Initiative to extend financial support to Parsi Pallbearers

Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao

initiative to extend financial support to Parsi Pallbearers

(Nassesalars & Khandhias) employed at various Dakhmas in India.

In Zoroastrian theology all dead matter is considered unhygienic and polluting.  Parsi Pallbearers (Nassesalars & Khandhias) are corpse bearers invested with Priest like duties and responsible for protecting the living from contamination by the corpse. Theologically Pallbearers are supposed to hold a venerated position, but that is sadly not the case in present day and times.

It is only Zoroastrians who do not have recourse to any other professional positions who gravitate towards becoming Pallbearers at functional Doongerwadi’s / Towers of Silence at various parts of India, especially the west coast.     

The incomes of Parsi Pallbearers are not only modest compared to other professions, but they function under extremely trying conditions that often cause emotional strain.

With a view to providing our Parsi Pallbearers some financial relief as well as to make them feel appreciated, WZO Trust Funds requested the generous and caring Trustees of Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao, to consider extending financial support to this segment of our community, which they readily and willingly agreed. WZO Trust Funds thereafter requested various Anjumans that have Towers of Silence (Dakhmas) under their jurisdiction to provide us with a list of individuals that served as Pallbearers.

We have now received a final list of 76 individuals who perform the duties of Pallbearers at various Towers of Silence (Dakhmas). Upon the recommendation of WZO Trust Funds, the Trustees of Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao have agreed to financially extend support on a quarterly basis (July-Sept 2019) onwards amounting to Rs.22,500 (Rs.7,500 per month) for a period of one year, thereafter to be reviewed and considered for renewal.

It is hoped that the support that will be extended will not only provide a modicum of financial relief to the Parsi Pallbearers but will also make them realise that the community appreciates their services.

It will not be out of place to reiterate that Trustees of Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao have as an institution been extending maximum support through WZO Trust Funds to Zoroastrian individuals in India requiring assistance for meeting medical expenses, towards the pursuit of higher education, providing financial relief on quarterly and piecemeal basis to individuals who are economically challenged or in different forms of distress. The present initiative is yet one more illustration of their large heartedness, benevolence and concern for our community.


  • These noble individuals should not be forgotten. As they are doing a very noble deed

  • Why Dokhmas (Tower of SIlence) are called the Gateways to Paradise ?

    ‘Namaskar of Dokhma’ = Invoking Dokhma, meaning : For every bad thought which I may have ever harbored, for every bad word which I may have ever uttered and for every bad deed of which I may ever have been guilty, I do repent and from these do I firmly resolve to refrain. May it please the Lord ! May evil be despised ! The desire of the righteous is higher than all other desires. I admire righteousness. Further, with respect, I invoke all the ‘Asho Ruvaan’ = Asho Frahar, who have had left for their heavenly abode i.e. ‘Hasti’.

    The above ‘Dokhma Namaskar’ is fructified only when the corpse is consigned in to Dokhma.

    Note : We do not have ‘Namaskar’ for Cremation, Burial or any irrelevant method applied on the corpse.

    Remember that Dokhmas are the Power House i.e. Alaat, our stature of priest is also Alaat, Varasyaji is also Alaat, Atarsh is Alaat, so as the Dokhma is Alaat.

    In brief, I endeavored myself to explain that how our ‘Yazatic’ Powers (Shaktis), help us & our souls to attain the bliss in ‘Hasti’.

    The function of Adar Yazad :

    I reverently invoke Adar Yezad Sahib, the Holiest of Holy Fire to infuse & transform the Ruvani Ansho (atoms of Ruvan) of my departed relatives into a form of radiance.

    Since the soul of a departed soul is incomplete, from the original structure :

    Urvej -e- Zarathustra (The Power of Zarathustra), ‘Ruvaani ansho melvi aapti shakti’, that is : Procurement of atoms to make soul complete.

    Avan Yezad Banu Mai :

    Avan-Niyash/Yest : In the end of the text, we recite (while facing towards South) as : Dadar-e-Gehan, Din-e-Mazdayasni, Dad-e- Zarathusti. Nemasate, Ashom saveste ardhvi sur anahite. Asaune* Ashem Vohu -1.

    Mithra: ‘Ava ardhve sur banu mai tamara hazar nala mathi (channels), Koi pan ek nala mar-fate, Dadare Gehan, jeya, Din-e- Mazdayasni – Dad-e- Zarathusti chhe, tya mane pugarjo’ –

    With great reverence, I invoke Avan Yezad Banu Mai, that out of your thousand fold channels, allow my soul to pass through one of the channels, to reach Dadar-e- Gehan, where Mazdayasni – Dad-e- Zarathusti Din exists.

    We futher recite : Nemo Urvaire Vanghuhe Mazadate. Ashone *

    Ashem 1.

    Mithra: ‘Hu urvaro ne namu chhu ke Mazda ni karamathi mahra Ruvani ansho, paccha melve aape chhe’.

    With great reverence, I invoke and offer my gratitude to Mazda for assigning HIS ’Urvaro’ = ’the process of extracting my soul atoms which are scattered every where in minerals, earth, vegetation, fruits, Gai Gospand, etc. and there after follows the ‘Merging process’ in order to make my soul complete, when my time of journey begins from Gaiety (earth) to Dadar-e- Gehan.

    Mohor Yazad :

    I invoke You and offer my gratitude through Mah Bokhtaar Nyash for Your help to my Ruvaan (soul) : that speedily transforms my physical atoms (tan-na anasaro) to light particles. These physical atoms are scattered in to good vegetation, Gai-Gospand, etc. To every Zoroastrian, this extraction process is very essential which is in compliance with Zoroastrianism.

    Mehr Yezad :

    Mehr Yezad is the embodiment of Cosmic light. Mehr, Sarosh and Rashna Rast Yezads, deliver the justice to Zoroastrian souls, only, when they reach to Dadar-re- Gehan Din, through the process of one & only one i.e. ‘Dokhmenashini’ which is the Unique system for the disposal of dead corpses.

    Asho Saroash Yezad : Mithra : Savthi Buland Yezad, Asho Saroash Yezad hamari Pasbani Karo.

    Saroash Yezad Sahib is having the highest stature among all the Yezatas, Asho Saroash Yezad, grant us, your shelter (Panah).

    ‘Saroash ni Panah’ meaning, giving shelter to ‘Ruvan’ soul.

    Rashne Rasht Yezad :

    On the day of Chharum (fourth day), at 4 a.m. before dawn, the flight takes place (with the Sarosh ni Panah). A Zoroastrian soul reaches the destination as mentioned above in exactly 36 minutes crossing the ‘Dakhyus’ mentioned in Mehr Niyash. The ‘Dakhyus’ – First our constellation, then, Milky way, Spiral Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, Nebula Galaxy and entering into Dadar-e-Gehan, where Mehr Yezad, Sarosh Yezad and Rashne Yezad present for giving final judgement.

    Farokh Farvadin :

    Mithra: Niru- Ravashni Farokh Farvardin-’ Farokh Farvardin Niru ni Kudrat na chalan-e- badhe – badh chhalave ( Frarsho – kereti jaldi lave), aevi Niru ni shakti taraf aagal vadvanu – hamune bakshjo’.

    The Zoroastrian souls, who have received the ‘bliss’ gets the stature of ‘Asho Frahar.’ They have become the guardian souls for their loved ones and guide the loved ones from time to time and fulfill their needs too. This is what, we all are experiencing in our life time. The purpose of Nature is to see that we all have to work in accordance with the law of nature to fulfill our tasks and get the ‘bliss.’

    Ram Yezad :

    Mithra: Ramashni Astuaad Mino Ram Yezad. ‘Kehtvadad ni Minoi kushali ma hamune ubha raakhe =Zoroastrian souls, experiencing a great happiness, when reaching to the final destination of ‘Hasti’ for the process of ‘Kehtvadad’

    Govad Yexad:

    Mithra: Arvand Tavana Govad Yezad: Govad Yezad shetabi anne takat- Urvaan Ruhani ma -teni Uru ni gati hamu ne bashkjo.

    When one finishes the cycle of life time on the Gaiety. Govad Yezad enhances the speed of that person to reach Dadar-e- Gehan in a shortest period of time, without encountering any hindrance in a view to attend the final judgement day.

    Thus, we see that the soul is always in a position to receive the divine help in order to accomplish a goal i.e. Final judgement day.

    Ashtad Yezad :

    Mithra: Hunar – Ambarashna Ashtad Yezad : Ashtad Yezad hunar nau jathto- Zarathosti nezad aukad ne lagati ane chhajti, Ruvaan-darausti karavti kala-viklanau tatva, hamune bashkjo =O Ashtad Yezad, pertaining to my Zoroastrian religion, unveil the progress of my soul and teach me your trade, to collect my ruvaani ansh which are scattered in nature.

    Zamyad Yezad :

    Mithra: Gah-Payandi Zamyad Yezad = Insaniyat ni unch pahedi upar jaga melvine tekvi rakh vani ghati, hamune bashkjo : Insaniyat is the Farsi/ Persian word = With wisdom & realization, let us sustain the highest plane of bliss.

    Mino Aneran :

    Mithra : Frarreh – tana Mino Aneran = Mino Aneran jad tanana khak ni ushi : meaning : Tan Kehrap- ma, ma-le shake, tevi khatravat- nuri halat, hamune bashkjo = I reverently invoke, Mino Aneran Yazad to enhance my radiance – ‘Khore’ speedily & help my soul in accomplishing the merging process with my Astral body which is being protected in ‘Hasti’.

    ‘Kehrp’ = Radiance -Astral body which is being protected in “Hasti” all the time.

    Thus, all Yezatic Sahibs help that Ruvan to come in to the full state of realization.

    Thus the process of fusion of all atoms get completed & that Ruvan has come in his/her glorious formation which is then waiting and sheltering in ‘Divo’ (lamp) till the day of ‘Chaarum’ (4th day), the majestic Ruvan, then takes the flight to Dadar-e-Gehan. Note : Ruvan is also accompanied by his/her close ‘Frarvarshi’ or Guardian spirits.

    This is how Ruvan or soul gets help from our great Zarathosti Din, if & only if, opted for Dokhmenashini; otherwise Saroash ‘nahi puge’, that unfortunate soul does not get shelter from Asho Saroash Yazad Sahib.

    To my Zoroastrian brethren : This is why Dokhmanashini is essential for departed souls -‘Ruvans’, for their final journey to Dadar-e- Gehan Din.

    Dokhmas are called Garden of Heavens. We have to strengthen the system of Dokhmas with our heart and soul.

    Note : There is no other road which leads to Dadar-e-Gehan Din, where Dad-e- Zarthusti Din exists.

    Dokhmenashin is the best and the scientifically proven system for the disposal of dead.
    In Ahunavad Gatha : ‘Ahuramazda expresses His desire’ to Asho Spitman Zarathustra, that, ‘ Every matter on this earth should be turned into light particles’ for the sake of ‘Frarshokereti.’
    Crematoria, burials or other methods are absolutely not allowed in Zoroastrianism and are irrelevant to departed souls.

    Prayers also become irrelevant. In fact, negative vibes are activated upon that soul.

    If anybody, willfully or ignorantly should turn down the above mentioned message, then, the mortal should by heart the verses, Ustavad Gatha : Ha 46-1 ‘ Kaam Nemoi Zaam, Kuthra Nemoi Ayeni, Pairi Kheteush Airyamanasachha Dadiety.’ Meaning : Those souls (Ruvaan), ignored completely, the path shown by Asho Zarathustra or abandoned His path of righteousness willfully or otherwise, repent, as the Ruvaan, now enters in to the dark world (indefinable) to suffer, for the sins committed thereupon.


  • Thumbs up to this institution for reaching out to most deprived section of our community.

  • Pervez Jussawalla

    Kudos, to Mr. Dinshaw Tamboli, and the Trustees of Zorastrian Trust Funds of HK, Macao, and Canton.
    Request Wzo to invite donations from philanthropic zorastrians from our own country with the purpose of providing Cashless Mediclaim Insurance for them as well as other poor persons working at our doongerwadis and chasni wallas working in our agiaries.

  • Lord bless those who do charity.
    Lord bless, four-fold, to those who indulge in philanthropy.
    Giving need-based, material or monetary help to pallbearers would be good. At the same time, they be made to perform their duties PROPERLY. The Authorities should ensure that.

    Stop Jam-e-Jamshed Weekly, Parsi Times, etc. from putting advertisement of “The Prayer Hall”, etc. that INVITE dead-bodies of Parsees for burning by fire.

    Very well explained — our prayers, very good work.

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