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A nice niche entrepreneurial opportunity as Hotels are increasing rapidly

Shower curtain and cubicle curtain manufacturer now closed down in NJ, USA  – A New Jersey based Manufacturing Unit has closed down and the equipment and inventory is up for sale. If anyone is interested in the equipment and / or inventory you may kindly contact David Freedland directly for more information and pricing: Tel. 1-908-672-1671

Further details available in the attachments.

Purchasing Opportunity: Equipment and inventory available for quick sale.

All professionally maintained and in good working order.

Manufacturing equipment includes:

Automatic cutting table

Automatic topping / stacking machine

Automatic Grommet machines

Single needle sewing machines

Overlock sewing machines

Buttonhole machines

Double needle sewing machines

Electric power jacks

Bagging equipment

Cutting Drums


Utility Tubs



File Cabinets




PDF Equipment listing!ApC-RaMyKL5PkWhzW8D6pqU9mMen

PDF  Pictures!ApC-RaMyKL5PkWeSuMBFUwCuUg6e

The inimitable Nadir Godrej at WZCC AGM in Hong Kong

WZCC Hong Kong – By Nadir Godrejnadir-godrej

17th December 2016


A new millennium was about to dawn

Seventeen years ago.

An organisation was then born

But little did we know


That where community seniors led

Everyone would go

And WZCC would spread

And over the years would grow.


And I was there to sing it’s praise

On that fateful day.

And back to Houston if we gaze

This is what I did say,


“The Internet is now at hand

And all can have a shot,

If only we can understand

What latest trend is hot.


Now Parsis are spread everywhere.

And they can choose their land.

If you in the Diaspora dare

Then once again we’ll stand


In the big league of enterprise

Renowned in every place.

I know we can attain the prize

If we just join the race.”


What I said then, has now come true

The Internet is hot.

Disruptive models that are new

Can strike at any spot.


And politics is not immune,

Big data plays a role.

It’s possible to fine tune

A message for a goal.


And truth is of no consequence

In using this technique.

And lies that seem to make some sense

Are all that readers seek.


Both Trump and Brexit won this way

And Russia played its hand.

What will come next we cannot say

But we must understand


The world’s becoming very strange

And nothing is for sure,

Except that we will see much change

A fact we must endure.

The markets took an upward bump

Much to my surprise.

They very warmly welcomed Trump

But still it would be wise


Not throwing caution to the wind

And being circumspect.

For mavericks cannot be pinned.

Who knows what to expect?


Indeed it may turn out quite well

And yet an ill thought tweet

Could be enough to quickly fell

The euphoria on Wall Street.


And climate change will be denied

And coal and oil will gain.

An energy rush will be supplied

But followed by great pain


Unless businesses take the lead

With green technology.

Fortunately they can succeed

For certainly we’ll see


Technology that paves the way

For a future that is green.

Technology can save the day.

Great progress will be seen.

November eighth is the date

That saw the rise of Trump.

But on that date, such is our fate

Our Mody chose to dump


All bigger notes. He thought it bold

With just a little pain.

The economy began to fold

With little sign of gain.


Most benefits were soon disproved.

The opposition screamed.

The goalposts then were quickly moved.

To most of us it seemed


The secrecy was overdone,

The planning was at fault.

The endless pain was no fun.

Our wounds were rubbed with salt!


The GST might be delayed,

A heavy price to pay.

And when the pros and cons are weighed

There’s little good to say.


And China’s debt is mounting high.

The risks are growing fast.

All sorts of props they can try,

I doubt their growth can last.

And China says that it is one.

Its military is strong.

But Trump will try and have his fun

And who will say he’s wrong?


Trump now thinks he is the boss

And boldly spoke to Tsai.

Convention then went for a toss.

And what will he now try?


Of course I may well be wrong

But Trump could up his game.

His next call might be Hong Kong,

Much to China’s shame.


World affairs will zig and zag.

And business must adjust

Quite rapidly without a lag

Or they might well go bust.


Sudden change will come about

And some will see a threat

But others will then work it out.

The challenge will be met.


Entrepreneurs must be prepared

For a changing world.

They can’t be unduly scared

As new threats are unfurled.

Agility will be required

And innovation too.

Entrepreneurs should be inspired

By trying out what’s new.


But those in WZCC

Have nothing much to fear.

For everyone can clearly see

That here there’s much to cheer!


New training courses are at hand

To help the members out.

Experienced hands that understand

Show how to get about.


Experts are there to give advice.

And they know how to spot

Young talent, which is very nice.

The awards that they have got


Encourage them to rise and shine

And serve the community.

All this of course is very fine

I hope that we will see


That these awards will quickly bring

More youngsters in the fold.

I also hope the Women’s Wing

Will make our Ladies bold.

Those with drive might need a skill

As well as good advice.

A course in business basics will

Most certainly suffice.


When they see it can be done

Some novices will try.

Though it is hard, it can be fun.

Soon more will try to fly.


As a consequence of the China trade

Parsis came to Hong Kong.

And their philanthropy’s what made

This city very strong.


Star Ferry had a Parsi role

As did HSBC.

Hormusje Mody’s funding goal

Was the University.


And to this day they are known

For their Philanthropy.

Their global charity has grown.

A model for all to see.


What better place for us to meet

Than beautiful Hong Kong.

If we work hard and stay upbeat

We will be very strong.



Our numbers now are in decline

But our impact could be great.

If we try hard, we will be fine

Let’s not think it’s our fate.


A prize might stimulate the mind.

Good thoughts should be applauded.

Solutions we will surely find

If action is rewarded.


And some day at a future meet

We will cross a million.

That would be quite a feat.

But there’s no hope for a billion!


Our journey has been truly great

From Houston to Hong Kong.

Together we can contemplate

Becoming very strong!





















Help a young Zoroastrian to get into a space program!

Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America

We hope you will disseminate the following to your colleagues, friends and family,and urge them to contribute to this worthy project.
Garshasb (Gary) Soroosh, studies Physiology and Neurobiology as a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. He has been conducting biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health for 5 years, leading projects that ranged in focus from molecular neuroscience to microbial pathogenesis. In addition to research, Gary dedicates much of his time as a leading member of RAD-AID International, a global health nonprofit committed to improving access to radiology in developing regions of the world. On campus, he is president of the American Society for Microbiology Student Chapter, Quality of Care Representative to the University Health Center, and a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee, in addition to volunteering at free clinics in the College Park area. In his free time Gary enjoys writing, playing golf, and performing classical Persian drums.  Gary has represented FEZANA at the United Nations at the World Summit of the Information Society, (WSIS +10) at the UN Headquarters in New York in December 2015 . Details of this participation are reported in the Fezana Journal –summer 2016 issue (which is themed on “Mehrgan”).

The Project
Not knowing exactly how and why bacteria behave differently in space poses a serious risk for astronaut safety.  The projectgoal is to understand, on the molecular level, how bacteria change the expression of their genes in space, focusing on why they move more easily in microgravity.  After having been selected finalists in the UMD Student Spaceflight Experiments Program Mission 10, in February of 2017 these young scientists will send an experimental capsule containing dormant bacteria to the International Space Station.  The bacteria will grow in space, where they will adapt to this microgravity environment, and then will be returned to Earth for analysis.  A powerful technique called RNAseq will be used to analyze bacterial gene expression patterns; by running the same experiment in parallel on Earth, scientists will essentially be able to observe any and every difference in bacterial gene expression caused by microgravity.  This work can contribute to astronaut safety on long-term voyages.

A guaranteed spot on a rocket to take the experiment to the International Space Station is availabe, and this campaign is key to obtaining funds for analysis after receiving the bacteria from space.  Your generous contribution will help fund experimental procedures, costs associated with data analysis and publication of findings, and allow the team to be in Launch Control to supervise experimental deployment from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Behram Pastakia, MD, FACR
Co-Chair, FEZANA UN-NGO committee

Click here to donate to this project now

WZCC AGM in HongKong


17th September, 2016
Greetings from WZCC

Folks, its once again time for our Annual Global Meet. Earlier our Global AGMs were held in Indian as well as Foreign locales, e.g. Houston, Tehran, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, etc. This year’s Global AGM will be held in the dynamic city of Hong Kong, hosted by the HONG KONG ZOROASTRIAN ASSOCIATION. This is the first time a major Global Zoroastrian event is being held in Hong Kong and we would like to extend a special THANK YOU to the HONG KONG ZOROASTRIAN COMMUNITY for supporting the WZCC event.

The whole world is the “Market” and successful businesses have to necessarily spread wings. Managing Change and Sustaining growth is critical for the survival of a business or profession. Therefore, sourcing information on markets, potential customers and their location becomes a basic requirement.

Hong Kong is a bustling city with lush green slopes, secluded beaches and rocky shorelines strategically located at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta in Southern China. It is a founding member of World Trade Organization (WTO) and committed to free and open trade. Moreover, Hong Kong does not charge tariff on import and export of goods.

Keeping this in mind and creating an opportunity for our members to explore avenues for business growth and networking with the local people as well as members from round the world, WZCC, along with excellent support from Neville Shroff and the The Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong,, Canton & Macau has resulted in this glittering Global Event.

The Event is to be held on Friday 16th December 2016, Saturday 17th December 2016 and Sunday 18th December 2016.

Click the links below for details of this Event:

As a very special case, Regal Hongkong Hotel has allotted to us a limited number of rooms for these three days at a concessional rate which includes buffet breakfast. The hotel is in close proximity to the Zoroastrian Building, which also has a Prayer Hall for use by the community. Furthermore, it is centrally located and surrounded by the excellent Restaurants, Shopping areas and MRT.

Members, in their own interest, are requested to book the rooms as early as possible. Once all these rooms are booked, members will have to make their own arrangements.

Our official travel partner, Spenta Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd., will assist you in booking these rooms, air tickets, medical insurance, fund transfers for hotel booking, sightseeing and booking for the Post AGM tours. Spenta Travel will be in a position to accept payment by Credit Card from overseas attendees.

Their details are as follows:
Mr. Hoshang Jalejar

Managing Director

Point of Contact:

Ms Viv Patel
Manager Operations

Tel : 022-22154919 Mobile : +91-9819050040

  • Request you to mark all queries / correspondence on email mentioned below.
  • Please quote that number on every email.
Spenta Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd.
Shop No.12C, Usha Sadan,
Next to Colaba Post Office,
Colaba Road, Mumbai 400 005, India.

Office timings:
Mon to Fri 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Sat 11.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

For any queries or assistance, please feel free to contact Ms Zarine Khan – WZCC Central Administraitve Office on +91 22 23532522 / +91 9619165444 (during office hours – 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. IST)

We look forward to your gracious presence as usual in large numbers, for this unique event in Hong Kong.

Any changes / further details will be communicated to all members in due course.

Thanks & Regards,

Edul Daver
WZCC Global President



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Survey: Parsi Zoroastrian Entrepreneurs

As you know, the Parsi community has a significant entrepreneurial legacy in India, and many today are doing interesting work. Parsiana, FEZANAand other publications have documented stories and insights, but there are fewer academic studies regarding the status of entrepreneurship in the community today; and community leaders are concerned that the spirit of entrepreneurship may be on the decline.
My aim as a researcher is to look into the activities of Parsi Zoroastrian entrepreneurs today and explore some of these concerns, for which I request your input through an online survey. I have been associated with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences on a research study concerning different aspects of the community in India, including the perspectives of Parsi elderly and youth.
If you would like to participate in this study regarding entrepreneurs, please click on the following link:
Respondents are to be entrepreneurs, Parsi Zoroastrian, or of Parsi Zoroastrian ancestry, and who reside in India, the U.S., Canada or England. All responses will be anonymous and confidential and will be used for research purposes only. You may opt out at any time, and are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible. I appreciate your time and input and will share the results with you upon its completion.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the researcher at:; I assure you a prompt reply!

WZCC – Call for nominations

wzccilogo_multicolour.jpgEvery year, the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce honours individuals with Recognition Awards in three categories.

·    Global Outstanding Zarathushti Entrepreneur

·    Global Outstanding Zarathushti Professional

·    Global Outstanding Young Zarathushti Entrepreneur / Professional (up to age 35 years)

You may nominate a prominent Zarathushti who fits the laid down criteria. Weightage to be given to Academic Qualifications, Progress in Career, Management Level of responsibility, Achievements and Recognition by Peers in their specific business/profession in country of residence, contribution made and Global reach together with involvement in Community affairs.

Appropriate weight-age need be given to achievement in the field of Trade, Business, Commerce , Economics and Industry. The nominator and the person he so nominates need not be a member of WZCC.

Based on the schedule determined by the Board, the nominations should be forwarded to the local Chapter Chair, before Monday, 31 August 2015. Nominations received thereafter will not be accepted. Further details are available on our Website – under “Nomination Package – 2015”.

Kindly note that the application should strictly adhere to the Nomination Package format to enable us to consider the same. If details are not according to the format, the application may not be considered.

Do make a conscious and determined effort to search and recommend potential Awardees.

Best wishes,

Adi B. Siganporia

Chairman – Mumbai Chapter

WZCC Global AGM in Goa – December 2015


12th May 2015

Dear Members,

Sub : WZCC Global Meet | GOA – 18th to 20th December 2015
In the past, we had successful Global Annual General Meetings (AGM) in far off places like Singapore and Dubai.

In order to have a much more pleasant ambience, we will be having our next Global Meet in a vibrant and exotic place – GOA.

In view of our close association with the Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry and The International Centre in Goa, we have managed a good deal to stage a very lively program. Click on the links below for more details.


>> Program Schedule
>> Stay & Travel
>> Interntional Centre Goa – Brochure


Best wishes,

Mr. Minoo R. Shroff
Global President

“Personality Development”- Vacation Batch Course

Friends:You will be glad to know that our popular Vacation Batch Course on “Personality Development” for Under graduates/SSC completed students has been scheduled from 15th to 24th April 2015.
Click here to see the attached Personality Development Flyer_April 2015
Please pass the word around.  Children of WZCC members, which includes WE members, are eligible for Rs.500/- discount on the fee course of Rs.2,500/=
Registrations commence 6th April 2015 onwards.
Do ensure your children avail of this facility.  Thank you.
Shall appreciate your acknowledgement of this mail.
Mrs. Homai H. Mehta
Sir J. J. College of Commerce
Opp. DBS House
Ghanshyam Talwatkar Marg
Mumbai – 400 001
Tel no. – 2201 6697 / 2201 6698
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