My name is Nidhi Singh Dharma, I am a writer, story teller and a research enthusiast. I am trying to gather some information on Illustrious nuclear scientist Dr. Homi J. Bhabha and his family for my new project. I would love to interact with some kin/relatives of the Bhabha family. Here’s what I have managed to find so far.

Dr. Homi J. Bhabha’s father was Jehangir Hormusji Bhabha, a renowned lawyer and mother’s name was Meheren (Meherbai).

He had a younger brother named Jamshed J. Bhabha (founder of NCPA, Mumbai) whose wife’s name was Betty Irene.

His paternal aunt Meherbai Tata, wife of Dorabji Tata.

Maternal grandmother’s name was Ruttonbai Framji Panday.

I am requesting this forum to please spread the word and help me get in touch with his descendants/relatives.  

Thank you.

My email address is remembernidhi@gmail.com


  • Go and talk to Mr. Jamshed Bhabha his brother at NCPA

  • there is an interesting story I have heard.
    one of Dr.bhabhas uncle was a doctor and Christian priest.in London.
    he was well connected with India house and freedom fighters.
    he died and buried there

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