundations, 
  11. Funds, 
  12. Hospitals / Dispensaries, 
  13. Hostels, Libraries, 
  14. Museums, 
  15. Orphanges, 
  16. Press, 
  17. Public Halls / Baugs, 
  18. Religious Societies, 
  19. Schools, 
  20. Sport / Recreation

Please add institution(s) that you know of, to the directory. Glance at the listings of other institutions throughout the world.

Our idea behind is simple “keep a worldwide listing of Institutions”.

Other Directories

List of Parsi Institutions Worldwide
Wedding, Navjote, Sagan
Zoroastrian Agiyaris-Atash Behrams on Google maps
Zoroastrian Darb-e-Mehrs in USA
List of Mumbai Agiaries and Atash Behrams
List of Parsi Dharamshalas and Sanatoria
List of Zoroastrians, Worldwide
Mobebs in North America
List of Parsi Caterers Worldwide

If anyone has access to any more, please send it to us – we will put it up free for the community.

The Parsi Institutions

We are proud to announce our new website You can browse and search for any Parsi Institution anywhere in the world. If you do not find an institution which you know of, please do write to us to have it included. If you find any errors or updates in any institution, please do not hesitate to point it out for updating. A powerful, accurate, updated list will only be possible through the joint efforts of the community. Click Here to Browse

to find or add:

Agiaries, Aramgah, Atash Behrams, Anjumans, Associations, Clubs / Gymkhanas, Colleges, Infirmaries, Cultural Societies, Daremeher, Dharamshalas / Sanatoria, Dokhma, Foundations, Funds, Hospitals / Dispensaries, Hostels, Libraries, Museums, Orphanges, Press, Public Halls / Baugs, Religious Societies, Schools, Sport / Recreation

. – Please add yourself and your family members to the directory. Glance at the listings of fellow Zoroastrians throughout the world. Our idea behind is simple “keep a worldwide listing of Zoroastrians”. Click Here to join

Useful Links for Indians

The below links provide you with an access to a host of services with State / UT & Central Govt.Dpts. 

Kindly save it for future references / use.

 *   Birth Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=1>
 *   Caste Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=4>
 *   Tribe Certificate <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=8>
 *   Domicile Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=5>
 *   Driving Licence <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=6>
 *   Marriage Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=3>
 *   Death Certificate <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=2>
 *   Search More – How do I <http://www.india. advancedsearch. php>
Apply for:
 *   PAN Card <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=15>
 *   TAN Card <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=3>
 *   Ration Card <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=7>
 *   Passport <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=2>
 *   Inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=10>
 *   Search More – How do I <http://www.india. advancedsearch. php>
 *   Land/Property <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=9>
 *   Vehicle <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=13>
 *   With State Employment Exchange <http://www.india. howdoi.php? service=12>
 *   As Employer <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=17>
 *   Company <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=19>
 *   .IN Domain <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=18>
 *   GOV.IN<> Domain <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=25>
 *   Search More – How do I <http://www.india. advancedsearch. php>
 *   Waiting list status for Central Government Housing <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=9>
 *   Status of Stolen Vehicles <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=1>
 *   Land Records <http://www.india. ds/index. php>
 *   Causelist of Indian Courts <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=7>
 *   Court Judgements (JUDIS ) <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=24>
 *   Daily Court Orders/Case Status <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=21>
 *   Acts of Indian Parliament <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=13>
 *   Exam Results <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=16>
 *   Speed Post Status <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=10>
 *   Agricultural Market Prices Online <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=6>
 *   Search More – How do I <http://www.india. advancedsearch. php>
 *   Train Tickets Online <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=5>
 *   Air Tickets Online <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=4>
 *   Income Tax Returns <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=12>
 *   Complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=14>
 *   Search More – How do I <http://www.india. advancedsearch. php>
Contribute to:
 *   Prime Minister’s Relief Fund <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=11>
 *   Search More – How do I <http://www.india. advancedsearch. php>
 *   Send Letters Electronically <http://www.india. otherservice_ details.php? service=20>
 *   Search More – How do I <http://www.india. advancedsearch. php>
Recently Added Online Services
 *   Tamil Nadu: Online application of marriage certificate for persons having registered their marriages <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2691>
 *   Tamil Nadu: Online District wise soil Details of Tamil Nadu <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2693>
 *   Tamil Nadu: View Water shed Atlas of Tamil Nadu <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2694>
 *   Tamil Nadu: E-Pension District Treasury Tirunelveli <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2695>
 *   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Name (2008) <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2697>
 *   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by EPIC number (2008) <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2698>
 *   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by House number (2008) <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2699>
 *   Himachal Pradesh: Revised Pay and Arrears Calculator-Fifth Pay <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2702>
 *   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Part number (2008) <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2700>
 *   Andhra Pradesh: Online Motor Driving School Information <http://www.india. onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2705>
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 *   Citizens <http://www.india. php>
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