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Sunday School – Farrokh Mistree on June 14, 2020

Sunday School – Farrokh Mistree on June 14, 2020 @ 2:00PM Central / 3:00 PM Eastern (New York Time) ; 12:00 noon PST (Vancouver); 8:00 pm (London, UK);  7:00 AM (Auckland, New Zealand); 

Hi All,

Farrokh Mistree will be teaching his second Sunday School class on Sunday, June 14 at Noon Pacific/ 2:00pm Central/ 3 pm Eastern.

The talk is titled “Zoroastrian Parenting: Fostering Independent Thought and Belief.”

It is intended for all people of all ages, parents and children alike. The class will be recorded. The slides are attached and the link is here:

Feel free to share with anyone who is interested. We will take a break the week after for Father’s Day, but you can sign up for future classes here:

If you or your child are in high school and are interested in learning about applying to undergraduate  programs, please write to me and we will arrange an info session.

If you are applying for graduate school, let me know. We have Zoros who have done just about every form of grad school and are willing to advise other Zs about good programs, application tricks, etc.


Dinsha Mistree

Rule of Law Program

Stanford Law School


ZYNG2.0 announces ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ friendly gaming session for Zoroastrian youth on Saturday, 23rd May

Some advantages of gaming (PUBG), when not played regularly or in excess, are helping in multitasking and increasing thinking ability and reflexes when exposed to different situations.
Keeping this in mind, ZYNG 2.0 plans to entice and engage the parsi youth with ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ a friendly gaming session for Zoroastrian youth on Saturday, 23rd May.

What: ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ for Parsis
When: Saturday, 23rd May from 10pm onwards
Where: At our respective homes through our mobile phones/tablets
Registration: FREE…closes on Friday 22nd May at 5pm, Contact 9082262681/9920127945
Winner Gratification: Winners of Solo and Squad matches to be awarded with special gift cards
How to survive the red zone? Every player knows that when in a red zone, always stay at home..
Stay tuned for more @zyng2.0 on Instagram


Roj Ardibehesht Mah Adar, April 15, marks the 198th Shubh Salgreh of the Pak Narielvala Agiary at Dadar  –  an oasis of peace, prayer and powerful positive vibrations near the bustling Dadar station.
For close to two centuries, this Sacred Holy Fire has blessed the community with many benedictions and boons.
Today, let us bow before this Holy Fire from our homes all over the world, as we isolate ourselves against a terrible scourge that has beset mankind, and pray that this Holy Fire blesses humanity with immediate relief and enduring good health.
In the evening today, at 6 p.m. India time, the attending Mobed Saheb will offer a Maachi. Since the Agiary is closed to the public as per government orders, all humdeens are requested to join in the Humbandagi from their homes by praying 5 Yatha and 3 Ashem at 6 p.m.

Stories from the Shahnameh : Stream Feathers of Fire this weekend in celebration of the Persian New Year…. 21 March 2020

As a NowRuz gift, Kingorama is offering a free viewing of their shadow-theater epic ‘Feathers of Fire’ which is based on the stories of the Shahnameh
We encourage you all to take advantage of this free screening before it ends this Sunday at 11.59 pm. Directions on how to watch are in the forwarded email.
Enjoy the show and stay safe and healthy!
Warm regards,
Perinaaz for ZACC-DC

Stream Feathers of Fire this weekend in celebration of the Persian New Year.


A gift to our community.

Dear friends,

Our community has supported us in so many ways on our creative journey, and now we want to say thank you!  During this time of quarantine, pop some popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy the award-winning shadow theater epic Feathers of Fire.

In the last 24 hours, over 2000 people have watched the show.  Don’t miss out.  
Watch Feathers of Fire on Vimeo all weekend long.  Share this link with your friends and family, leave us a comment, and celebrate the coming spring with adventure and beauty.

This link is only available through this Sunday night 11:59 PM.

Happy Nowruz♥

To learn more about Feathers of Fire and Kingorama,


Calendar for 2020-21

Please click to see.
Dear Friends
If anyone wants to print this calendar and advertise
their company or product please let us know we will send you
the file ready for print at No Charge whatsoever.
If you want help in incorporating your logo or product
we can help you with the artwork free of charge.
Printing locally is not expensive and can be done in any number.
Google Minuteman Press in your area for a quote.
If you have any question please feel free to ask.
With Regards

Fariborz Rahnamoon

Invitation to the 18th North American Zarathushti Congress 2020

The Zoroastrian Association of Houston is proud to host the 18th North American Zarathushti Congress (NAZC) to be held in Houston, Texas from December 29th, 2020 thru January 1st, 2021.

It is our utmost pleasure and honor to personally invite you, your families, friends and all your community members to attend our Zarathushti Congress. The NAZC 2020 organizing committee is preparing a compelling multi track program catered to age groups, 5 years and up. Our primary focus is to get our community youth and young adults involved, eventually developing them into future leaders.

We will have:​
  • A primary track based on our Theme “Generation Z – Propelling Zarathushti Resurgence”, and a “Zarathushti way of Life” for our Youth​
  • Interactive and hands-on educational, cultural and professional sessions
  • Attain our goal to have at least 40% Young Adult attendees under 40 years​
  • A visit to our one of a kind Atash Kadeh for a Grand New Year Day Jashan and Boye ceremonies followed by a sumptuous lunch
  • Pre Congress celebrations including Youth & Young Adults and WZCC related events and Post Congress Cruise
Our first newsletter can be accessed HERE and is also appended below, in case you are unable to access so please spare a few minutes and have a look at some exciting information regarding the program and entertainment being prepared to give y’all an experience of a lifetime.
We humbly request you to please forward this to all your Community members and encourage them to visit our website here NAZC2020Houston to get on the mailing list for latest news and updates. Your assistance will be immensely appreciated.
We promise you a Texan style grand event and hospitality as always. Registrations will open soon so please stay tuned and watch this space..
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Mademoiselle Delphie Mennant, a French lady scholar, visited Sanjan in 1901. She has written a scholarly book, Les Parsis, about the history, religion and culture of our Parsi  community.
In an article in a Parisian magazine she wrote: “We are astonished to find that the Parsis have, up to now, neglected
to raise a commemorative monument to mark the place of the landing of their ancestors and the place where the Sacred Fire burnt for the first time in India.”
Her suggestion was taken up by Shams-Ul-Ulema Dr. Sir Jivanji Jamshedji Modi, then secretary of Bombay Parsi Punchayet.
A committee was appointed in 1910 and they decided to build the Memorial Column at Sanjan.
On Roz 8 Mah 6 1289 Y.Z. i.e. February 15, 1920, the Sanjan Stambh was inaugurated.
Three special trains were run to take a huge contingent of Parsis from Mumbai. A special train was also run from Surat, which was taken advantage of by residents of Surat, Navsari, Bilimora, Valsad, Udvada in large numbers.
Vada Dasturji Khurshedji Minocheherji performed the Jashan. Shams-Ul-Ulama Dasturji Darabji Peshotanji Sanjana led the Humbandagi.
By Marzban Jamshedji Giara
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