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Sagan/Teeli ni reet


What  and how to keep ready

Sweep, Swab the floor, Put chowk with colour, hang garlands on the doors.

Keep ses ready.

Garland Lord Zoroaster Photo Frame.

Cook something sweet Sev,Rawo,sweet curd, Dar ni Pori…..etc. for Breakfast.

Clean the place where you are going to SAGAN and put chowk  (if you have carpet, you may want to put a piece of thick cardboard or wood).  If you have a patla clean the patla and put chowk on it (5-7)  and place on the chowk on the floor. 

Person for whom you are doing sagan  (for Birthday, Navjote, Engagement…..etc)  will come and stand from behind the patla facing preferably the EAST direction (optional) with his/her Right foot first.  While getting down, get down with Right foot.

The person who is doing the Sagan will first put Tili on the right foot of the person, then left foot and then on the head.

Small round teeli for the girl and long  vertical one for the boy. (The long vertical mark symbolizes a ray of sun and round mark symbolizes the moon.

Now put Garland first

Then give paan, Sopari, Harad, Badam,sakar and coconut.


Put small piece of sakar with curd (or use spoon)

Take little rice in your palm and stick it on the teeli on forehead.

Take Ovarna

Let everyone meet and give their gifts.

The person has to get down from the front side with right foot.

Once the person gets down you may sprinkle little  Rose water on the chowk.

Courtesy : Thrity Tantra (

Ses Sangarwani

Ses Sangarwani

  1. Very big for the Navjote, Wedding ceremonies.

  2. Small one for Birthdays etc. at home.


What SES contains :

Ses is made of Silver or German Silver it can be plain or decorative and contains a Big or Small Khumchi/khumcho Soparo, Gulabas, Kankoo dani,

Wash, polish (if required) and wipe clean.

What you put in:

  1. Soparo …open and put in few grains of rice, 3-5 batasa (optional)
  2. Gulabas ….open and put in rose water
  3. Kankoo dani…open and put in little kankoo and with rose water make a paste to do teeli (you many also put in a matchstick if u wish)
  4. In the Khumchi/Khumcha put in Soparo, Gulabas,Kankoodani,
  5. 3-5 Paan, Full Badam, Kharek, Sakar, Sopari .
  6. 3-5 Batasa (optional)
  7. Small bowl of sweet curd
  8. New cleaned COCONUT.
  9. One Silver coin Laxmi/Jarthost etc. (optional)
  10. Silver fish if you have (optional)
  11. One handkerchief/ tissues to wipe your hands of kankoo.
  12. Garland for the SES
  13. Garland/garlands for who are doing sagan/teeli
  14. Envelopes/Gifts
  15. For a girl/Bride put bangles on the sopara.

Also refer

Courtesy : Thrity Tantra (



Significance of each item we keep in Sagan ni SES
Here is an explanation of the significance of the Ses.
It plays an important role on auspicious occasions, and contains items of ritual importance:
Soparo (Silver Cone)
The symbolic mountain of sweetness from which descend good spirits and fravashis. As mentioned in a post above, in Iran, the traditional one is indeed made of solid rock-sugar and is traditionally wrapped in green paper. Incidentally the little bird on top (of many Soparos) is symbolic of the fravashis.
Golabdan (Rosewater Sprinkler)
The container for happiness.
Pigani (Container for Holiness)
Sakar (Sugar Crystals)
Paan Leaf
Grains of Rice
Sopari (Betel Nut)
Badam (Unshelled Almonds)
Kharak (Dried Dates)
Silver Coins
Garland of Flowers
All “Spenta” qualities that should mark a happy occasion.
The above information is from Zoroastrianism; An Ethnic Perspective by Khojeste Mistree. An excellent primer on the religion and culture of Zoroastrians.

Khushaline Bandagina Geeto

1. Parsi Times of Saturday 17/3/2013 on p.54 carries a picture of Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor releasing the CD Khushaline Bandagina Geeto.
2. Jame Jamshed of Sunday 18/3/2013 p.54 top right corner features this CD under the caption MUSICAL DELIGHT.
Get your copy of this CD and welcome Jamshedi Navroz with music to usher joy and peace in your family, community and country.
Available from Marzban J. Giara Tel. 24166204. Price:Rs.150/- 
You may also buy at my stall at dadar Parsi colony Gymkhana at Festival of Spring on 21st March and at Avan Yazad Parabh function at Radio Club on Monday 25th  March evening.
Marzban Giara

Kusti Size Calculator

Approx Khushti (Kasti  Kushti) Size.. Hope it helps

Kusti Size Calculation

The waist size measurement is in inches


Courtesy : Zubin Phiroze Wadia








Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia (Principal of the Dadar Athornan Madressa) has written an article in JAME JAMSHED.  He mentions that besides the 3 rounds of our waist, we should add an extra 10 inches to allow for :

  • Looseness around the waist,
  • The front and back knots,
  • The 2 Laris and
  • Shrinkage over a period of time, on account of regular washing.

So how long do you need to buy? The formula : [(Waist length in inches x 3) + 10] / 27  ………………..Firdosh Tolat

2012 Interfaith Concert in Washington D.C. – Zoroastrian Youth Lead Performance

The word rIght has an I in it.
Your right and my right may differ
The word rIghteoUS has an I & US in it
Which accounts for what is right for humanity.
That is where the spiritual essence
of the Ashem Vohu resides
With that sentiment please click below to enjoy this fabulous presentation by our Zarathushti Children
Now to appreciate the spiritual essence of the Ashem Vohu Prayer please click below:
and to enjoy the bounty of our prayers please click below:
In the spirit of prayers
Enjoy and Share
With love and light from Meher Amalsad

Remembering our departed on auspicious occasions

Article by  Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram

As the season of weddings and Navjotes gathers steam, an important part of the festivities needs to be reinforced into the Parsi consciousness. It is our age old custom, that on all festive and important occasions like Navjotes, Weddings, Births, Navars, Betrothals, etc. we always begin the festivities by remembering the Ruvans and Farohars of our dear departed relatives, generally called ‘Hama Asho Farohar’. What is the reason for this practice and what is the proper method to be followed?

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