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YZ Vice President Sanaya V Khambatta: First Guest Speaker ‘Finding True North’- a virtual series of inspiring career stories

Forwarding YouTube link featuring Sanaya Veraf Khambatta, our YZ Vice President & 8WZYC Co Chair, on ‘Finding True North’.
Sanaya works for IBM as a Technical consultant. She is also part of the Tech Allies committee- a group of industry young professionals focused on providing cross industry knowledge and development surrounding technology to professionals. Her aim is to inspire the next generation into choosing a career in technology, through her work with schools and universities, as well as releasing their own podcast series and internships. 

For more details please see their website-

Their newest venture is ‘Finding True North’- a virtual series of inspiring career stories delivered through interactive YouTube Live sessions. Here is last week’s session featuring Sanaya as the first guest speaker. She discusses her journey to date and gives out advice and guidance on how to be successful and reach your full potential. 

For more information please do see see her LinkedIn. 

To see her story on YouTube please click on the link below- Finding True North ft. Sanaya Khambatta

Kindly share this inspirational video to others in your family, friends, colleagues, especially YZs.

A Unique webinar on design with Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Jimmy Mistry and Mr. Peter Rich

A rare and unique opportunity listening to the legendary Mr. Ratan Tata (Chairman Emeritus – Tata Sons) discussing architecture and design alongside Mr. Jimmy Mistry (MD, Della Group) and Ar. Peter Rich (Peter Rich Architects, South Africa) stressing on the key focus areas for designers to rise to in addressing the challenges posed by COVID – 19.

Watch the complete session as the panel talks about opting for a people-centric approach, the role of the government in the systematic shift, brainstorming ideas about slum rehabilitation, community living & urban fabric development.


Inspirational And Vibrational Doa Tun Dorosti 
By Our Super Star And Future Scholar 
Zerkxis Bhandara from California, USA
In Honor Of Our IranShah’s Birthday 
For The Wellbeing Of Our 
Global Zartoshti Community And Humanity
🙏Pray For Us 🙏
🙏 As We Pray For You🙏
❤❤❤And together❤❤❤
Let’s Heal This World
With One Soul At A Time
With All Our
Love, Light, Grace, Joy and Peace
With All The Best Always From
Meher Amalsad 
Westminster, California, USA

Event Announcement: Madan Ni Mansik Hospital, 18 Apr 2020

Brought to you by the Toronto Parsi Drama Group

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold at an alarming speed and as we are all doing our part by staying at home….Do you Need something light-hearted to cheer you up?  Looking for maasti majah without Corona? 

The Toronto Parsi Drama Group is here to ease your “mann” and “tann” with the best medicine around – LAUGHTER!  The Following Natak was performed live at the Ontario Zoroastrian Community Centre, in Oakville, Ontario Canada in 2018.

We bring this to you on April 18th, 2020 from 7.00 pm onwards, for 24 hours, with a hope to lighten your day.

7pm viewing is known as a Premier event
Meaning you can participate online in chatting via typing to others that are watching (You cannot rewind it if you join this session late)

9pm April 18th to 7pm April 19th viewing is open for anyone to connect and watch at their leisure. 

You can watch the Natak by Clicking on the link below:


‘Living Zoroastrianism’ from SOAS Shapoorji Pallonji Institute of Zoroastrian Studies receives special mention at the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS)

Virtual Reality project ‘Living Zoroastrianism’ from Anna Sowa and Almut Hintze from SOAS Shapoorji Pallonji Institute of Zoroastrian Studies and Chouette Films has received a Special Mention at the 2020 British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS) awards ceremony in the Best Practice Research Portfolio 2020- Installations and Video Essays Special Mentions (Best Practice Research Portfolio 2020)

The judges said that they “found the piece informative and creative, dealing with ancient cultures and rituals, using new VR technology to evoke both the sense of the place and the experience of strangeness in terms of visiting unknown spaces. The work offers a strong contribution to the field of anthropology too as well as creative practice research. It has a documentary aspect which we found fascinating.”

All the nominations are on the BAFTSS website.

About the project

This unique interactive exhibition engages the public in the Virtual Reality (VR) experience of a three-thousand years old Zoroastrian ritual in which the viewer will be immersed by means of VR glasses. Originating in ancient pre-Islamic Iran, the ritual was filmed in Mumbai 2017 with cutting edge spherical video technology. Visitors can also experience contemporary Zoroastrian Iran via the digitized oral testimony of over 300 interviewees. Displays of manuscripts, costumes, paintings and artefacts provide additional information about this ancient religion.

About the film

“Living Zoroastrianism” showcases the performance of the core ritual of the religious tradition of pre-Islamic Iran, Zoroastrianism, whose influence is arguably embedded in Judaism, nascent Christianity and Islam. Being some 3500 years old, this ritual, called Yasna, is a highly endangered human inheritance. Today it is performed only in India by the Zoroastrians, or Parsis, but access is limited to members of the microsophic Zoroastrian community of ca. 120,000 members world-wide. For the first time ever, a full-length performance was filmed in Mumbai 2017 by Chouette Films with cutting edge spherical video technology as part of ongoing Arts and Humanities research at SOAS. Opening up the Yasna as a Virtual Reality (VR) experience to world-wide audiences, this 4.08 minutes film shows key scenes from the 3 hours ritual in a creative format. Viewers are immersed into the performance by means of VR glasses and are led by the voice of a Zoroastrian priest explaining that the Yasna is the story of the human soul travelling through the universe. The ritual begins with the act of fetching water from the well – just as the human soul comes into the world – and ends with the libation being poured back to the well – in the same way as our souls return to where they came from. This film not only opens new horizons to both Zoroastrians and non-Zoroastrians but also documents and preserves a highly endangered human inheritance. Moreover, the VR technique documents visual detail of the ritual never seen before, such as the contents of cups, and allows the viewing of scenes happening simultaneously. The film is thus an invaluable source of information which has never before been available, and preserves it for posterity for both scholars and the general public.


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