Tanaz Currim

Her charming smile and vivacious personality is her trademark feature. Meet the curly-haired actress (yes, her hair is naturally curly!) who has earned adulation from audiences nationwide, and now in Kolkata, not merely for her striking appearance but her appealing performance in all the mediums: stage, silver screen and celluloid!


Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal

Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal is a theatre actress in India, and owns a production company, Poor Box Productions.

Educated at the J.B. Petit High School in Mumbai, she continued her studies at St Xavier’s College and obtained two BSc degrees in Microbiology-Chemistry and Geology-Chemistry.

Despite Mahabanoo starting her professional career in the theatre rather late, she has worked with renowned film and theatre personalities in India and the UK. She has produced/directed/acted in Shirley Valentine, Art, Once I Was Young…Now I’m Wonderful!, (W)hole in the Head, Two Hot to Handle, The Vagina Monologues, amongst others.

Behram Rana – Artist and Model

Behram RanaAn Artist and model, with several solo Art Exhibitions – specializing in Abstract and Figurative in Mixed Media

BEHRAM RANA a welknown name in the INDIAN CONTEMPORARY ART. a SOLO ARTIST from1983

to this date 10 solo exhibitions to his credit. in MUMBAI”S reputed art galleries. an artist…be it from INDIA or from any prat of this world, FIGURATIVE and LANDSCAPE has to be the main force of inspiration.

PAINTER PAINTING  to satisfiy the divine hunger travels… DESIGN, and from design to ABSTACT .

BEHRAM  pursues abstact as his present concept.

His recent work of abstract on plywood in mixed media and also his selected works from past can be viewed on his website : www.behramrana.com

davier an impressionist . . .

Davier grew up in Bombay, India. He was born into and follows the ancient Persian faith we know as Zoroastrianism.  Homi comes from a family of artists and his inborn talent was discovered when he was in high school and was called upon to assist his peers in completing their fine art projects. This motivated Davier to pursue producing art on his own and some of which are hanging in the halls of homes, large corporations, and institutions in India. His largest project was a mural done for a hotel in Bombay India and was displayed in its foyer. Since 1968, Davier delved in art on a commercial level. Over all these years till today, many a time has he stopped and resumed his painting and when the mood beckoned he once again picked up his brushes.

Riyad Gandhy

Riyad and Eclipse

International Equestrian Athlete – going for Olympics 2008

I grew up in Bombay, India, where I started riding horses at a very young age at the Amateur Rider’s Club (ARC). I was exposed to horses by my father, Adil, who grew up as an avid rider himself with a passion for horses. As part of the younger generation of riders at the Amateur Rider’s Club, I owe a lot of thanks to the adult riders at the time who kept a watchful eye on us kids, and volunteered a lot of their time to create a fun and educational environment for us young riders to gain experience…..