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Poem on Muktad

A  poem to mark the first day of our Mukhtaad or Fravardegan days.
(I first wrote it in the year 2017).

Do you look back at me
When I look at your silver vase?
Do you smell the flowers
I bring so lovingly on all ten days?

Those flowers so remind me of you
Vibrant, fragrant and fresh!
Those divas so remind me of you
Ever so bright and warm to feel

Not a day goes by
That I don’t think of you
But, these ten days bring fresh hope
Of your refreshing presence

I go to your table expecting a response
To the pointless questions I can’t get across.
Sometimes in my mind I forget that you’re dead
Because I keep you living in my mind

I love you so much
It makes me sad
I can’t hear you say it back
The one thing that would make me so glad!

Noshir H. Dadrawala


Humanity is not 

Immune to pandemics

Disease or  natural disasters 

That’s when one 

Realizes we are  not

Captain of our fate 

Or masters of our souls 


It treats everybody  equally 

It teaches us a 

Very moral lesson 

That Nobody has 

Monopoly over wisdom


It  makes no 

Distinction between

A Hindu Muslim

Sikh Bahai Jew 

or Zoroastrian

Nor does it differentiate  

Between rich poor

Beggar or thief 

Ervads Vadas 

Behdins Racists


Can you believe?


Covid 19 has a 

Smogras board to choose from 

A wide variety of menu

Once it wraps it’s icy claws

It’s not going let go 

Even if you turn blue


No amount of 

Trips to Atash Behram 

Agiaries or humbandagies 

Or praying on bended knees!!

Is not going to turn the clock back 

By getting one of the hook 

Cause it has already been written  

In your  destiny book 


When it’s time to go 

No question asked 

Its when arrives at the 

Pearly Gates 

That’s when realizes one’s 

Biggest Mistake 

Choicest Blessings


Farida Bamji

July 8th 2020


The Lockdown Blues

Award-winning Author Murzban F. Shroff Pens Pandemic Poetry Series

Mumbai-based author Murzban F. Shroff, known for his award-winning books, Breathless in BombayWaiting for Jonathan Koshy, and Fasttrack Fiction, has now penned a series of poems on the Covid-19 pandemic, tracking its causes and consequences. Shroff, a Commonwealth Prize-shortlisted author and a 6-times Pushcart Prize nominee, says he turned to poetry in order to capture the intensely emotional and psychological states created by these extraordinary circumstances. “The purpose of literature is to bring man in closer contact with nature, to expand our understanding of the universal laws that govern us, and which we are bound to obey by mere virtue of having taken birth on this planet. I found poetry to be a liberating and powerful medium to convey this,” adds Shroff. “The Lockdown Blues” (below) is part of a series of poems that will feature in Shroff’s debut collection of poetry. Shroff’s stories have appeared in over 65 literary journals in the U.S., UK, and Australia. He has been invited to speak about his work at universities like UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC, and at literary festivals like the London Short Story Festival, the Emirates Literature Festival, and the Irrawaddy Literary Festival in Myanmar. Shroff can be contacted on

The Lockdown Blues

This is the winter of our confinement

This is the spring of our unease

This is the summer of our expectations

The fall of our species

This is the weakness of our senses

This is the outcome of our greed

This is the collapse of our intellect

The negation of our needs

This is the night of our darkness

This is the prison of our morrows

This is the cumulus of our burden

The song of our sorrows

This is what we brought our world to

Conquering land and sea and sky

Not for a moment did we pause

Thinking where our limits lie

We robbed the earth of its beauty

And we drained the soil of its strength

We blew off the tops of mountains

We were so hellbent

We did not spare the rocks

And we did not spare the trees

We even dammed our rivers

Before they could reach the seas

We did not spare the seabed

And we did not spare the air

We did not think of the species

With whom our planet we share

And now we live in solitary caves

Nothing to show for our wealth

Worrying about our future

Uncertain about our health

Do I have the virus?

Do I show the signs?

Will I make it safely

Make it through these times?

Will we live like humans?

And will we roam at will?

Or will we experience life

Standing at our window sill?

Will we live off our phones

And our flat-faced computer screens?

Will we know once more

What real freedom means?

Will we rub shoulders?

And will we feel the same?

Will we ever hug

And learn to trust again?

Murzban F. Shroff

As published in the Parsi Times E-Paper Dated 4 July 2020.


One must not forget

Life on earth is transient

A mere  traveller

Between Life and Death


Asho Zarathuhtra was

Once such traveller

Though He was

The anointed one

Never received

Any privileges

But wa a mere

Messenger of

Ahura Mazda

To spread His

Pristine Teachings

Of Humata Hukata



Having too much

Ego and Pride

As well pretending

To be superior

Then there is

Something wrong

Cause when departs

This Earth

Ahura Mazda will remind

You that between

Life and Death

One is a Mere Traveller!!!!


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

June 15th 2020

PS Feedback Please




What you taught me

At your feet

Lessons in Humility

Simplicity Honesty

Has stood the test of time

Taught me to sift

Right from wrong

To fight for the poor

As well the underdog

“Cause we are all

Servants of God

To have a spine

Not to fear

In the face of adversity

Never flinch or cower


Your heart always

Overflowed with love

Cause you treated us

With an iron fist

In a velvet glove


When I needed you

You were always there

Here,there everywhere

Flitting like a butterfly

Alas! as you lay lifeless

On that drab grey stone

To your final journey

To the heavenly abode

It seems your sweet face

Had a lovely smile

Unfortunately when

You needed me

I was not there

To pay my last respects

And wish you

A Final Goodbye!!

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

June 18th 2020



No matter who you are
Yellow brown black or white
Or Rich poor beggar or thief
also no matter what profession
Including colour caste or creed!!!

As it’s said:
“One takes nothing
When one cuts
The umbilical cord
It includes titles pics
Accolades and Awards
If one were to
Take the award
Where will you hang it?
As there is no wall

Titles end when
One takes the
Last breath
As one leaves
This earth
Judgement will
Be meted out
According to
The life lead on earth

Being cocky doesn’t help
Neither Ego as well Pride
He is not your usher
To give one a ring side seat
It all depends on
Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds
Feed Back please
Choicest Happiness
Farida Bamji
June 11th 2020


”State of being awake & aware of one’s surroundings”


If we can’t heed the humbling message brought to us by a tiny virus invisible to the naked eye, we will fail to grasp this opportunity to reset, reflect and renew and to work together to build a stronger and better normal. .


Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve…. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love.


“Hear with your ears

Ponder with a Good Mind”

Let’s bring Peace Harmony

Unity to all of Humankind

That was the message

Passed on to us

By none other than

Asho Zarathushtra


No matter what

Your status in life

Regardless of

Colour caste or creed

As life is transient

Can’t take anything

Neither Titles awards

As well accolades

Not even ego

As well as pride


Treat people with humility

As none of us are not royalty

Even Cyrus Persian King

Gave his subjects Freedom

Treated them with dignity

Tolerance Humanely

His gift to us

Charter of Human Rights


Once we severe ties

With this earthly existence

There are no titles

Awards or accolades

No matter who you were

But the poor lonely

Soul must face justice

As his/her soul announces

Arrival at the Pearly Gates,


Farida Bam


Lock up your libraries if you like but there is no gate no lock no bolt that you can set upon the Freedom of your mind

Virginia Woolf


We all have the right

To Freedom of the mind

That is the gift to Human kind

Do not let anyone influence

One’s way of thinking

”Cause no one not

Anyone has

Monopoly over Wisdom


You are the

“Master of your fate

Captain of your soul”

So do not rely or

Trust anything that is

Shoved down your throat

Where Zoroastrianism is concerned ”


When the Great Call comes

The Sunset Gleams

Nobody ( especially)

Vada Dastur or Ervad

Going to accompany you

To the Land of Dreams

One’s soul will

Face justice  alone

Especially the

Vadas & Ervads

They too will be

Stripped of their titles

Face Justice like

Lowly lonely old Souls


Some Vada as well

As Ervads are you

Listening & thinking

As to what you are doing?

The laity follow you like

Meek little lambs

But all you are doing

Is tearing our

Miniscule Zoroastrian minority

Like the San Andreas Fault


Lastly if you cannot

Respect His Teaching

Preach the Message

The way its meanr

To be spread

Showing utter disrespect

Why should we respect you

Only contempt & utter disrespect


PS: This poem is aimed at a few who continue spreading sacrilege Racism Discrimintion Bigotry & utter contempt of Zoroastrian women married to Non Zoroastrians.


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

April 29th 2020




You can fool all the people some of the time & some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people

all of the time

Abraham Lincoln


Does this quote

Ring a bell?

The gullible

Will believe you

Whatever you

Shove down

Their throats

But come

Judgement day

The poor worrisome

Soul will

Face the

Justice League

All alone


Those who insist
On preaching

The twisted message

And do not

Want to right the wrong

When you guys

Leave this earth

You will not be addressed

As Vadas or Ervads

You too will face Justice

And will be addressed as

Lowly Lonely old souls


So do live in

Your own little cocoon

Get idealized by

The Laity

“Eat drink

And Merry

If you have

Any ounce

Of common sense

Asho Zarathushtra

Laid life his down for humanity


If anger is building

Within you

Fire coming out

Of your ears

You brought this

Mess upon yourselves

Clean up your act

Before it gets worse



Choicest Happiness


PS 1) this poem for the Nobel Hierarchy who don’t want  to admit and applies only to a few


Fresh out of university

On a hot April day

Instead of wasting my

Precious life away

I eyed the Khordeh Avesta

Where in the corner

Quietly it lay

Took a tiny peek

As I was extremely curious

To see for myself

What knowledge

I was about to seek


It was a herculean task

To pronounce & practice

Each word & each line

I was not about

To give up

As I was stubbornly inclined

Not giving up

A Chance of a life time


As I prayed each & every day

My faith in my prayers did grow

That’s when I realized

The beautiful everlasting

Friendship I would sow


From the Sarosh Baj to

The Yahsts as well the Gathas

How refreshing & joyful

To pray the very words

Uttered by Asho Zarathushtra


As the going got tough

Tough got tougher

I decided never to part

The pristine prayers

Prayed from the heart

Çause I knew then & there

They will always be on board

Where ever I go

I know for sure

There is a God!!!




Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji



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